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WooCommerce Product Table plugin helps you to showcase the products in a table layout. Gone are those days where the default grid layouts ruled WooCommerce stores. The WooCommerce product tables plugin makes the tables easily responsive and customizable to be integrated with a simple shortcode.

WooCommerce custom product tables plugin introduces a reliable editor and high-end UX to let you effortlessly create tables. The product tables for WooCommerce can be filtered, sorted, and paginated.

You can use WooCommerce product table shortcodes to add a product table on any page or part of your website. With product tables for WooCommerce, you can create unlimited product tables whenever you require.

Aco WooCommerce Product Tables plugin enables your website visitors to skillfully navigate through various product attributes and make it convenient to compare all of them on a single page. This further helps to improve the conversion rate of your stores.

How to create the WooCommerce Product Table ?

Once you activate the Product Table for WooCommerce Plugin, browse to the menu WC Product tables located in the left menu bar of WordPress. Build your first product table for WooCommerce store! Additionally, you can completely customize the columns, content, table layout, and style as per the requirement.


Product Table for Woocommerce Basic Features

WooCommerce product table plugin enhances the overall user experience and acts as a crucial plugin for WooCommerce stores that helps customers with products available in various categories and multiple variants.

Businesses that belong to various industries such as restaurants, apparel stores, electronic stores, music stores, travel websites, coupon sites, online course websites, mobile accessories stores, and takeaways in restaurants, use product tables woocommerce plugin. If you wish to improve the UX of the e-commerce store, and scale up your conversions, product table WooCommerce plugin is a must-have.

Here are the features of the basic version of the plugin:
🔹 Significant table editor to customize both the table elements and the properties.
🔹 Display the product details like Title, Image, Attributes, Category, Tags, Quantity, Stock status, Dimensions and Date in the table as columns.
🔹 Accessibility to the action buttons with features like Ajax add to cart, product page redirect, refresh cart etc.
🔹 Supports both Ajax and non Ajax paginations.
🔹 Supports load more feature for the table data.
🔹 Add multiple products to the cart using checkbox rather than typical button system. ‘Add all to cart’ button feature to help customers easily add the multiple products.
🔹 Custom field support feature in the form of table columns.
🔹 Search and filter options.
🔹 Option to exhibit filters as the left sidebar adjacent to the product table.
🔹 Filter based on category, price, or result count options.
🔹 Lightbox support functionality for the product images.
🔹 Choice to manage the search target fields.
🔹 Custom text and HTML support feature in the table columns.
🔹 You can modify the visibility of columns as per the device type.
🔹 WPML language translations support feature.
🔹 Custom CSS writing feature.


Check how WooCommerce product tables can be created!

🔗 Backend Demo (Check out how the plugin works in the front-end website)
🔗 Frontend Demo (Watch out how the plugin works in back-end)

WooCommerce Product Tables Pro Features

Woocommerce Custom product tables plugin helps the WooCommerce store owners to build excellent tables that exhibit your products in a robust and reliable table format that makes it more user-friendly and intuitive when compared to the default WooCommerce grid layout.

Woocommerce product table plugin lets your store visitors navigate easily through the different product attributes and makes it easy to compare all of them in the stretch of a single page.

The plugin can automate numerous tasks related to showcasing your WooCommerce products in neat tabular format, shelves, collections, product categories, brands, types, etc.

Woocommerce product table plugin premium version is fuelled with a ton of great features and at one-time cost. Here are the highlighted features in our product table premium plugin:

🔹 All features that free version offers.
🔹 Feature to display the product variations in a table.
🔹 Remove from cart option and Ajax add to cart buttons
🔹 Display thumbnails from the product gallery with the gallery element.
🔹 Feature to enable the Customers to see the full-size image on click.
🔹 Total cost column to reveal the quantity * price evaluation output for every product in the form of a customer changes the quantity.
🔹 ACF integration support
🔹 Variation form to select product variations.
🔹 Option that shows Customers Ordered Products in a table.
🔹 Shortcode element that ensures 3rd party plugin compatibilities.
🔹 Attribute and custom field filters.
🔹 Rating and availability filters.
🔹 Advanced search features.


Check how woocommerce custom product tables can be created!

🔗 Backend Demo (Check out how the plugin works in the front-end website)
🔗 Frontend Demo (Watch out how the plugin works in back-end)

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What our customers say

“Product table WooCommerce plugin deserves 5 stars! It helped us to create a responsive and neat product table layout.”

“I must say this is the most powerful Woocommerce table editor plugin out there in the market. The features and options the plugin offers have helped me to maintain a flow in the product table display. Can’t thank them enough!”


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  • Ajustes generales
  • Table List Page
  • Añadir una nueva tabla
  • Añadir nueva columna
  • Edit Column Properties
  • Table Basic Configurations
  • Table Filters
  • Añadir una nueva tabla Filter
  • Edit Table Filter
  • Ajustes de diseño de tabla
  • Table Column Responsive Settings
  • CSS personalizado


Installing «Product Table For WooCommerce» can be done either by searching for «Product Table For WooCommerce» via the «Plugins > Add New» screen in your WordPress dashboard, or by using the following steps:

  1. Descarga el plugin desde
  2. Upload the ZIP file through the ‘Plugins > Add New > Upload’ screen in your WordPress dashboard
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


How to create a new table using woocommerce product tables plugin?

Go to the WordPress left menu bar, and choose the “WC Product Tables” option. Click the “Add New Table “ button to configure the table settings.

How can we display the products that belong to a particular category using the product tables for WooCommerce?

Go to the configurations tab, select “products by categories” in the table settings page. You can select the category from here.

What is the shortcode to display the table in Woocommerce products table?

The default shortcode to show the table is [aco_product_table id=»107″]

How to add filters to the WooCommerce product table?

Go to the Navigation tab in the table settings. Click the “Add Element” button to use the add filters option.

How to manage the table columns in Woocommerce product list table?

Go to the table settings page and move to the columns tab. You can add and edit the table columns with this option.


30 de enero de 2024
Integrating product tables for the WooCommerce plugin has simplified displaying products on customer websites. Its customization options and responsiveness make it a developer-friendly solution for improved user experience and increased flexibility. Highly recommended for high quality and aesthetically pleasing product presentation.
16 de febrero de 2022
I tried many other product table plugins but this one is exceptional – it allows you to include variation dropdowns which is a great feature.
30 de noviembre de 2021 1 respuesta
I was searching for a nice WooCommerce Product Table plugin and this one from Acowebs is outstanding. I really liked the UX of this – adding new product tables is really nice compared to the other plugins I tried. Keep up the good work guys!
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