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Allows you to create, manage, and send proposals to prospective clients. Uses Foundation ( for base stylesheet meaning your proposals, regardless of theme, will be responsive.

If you have any questions, please find us on twitter @rollinglab, or visit



Install as any other typical WordPress plugin:

  1. Upload to plugins directory or install via the plugins directory
  2. Done. Please visit the FAQ for typical use


Q: How do I create a proposal?

A: A custom post type named ‘Proposals’ has been added to the main menu. Add a new proposal like you would any typical blog post or page. The content area is used for your actual proposal. Please feel free to use any HTML like any other WordPress post, but refrain from using <h1> tags as most templates will already use an <h1>. Once your proposal is ready to go, fill in the custom meta boxes below the content area. All text inputs should be filled in. You may preview your prosal to check that everything is laid out properly. Once your ready to send it to the client, click ‘Submit’

IMPORTANT An email is sent each time you click ‘Publish’ or ‘Update’. So I would recommend sending to yourself first as a test, and then submitting to your client or desired recipient. If you need to preview revisions, remove the clients email first, save, make your revisions, preview, and then add the clients email and send. That’s that!

Q: Why can’t I use Disqus for proposals?

A: Because.


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