Qreuz enables automated business growth on your WooCommerce store. Make superior decisions based on data. Get behavioral user tracking, conversion tracking and analytics, as well as marketing automation on your WooCommerce store. At a glance:

Get started with automated business growth for WooCommerce.

  • Automatically track conversions, revenue, and interactions of your customers.
  • Understand which marketing campaigns drive your success and which fail.
  • Grow your sales by AI-powered inventory and pricing optimization.

Qreuz adds smart automation, automated growth, and business intelligence to your WooCommerce.

  • WooCommerce sales tracking: Capture sales automatically, create your sales data pipeline, and get conversion insights.
  • Add-to-cart tracking: Automated ATC tracking, build your remarketing lists, optimize your sales funnel.
  • Behavioral tracking: Understand your customers’ behavior, identify conversion killers, double-down on sweet spots.
  • Inventory optimization: Upsell your long-tail, automate catelog sales, dig out hidden treasures in your catalog.
  • Automate pricing: Increase conversion rates, grow your average cart values, price your products based on algorithms.
  • Dynamic pricing: Dynamically adjust prices and sales offers, audience-based price levels, real-time price updates.

Track the website metrics that you really need. Get cleaner data than ever before. Out of the box.

  • Increase your page speed by integrating a single lightweight tracking call that can replace existing tracking pixels.
  • Use our service to forward enriched data to the tools that you already use (e.g. Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Pixel, Facebook Conversions API, or Microsoft Ads).
  • Respect your visitor’s privacy: works without tracking cookies.

Integrates with WooCommerce. Get deeper insights and automate your store.

  • Get smart insights about your WooCommerce orders, customers, and products: understand what drives your performance and optimize your marketing.
  • Automatically optimize the prices on your WooCommerce store or manage prices in bulk. Smart pricing can work based on predefined rules.
  • Track your store performance, sales, product performance, add-to-cart events, and other visitor and customer interactions.
  • Dynamic pricing: use our service to adjust your WooCommerce product’s prices dynamically based on audience and other factors.

Plugin Support

To get support, please send an email to support@qreuz.com.

Find more information at https://qreuz.com/qreuz-wordpress-plugin/.


You can follow our development, report bugs, and ask for new features on our official GitHub repository at https://github.com/qreuz/qreuz-wordpress-plugin.


  • Track website metrics
  • Automate prices in WooCommerce shops


Minimum Requirements

  • PHP 7.3 or greater is recommended

Qreuz User Account

Get started by creating your user account at Qreuz. Registration is free and Qreuz offers a free tier.


I have an idea for a new feature. Where can I get in contact with you?

Thank you for your interest in supporting the development of Qreuz! Please get in contact at hello@qreuz.com

Does this plugin track page views?

Yes, the plugin can track page views and act as an interface to the Qreuz service.

Can I forward data to my Google Analytics account or will I need another plugin for that?

The Qreuz service can forward your tracking data to Google Analytics. You can utilize this plugin as an interface to the Qreuz service and activate the Google Analytics integration. By doing so, you won’t need any other implementation of Google Analytics on your website anymore.

Does this plugin use cookies to track user behavior?

No, the Qreuz plugin does not utilize tracking cookies. We do not store any marker in cookies or similar browser based technologies to identify your visitors.

Do I have to pay to use this plugin?

No, the Qreuz plugin is free and open source. This plugin also acts as an interface to the Qreuz service and therefore some features will only work if you login/register to our service. Registration is free and we also offer a free tier. However, there may be features that are restricted to the users of paid plans. You can find our pricing and plans overview at https://qreuz.com/plans.


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Registro de cambios

1.6.0 2021-10-16

  • Fix – Get event tracking for WooCommerce up again
  • Fix – Get transaction tracking for WooCommerce up again
  • Fix – Adapt latest changes in Qreuz API

1.5.1 2021-04-07

  • Fix – Disable tracking after logout

1.5.0 2021-03-15

  • Tweak – Improve Qreuz service login procedure
  • Tweak – Improve backend experience and add new design
  • Tweak – disclose WordPress 5.7 compatibility

1.4.0 2020-09-24

  • Beta Feature – WooCommerce Toolbox feature: synchronize customer orders
  • Tweak – Admin design optimizations for WordPress 5.5
  • Tweak – Migrate from jQuery to React based tracking solution
  • Tweak – Implement dynamic JS publicPath and add compatibility with custom wp-content folder names
  • Tweak – Add compatibility with subdirectory based multisite installations
  • Tweak – Optimize Qreuz service registration / login screen

1.3.0 2020-08-10

  • Feature – implement Qreuz account and property creation from WordPress admin
  • Feature – added automated pricing for WooCommerce product categories
  • Tweak – refactoring of admin interface with React

1.2.0 2020-07-15

  • Feature – implement new logic to sign up to the service
  • Tweak – optimize tracking protocol
  • Tweak – new text for our readme.txt

1.1.1 2020-04-30

  • Tweak – disclose WordPress 5.4 compatibility
  • Tweak – added official GitHub repo for this plugin as resource

1.1.0 2020-04-29

  • Plugin initial public release / release on WordPress.org.
  • Tweak – Smart tracking initial release.
  • Tweak – Smart pricing initial release.
  • Tweak – Modifications to the appearance of the plugin’s dashboard presence.
  • Fix – optimized capability checks for all admin related functions.
  • Fix – removed insecure remote call.

1.0.6 2020-04-23

  • internal development release

1.0.5 2020-02-29

  • internal development release

1.0.4 2020-02-25

  • internal development release

1.0.3 2020-02-19

  • internal development release

1.0.2 2020-02-05

  • internal development release

1.0.1 2020-01-15

  • internal development release

1.0.0 2020-01-01

  • internal development release