Product Variation Table for WooCommerce – PVT


Product Variation Table for WooCommerce – PVT allows you to replace the default dropdown options of WooCommerce variable products and display your product variations in a beautiful and customizable table.

By default, WooCommerce offers a dropdown for the variable products so customers can choose between the size, color, and other available options. With the Product Variation Table for WooCommerce – PVT, you can display the available product variations in an easy-to-follow table. It also offers flexible options to customize the product variation table. Furthermore, customers will have the ability to filter and sort the available options by attributes, price, and other options.

Product Variation Table for WooCommerce – PVT offers ease both for the store owners and customers. It will help your customers to quickly browse through the available options and purchase the desired products. Thus, store owners will have a better chance to make a higher revenue from their store.

Feature Highlights of Product Variation Table for WooCommerce – PVT

⚙️ Offer your customers a nicely formatted table of available product variations.
⚙️ Stop forcing your customers to select options from the dropdown for the Add to cart to become visible/functional.
⚙️ There are lots of available options that you can easily choose to include in the table.
⚙️ You can choose and display the variation attribute values as columns in the table.
⚙️ Filter the available product variations by attributes and other options like SKU/Price.
⚙️ Customize your table by rearranging the table columns using the flexible drag and drop feature.
⚙️ Each available variation will have its «Add to Cart» button.
⚙️ There are multiple spots that you can choose to display the product variation table.
⚙️ Ajax-powered Add To Cart will empower you to avoid page reloads.
⚙️ You can choose Plus and Minus buttons to increase/decrease the quantity for each variation.
⚙️ Disable Add To Cart Button when a product variation is out of stock.
⚙️ Ease of use, enable a product variation table for all products from global settings.

Benefits of using Product Variation Table for WooCommerce – PVT

🥳 Bring a new and professional look for your variable products.
🥳 Reduce customer hesitation and hardship by displaying all available options at once.
🥳 Offer a better shopping experience for your customers and save their time.
🥳 Responsive design offers an outstanding shopping experience on all devices.

How does the Product Variation Table for WooCommerce – PVT work:

Once you have installed and activated the Product Variation Table for WooCommerce – PVT, your product variation has a new tabular look with the default plugin settings. You will find a new menu option under WooCommerce. Hover over or click on WooCommerce to find the new menu option called Variation Table (WooCommerce > Variation Table).

Access the menu to make desired customizations to the default plugin settings. First of all, under the settings tab you have the option to control where you want to place the variation table on the product page. Secondly, you have the option to select the columns for your product variation table. You can include the following options: Thumbnail, SKU, Description, Attributes, Dimensions, Weight, Stock, Price, Quantity, Action.

How much would you love to reposition the columns of your variation table! Apart from enabling or disabling specific table columns, you can also reposition them as you wish. The drag and drop option offers perfect flexibility to reposition the table columns. Additionally, on the right-hand side, there are up and down arrows to move a table column in your desired direction.

Next, you have the option to show or hide the Available Options button. You can customize the text from Available Options to anything you want. Furthermore, you can change the Cart button text from Add To Cart to something more meaningful for your store or customers.

Under the Layout tab, you can add +/- input to increase and decrease the quantity in the quantity field. Note: this feature is theme-specific so if it does not take effect for you, do not bother. You can also control(show/hide) the table header from here. Next, you can set a scroll to the top of the page when a product is successfully carted. Finally, you can choose to show/hide Cart Notice when a product is successfully added to the cart.

Hit the Save Changes button when you are done with the customization. Congratulations, you have brought a new shopping experience for your customers.

Available Hooks of Product Variation Table

Currently, there are two available hooks to add custom text before and after the table. The available hooks are:

Before Table Hook: pvtfw_variation_table_before
After Table Hook: pvtfw_variation_table_after


function PVT_custom(){
    echo "My custom text";
add_action('pvtfw_variation_table_before', "PVT_custom');


  • Woocommerce from left Menu.
  • Settings page of Product Variant Table For Woocommerce.
  • Layout page with +/- button or basic quantity input field and other option
  • The output of +/- button


Después de descargar el archivo ZIP,

  1. Accede al panel de administración.
  2. Ve a «Plugins –> Añadir nuevo–> Subir».
  3. Haz clic en «Seleccionar archivo» y selecciona el archivo ZIP que has descargado.
  4. Puedes controlar que columnas tú podrías mostrar en la tabla de variaciones de WooCommerce -> Product Variant Table.


What is the purpose of the Product Variation Table for WooCommerce – PVT?

Product Variation Table for WooCommerce – PVT replaces the default dropdown options of WooCommerce with a professional-looking table that is empowered with filter by attributes feature.

Can this plugin show the product variation table on the shop/archive pages?

No, it only displays the product variation table on the single product/product details pages.

How to include/exclude an attribute in the variation table?

All the available options are listed with a checkbox beside them. Simply check the options that you want to include in your product variation table.

Can I change the Add to Cart button text?

Yes, you can change this from the plugin settings.


4 de marzo de 2021
This plugin was so useful because the products in our site have 10 type of variations, so it was a mess to choose an option and compara features of them. Since we installed Product Variant Table For Woocommerce products variations are so easy to understand and choose the right option. Many thanks
12 de diciembre de 2020
This provides a very useful extension for WooCommerce! It works well! Thanks!
10 de diciembre de 2020
Was looking for this functionality for a while. Plugin works as promised. It is in early stages and has wrinkles, but I can see great future. Support is also excellent. Keep up the good work!
7 de diciembre de 2020
Easy and useful plugin. It's nice to choose which table column to display. It's perfect for my store because I have lots of variable products. Nice support. Good job. Thanks.
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Registro de cambios

1.3.5 [15-6-2021]

  • Column Position Switching Option Added
  • Added two new hooks to display before/after Variation Table
  • Translation problem for mobile version fixed
  • Display notice on frontend issue solved (if woocommerce not activated & installed)

1.3.4 [25-5-2021]

  • OOP implemented.
  • Table header on/off added
  • Cart Notice on/off added


  • Disbale Button if variant out of stock.
  • Two more table positioning added.

  • Fixed attribute so it now uses the actual name/label and not the slug.


  • Plus Minus button added for quantity.
  • Validation added for quantity using max stock quantity.
  • Translate issue solved


  • Languages folder added
  • Added textdomain with hard coded string
  • Some minor logical changes with condition


  • Add to cart AJAX notice problem solved
  • Added notification for both Success and Error


  • Compatibility issues fixed with currency changer plugin


  • Mobile variation attibute title issue solved
  • Table view updated with some css fixing
  • Cart button padding issue minimized


  • WooCommerce dependency issue minimized


  • CSS para el «loader»


  • JS para el «loader»


  • Attribute label displayed rather than slug.
  • Minor css changes.
  • Ajax cart animated loader implemented.


  • Minor css issues solved.
  • Ajax cart facility implemented.


  • Compatible con las versiones de PHP.
  • Fix minor syntax error issues in older version of php.


  • Versión inicial.