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✓ Easily collect information, honest feedback and grow your email list.
✓ Create mobile-responsive custom surveys that fit with the design of your site.
✓ Stay on top of submissions and trends with an integrated dashboard and email notifications.

Get Started:

Download, install, and activate Survey. Create and save your Plugin to your POWr account. Add Survey to your site.

Free features:

  • Embed a custom survey anywhere on your WordPress site.
  • Optional or required text, dropdown, multiple choice, checkbox and image elements to collect any information you need.
  • Form data dashboard with reports and export option to keep on top of responses and trends.
  • Accept payments via PayPal.
  • Highly customizable design.
  • Supports text in any language.
  • Mobile-responsive on any device.

Upgrade to remove POWr branding and unlock Premium features, such as:

  • Mailchimp integration for automated list-growing.
  • Allow users to attach documents.
  • Send custom confirmation emails.
  • Add conditions to show or hide specific fields.
  • Custom after-submission controls: redirect to another page, allow another submission or hide the form.
  • Premium features in all POWr apps

Why users love Survey:

“Don’t even consider anything else. Not only is the product outstanding, heads & shoulders above anything else but the support is SUPERB. Use this app. I reiterate, don’t even THINK about anything else. This is the best Survey with outstanding support!” – paralegalsperdiemh

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🏆 Award Winning Customer Support 🏆

If you have any questions or need help getting Survey up and running, we’re here to help! Please visit our Help Center for tips, support, and answers to common questions.


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Download, install, and activate POWr Survey.

Then drop the plugin anywhere in your theme.

Or add to a page/post with the POWr Icon in the WP text editor.

Then visit your site to and click the settings icon to edit right in the page.

Click Here for 2 Minute Install Tutorial

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Installation Instructions

Download, install, and activate POWr Survey.

Then drop the plugin anywhere in your theme.

Or add to a page/post with the POWr Icon in the WP text editor.

Then visit your site to and click the settings icon to edit right in the page.

Click Here for 2 Minute Install Tutorial

Do I need to create a POWr Account?

Yes, you need a POWr Account. Your account allows you to create and save plugins, edit them in your live page, and use them on multiple different websites.

How do I add Survey to a page or blog post?

Create and save the plugin in your WP Dashboard. Then copy and paste the unique shortcode into any page or post. You can continue editing the plugin on your live page, in your WP Dashboard, or by logging in to

How do I add Survey to a theme?

In your WP Dashboard, select Appearance > Widgets from the left sidebar. Find Survey under Available Widgets and drag it into a sidebar or footer. Then visit the live page to set up the plugin.

Can I add more than one Survey?

Yes, absolutely! To clone an existing Survey, paste the exact same unique shortcode into another page or post. To create a new version, select Survey from the sidebar in your WP Dashboard and click Create New. You can then edit and save a new version, and paste the new unique shortcode into a page or post.

Will my users see the Edit button above Survey?

No! You only see the Edit button because you own the plugin. To temporarily hide it, click on your page and then type ‘p + down arrow’ (the letter p followed by the down arrow). You can show the icon again by typing ‘p + up-arrow’.

I can’t see the settings icon anymore, what happened?

You are just logged out of Visit and log in to your account. Then return to your website and refresh the page.

Is POWr Survey Free?

Yes, the basic version of Survey is completely free!

Why should I upgrade?

Upgrading gives you access to advanced features, removes the POWr logo, and gives you automatic priority support.


We like it!

Great plugin! Thank you!
Wrote about your plugin in our blog:

tempo unavailable is too often temporarily unavailable and since all our plugin-related info is on their website, then our content is temporarily unavailable too.

I only wonder if this situation keep repeating often?
Other than that it is a great plugin.

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