Rename Taxonomies by WebMan


This plugin allows you to customize any taxonomy labels with simple interface, no coding required. The customized taxonomies are only renamed, no registration keys are changed, so you won’t cause any taxonomy conflicts using this plugin.


  • Easily rename any taxonomy (for example, rename «Categories» to «Topics»)
  • Renames custom taxonomies as well (added by 3rd party plugins)
  • Simple, intuitive user interface
  • No coding required
  • Translation ready
  • Multilingual plugins compatible

Plugin Localization

You can contribute your plugin translation directly to WordPress. Thank you!

Additional Resources


  • Taxonomies list
  • Editing a taxonomy labels
  • Customized taxonomy admin page (note the changed labels – taxonomy titles)
  • Setting up a customized taxonomy on post edit page (note the changed labels – taxonomy titles)


  1. Unzip the plugin download file and upload rename-taxonomies folder into the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the «Plugins» menu in WordPress.
  3. Rename taxonomies under Tools → Rename Taxonomies.


How can I rename taxonomy labels?

Navigate to Tools → Rename Taxonomies in your WordPress dashboard. Then click the taxonomy you want to rename and fill the form fields displayed. That’s it.

(Note that you might need to refresh the WordPress dashboard once the form is saved to preview the changes.)

My taxonomies are renamed in admin but not in front-end of my website!

Well, this is most likely caused by your theme (or a plugin) hard-coding the taxonomy name. Please contact your theme (or a plugin) developer to update their code and use WordPress taxonomy labels instead of hard-coding them.

Is this plugin translation ready?

Yes, the interface of the plugin is translation ready and you are perfectly fine to use it on single-language website.

For multilingual website please read below.

You can translate the plugin directly in WordPress repository. Thank you!

Does the plugin work with multilingual website (and plugins)?

Si estás creando una web multilingüe y quieres traducir las etiquetas de taxonomía personalizadas, esto es posible utilizando los plugins multilingües WPML o Polylang.

Por favor, ten en cuenta que si ya has personalizado tus etiquetas de taxonomía, tienes que volver a guardar tus personalizaciones para registrarlas para su traducción con los plugins multilingües.

Otra solución sería usar el enfoque multisitio de WordPress para crear una web multilingüe.

But there is no setting for `post_format`! How can I change that?

El plugin desactiva la personalización para ciertas taxonomías nativas de WordPress. La lista consta de link_category, nav_menu y post_format.

In case you want to edit this list, use a rename_taxonomies_skipped_keys filter hook via your theme or plugin code:

function my_prefix_rename_taxonomies_skipped_keys( $taxonomy_keys ) {
    return array(
add_filter( 'rename_taxonomies_skipped_keys', 'my_prefix_rename_taxonomies_skipped_keys' );

También se omitirán las taxonomías personalizadas que no tengan una interfaz de usuario de edición.


2 de diciembre de 2018 1 respuesta
Clear user interface, nice user experience and powerful functionality. Many thanks for this plugin!
27 de febrero de 2017
It’s interesting how such a well-crafted plugin can suddenly save a whole project. This is one of these cases, thank you very much.
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