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Descripción Image Optimizer allow to use free Image optimization based on API. provides image size reduction based on several advanced algorithms. The API accept JPG, PNG and GIF files up to 5MB.

This plugin includes a bulk operation to optimize all your pictures in 2 clicks ! Change your image optimization level to fit your needs !
This service is used by thousands of websites on different CMS (Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Prestashop…).

The plugin includes an option to exclude some pictures of the optimizer.

Since Aug. 2016, allows to optimize pictures up to 5MB, for free !

This plugin has initially been developped by Maecia Agency, Paris.


  • The simple interface


  1. Upload resmushit-image-optimizer to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. All your new pictures will be automatically optimized !

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Installation Instructions
  1. Upload resmushit-image-optimizer to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. All your new pictures will be automatically optimized !
How great is ?

Since we’ve optimized more than 3,000,000,000 pictures, we’ve risen new skills. Our service is still in development to bring you new crazy functionalities.

Is there an “Optimize on upload” feature ?

Absolutely, this feature is enabled for all new pictures to be added, and can be disabled on will.

Can I choose an optimisation level ?

Yes, by default the optimization level is set at 92. But you can optimize more your pictures by reducing this optimization level.

Can I go back to my original pictures ?

Yes, by excluding/reverting this asset you’ll have your original image available.

Is it possible to exclude some pictures from the optimizer ?

Yes, since version 0.12, you can easily exclude an asset from the optimizer.

Have I a risk to lose my existing pictures ?

Nope ! Image Optimizer creates a copy of the original pictures, and will perform optimizations only on copies.

Is it free ?

Yes ! Absolutely free, the only restriction is to send images below 5MB.


Lost all image files

I’ve never left a 1-star review on a plugin before, but i just used this two days ago, and today my site wasn’t loading ANY images. Across 200+ blog posts.

I noticed the image URLs with “-unsmushed” in the slug would still load if I enter the URL manually, but nothing else.

I had to restore my entire website back 3 days to fix this. It’s cost me hours of time and a lot of stress.

I don’t know what I did wrong. I’m sure this plugin works great for some people. But it was a disaster for me.

Maybe I was supposed to keep it installed forever? I uninstalled the plugin after optimizing my images, and then this happened 2 days later.

Anyway, total nightmare for me and I really wish I hadn’t done this.

Works Well With Minor Issue

The plugin works extremely well doing what it does, but on some larger websites I’ve had times that an image will get a 504 Timed Out response and I need to refresh the page 20+ times to complete the smushing of images.
Something to automatically proceed past 504 errors or automate smushing would be appreciated, other than that fantastic.

Work very well

I use this plugins on my projects and he work very well !

The best pic compress that I can find.

Thanks !


I love it, but *

I tested a bunch of plugins to optimize my images and this one is by far the BEST.

It would be perfect, if there was an option to delete the original images, to save some webspace. I know, that you optimize the images for a the exact size, they are shown and after deleting the originals, you can’t resize the images … otherwise you would loose a lot of quality … BUT I’m a photographer and I upload tones of images every week, for me theres no need to resize the images after optimizing them.

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  • Add correction for allow_url_fopen support
  • News feed loaded from a SSL URL


  • Log rotate if file too big


  • Tested up to WordPress 4.9.5
  • New contributor (resmushit)
  • Translation completion


  • Tested up to WordPress 4.9.1
  • New header banner for 3 billionth images optimized 🙂


  • Tested up to WordPress 4.8.1


  • New header banner for 2 billionth images optimized 🙂


  • Slovak translation fix


  • Slovak translation fix


  • Italian translation added (thanks to Cristian R.)
  • Description minor correction


  • Slovak translation added (thanks to Martin S.)


  • Bug fix when images uploaded > 5MB
  • List of files above 5MB
  • Translation minor corrections


  • Error management if webservice not reachable
  • Filesize limitation increased from 2MB to 5MB


  • CSS Fixes


  • Translation correction
  • News feed images correction


  • Delete also original file when deleting an attachment
  • Exclusion of an attachment of the optimization (checkboxes)
  • Adding french translation
  • Code optimizations
  • 4.6.x check
  • Minor bugs corrections


  • Optimize on upload
  • Statistics
  • Log services
  • Interface rebuild
  • News feed from


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  • bulk optimizer