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Raccoon Platform


Brief info: “Who Are We?

Raccoon is a cloud based personalisations engine data platform is offered as service along as with an analytics dashboard tailored for each user .

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Raccoon Platform offers businesses a Recommendation Engine, one of the most powerful marketing tools in our digital age. The recommender system obtains various features and methods to understand customers’ needs in the most efficient way. Your business gets a direct increase in conversion rates and a significant boost in sales!
Raccoon facilitates your journey by providing a personalized shopping experience executed perfectly for each customer.

» How does it work» ?

First install our plain on your online platform,
Then you need go throw our website and signup for a new account,
After you need to generate you API key and activate it.
Finally go to the plugin setting page and enter you API key you owned.

Key Features:
More informed customers reflect more sales. Here are the features you get from using Raccoon.

1) Recommended Items
Utilizing user’s past behavior and choices to predict future choices based on their correspondence to other users and show recommended Item slider tailored for each user on your website.

2) Related items
Items often purchased together are shown in Related Item slider tailored for each user on your website..

3) Popular Items
Items that receive the utmost attention and experience a surge in popularity and will be shown on your website under Popular Item slider.

4) Highly Configurable
Basically ease the way for customers to configure all of the above features to their own preferences depends on their business case.

5) Analytics Backend
Includes all data and information acquired by our platform, visible through a customizable analytics backend at our website.

Ease of Integration:

  • Raccoon provides you with a dedicated API key to your own shop.
  • Accordingly, all you have to do is to download the plugin to your shop,
  • Then go and Register and generate your API Key
  • Go on the plugin setting page and enter your generated API Key

Our website and our support team will be standing by for all inquiries!

Complete these simple steps and we’re up and running!

Key benefits

Raccoon will help you understand your shoppers’ needs and provide them with the most relevant suggestions by serving as an intelligent shopping assistant!

More data into the system means better recommendations! The more information about the visitor’s behavior, the more personalized recommendations the customer gets, eventually leading to higher conversion rates.

Direct increase in customer loyalty.

Increasing the time your shoppers spent on your store.

Our engine is Cloud-based which enables your customers to have a personalized/relevant experience while browsing Online Real-time.


What is a Recommendation Engine?
A recommendation engine is basically an information filtering system where items such as (products, movies, events, articles) is suggested to the user based on a machine learning algorithm which addresses the user’s needs and preferences.

What are the direct benefits of using a recommender system?
Raccoon guarantees significant increase in sales, revenue and conversion rates. It also insures higher customer loyalty and satisfaction.

How do you deal with the Cold Start problem?
A useful solution for such problem would definitely be the Content-Based filtering. It is used as a method for the cold start user with no previous behavior. Once there is at least one user activity, personalized systems tend to be used.

What should I provide to start integration with Raccoon?
All you need to do is Register on and request an API and run your plugin


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