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30 de abril de 2017
Removing query strings is all well and good, but understand that they're there for a reason. You can always adopt another cache-busting technique such as changing the actual filenames of the static resources, or enqueing with a version number in the filename and using rewrites to resolve to the unversioned filename. None of this helps you with the versioning of static resources used by your plugins. If you update a plugin (or theme for that matter) and a static resource used by that plugin is updated and you use query-strings-remover to strip the updated query string, your users will still be using the cached version. This is likely to break your site until the cached resources expire which depending upon your headers could be a year or more. DO NOT use this plugin unless you fully understand the implications..!
5 de enero de 2017
Worked great - just pop it in and GTMetrix reports that the the query strings are gone! Thanks!
3 de septiembre de 2016
still getting an "F" from pingdom and Google PageSpeed "Remove query strings from static resources"> I've cleared cache, rebooted and ran the test on different machines and browsers. Same result.
3 de septiembre de 2016
Hi, I used another plugins "Remove Query Strings From Static Resources: which break my products page but this plugin work like charm and fix my issue with GTmetrix :). Thank you
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