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8 de febrero de 2017
Run away from this product, don't walk! I initially signed up with Pushify because it was easy to install and I liked how it looks. However, at the time I did not know enough about push notifications to understand exactly how subpar Pushify's platform really was. #1: It will slow down your website. The way they load the optin box prevents your website from loading until their server responds. This drastically drags down your site speed and can cause pages not to load occasionally while the bottom of your browser simply reads, "Waiting for Pushify.com..." #2: Their servers are really bad! Not only will their bad servers slow down your website, as previously mentioned, their own website often doesn't work properly and won't fully load. This is really frustrating when you try to navigate your dashboard or send a push notification. #3: YOU CANNOT IMPORT OR EXPORT YOUR SUBSCRIBERs!!! This is huge! Your subscribers are stuck with Pushify, leaving you completely at their mercy. You should know, this is not standard practice. Other platforms rightfully allow you to import and export subscribers from one platform to another. Quite frankly, Pushify is irresponsible for releasing their product without this ability. #4: Pushify has poor customer support. I have emailed their customer support numerous times about each of these issues. Their response time is slow, and they always give the same generic response: "Our Technical Team is already working on it..." Yet months later, nothing changes. I've recently switched to a new platform and now I get a response in hours rather than days. It is a shame their product is so bad because it showed potential initially. Like I said, it was easy to install, the design was sleek, and their website is intuitive. They should either put more effort into creating a good product, or have waited until their product was ready.
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