Restaurant Menu / bulk order plugin for WooCommerce


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Use this plugin to allow delivery date and time

Watch How to sort product and sub category in Menu

  • Create single page restaurant menu, It is so easy to use that even a child can place an order using it.
  • Prepare your order from a single page, no need to browse through different pages
  • You sell different side dishes with each item, no problem you can add as many side dishes as you want.
  • Your side dishes are not free, no problem you can either mark them as FREE or add there cost and that will be added to the product cost when that side dish is selected
  • Ohh you have multiple categories, no problem you can show them all on this page, the user can browse then by selecting a category and it will load on the same page
  • Customer don’t know the category, then they can search by product name
  • Product search can search in all the menu items on your site
  • Don’t want to show the image, you can disable it.
  • Tienes una imagen, pero no para todos los elementos del menú, entonces configura esa imagen como imagen de categoría y se mostrará en todos los artículos del menú de esa categoría si no hay una imagen para ese artículo específico del menú
  • El usuario puede leer la descripción del producto desde la misma página en un mensaje emergente, puedes añadir tu receta completa o los ingredientes en esta parte de la descripción
  • You can hide categories that you don’t want to show on the menu page
  • You can set minimum item that must be selected from each of the side dish group
  • Variable product can be made to load in menu, but they cant be added to cart from the menu page they will open in a popup on same page where user can select the variation and add the product to cart
  • Give option to user to hide the cart and see it wen they want to check the added products (pro)
  • Now you can create a side dish template, and reuse that template for making products for future
  • You can Change color of various element of the plugin as per your need, from within the plugin setting
  • You can show side dishes even on the single product page
  • If you don’t want to have product selection option on your cart page and have a normal cart page of WooCommerce then you can do that as well by adding a small piece of code to your theme functions.php file

    add_filter(‘pisol_rm_disable_cart_page_overwrite’, ‘__return_true’);

  • Multiple food type like Veg, Non Veg, Hot, Vegan, Contains Nuts

  • This allows customer to place bulk order quickly

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It is not installing

Just make sure WooCommerce is pre-installed and active on your website

Where is my menu page

Plugin converts your WooCommerce cart page into your menu page, so your WooCommerce cart page is converted into the menu page.

I don’t see Menu on Cart page

Make sure you have set a cart page for your site from the WooCommerce > settings > Advanced (tab) -> Cart Page, if you have not set the cart page from WooCommerce setting then WooCommerce will show its own default cart page and this plugin won’t work properly

My Shop page is redirecting to menu page

By default, it will redirect your shop page to your cart or menu page.
We have added this because we think you won’t need shop page as all your product will be on the menu page, but if you still want that sho page then you can have our Pro version it has the option to disable this feature

My Single product page is redirecting to menu page

All the single product will be redirected to the menu page, but if you don’t want that redirect then you can use our Pro version it has the option to disable this feature

Product image is not shown

Pro version has the option to enable this feature

Abrir el menú con el producto de una categoría específica

Digamos que tienes una página de categoría y quieres enlazarla a la página de menú, pero quieres mostrar el menú específico de esa categoría,
entonces puedes hacerlo añadiendo simplemente `?cat_id=(ID de la categoría que quieres mostrar)`

en nuestro sitio de demostración, esto abrirá «Magic of Basmati»
estp abrirá «Indian food»

Si añades un `cat_id` que no existe, se mostrará la categoría por defecto (seleccionada en los ajustes del plugin)

Mostrar una descripción corta debajo del Nombre del artículo (PRO)

Ahora puedes mostrar en el menú una breve descripción debajo del nombre del producto, esta opción solo está en la versión de pago

¿Puedo cambiar la posición del carrito en el diseño de la página del menú?

Sí, puedes hacerlo en la versión pro, te da la opción de 4 posiciones diferentes
*Carrito a la izquierda, producto a la derecha
*Producto a la derecha, carrito a la izquierda
*Producto en la parte superior y carro en la inferior
*Carrito en la parte superior y productos en la inferior

I don’t want to show the out of stock product

In the pro version, there is an option to remove out of stock product from the menu

I want to set minimum item that must be selected in a side dish

Yes you can set a minimum item amount number in each of the side dish group, if you set minimum item amount then the customer won’t be able to add that product to cart until he selects that many item from that particular group

Can i add side dishes to variable product

No, side dishes can only be added to the simple product

Variable product are shown in the Menu, can I remove them from menu

In pro version there is option disable the variable product from appearing in menu

How the variable product are shown

Variable product will open in a popup on the menu page itself and the user can select the variation and then add the product to cart

I want to sort the products

Yes you can sort it using WooCommerce default sorting method and it will follow that sorting

I don’t want to show the cart all the time instead give the option to user so they can see there cart

This can be done in the pro version, it will allow the user to see the hide the cart and view it when he want to see the product added

Can i copy side dish across different product

Yes, there is a Side dish template option, you can make template in there and reuse them on the product page

I want to change the color of the menu

Yes, plugin allows you to change most of the plugin element color from within the plugin setting

Food type is missing from the site

We have introduced a option for food type you will have to enable it from plugn setting «Design Tab»

We have implemented caching to make the Ajax loading of the product faster, you have to enable this option in the Speed settings tab.

My product changes are not showing on menu page

If you have caching enable in the plugin make sure to delete your cache after you have made changes in the plugin settings, Products, or Category

I want to show come custom product types in the menu

You can add custom product type using the filter function like below
add_filter(‘pisol_rm_product_type_filter’, function($type){
return array(‘simple’, ‘variable’);

Can user add side dishes from the single product page

Yes from the version we have given the option to allow customer to add side dishes from single product page as well

If you don’t want to show the product selection option on your cart page then you can disable that feature

you can disable that feature by adding the below code in your theme functions.php file
add_filter(‘pisol_rm_disable_cart_page_overwrite’, ‘__return_true’);

I will like to show the product image on the mobile

There is an option in the Design tab to enable the product image for the mobile devices as well

Is it HPOS compatible

Yes the Free version and PRO version both are HPOS compatible


3 de diciembre de 2023
Wonderful plugin to set up a restaurant menu, but i could be used to set up other kind of busines based on woocommerce
19 de enero de 2021 4 respuestas
Used it on a site and I was surprised how good it worked with variable products. Definitely recommended but only if u buy the pro version for about 25$. Which is a fantastic price for this solution. Looking forward to new style implementations!
1 de junio de 2020
Don’t waste your time with this plugin. It has no functionality and basically 90% is reserved for the «pro» version. It’s just bait to make you buy it, but it’s so bad… it should at least let you do something with it…
31 de mayo de 2020
I recommend buying the pro version, it’s great, and the technical support is excellent. They respond by email immediately and will solve anything for you.
21 de abril de 2020
I’ve got to join the chorus of people saying this free plugin is a waste of our time. As far as I can see this free version does nothing, so I have no reason to pay for the pro version it is promoting. All the settings require the pro version to be edited and it doesn’t seem to do anything out of the box. Invest your time elsewhere, there are other great options you can actually try out.
11 de febrero de 2020
This plugin does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING until you pay for the «Pro» Version. Should be banned from the WordPress plugin store until/unless it ceases to be described as a «FREE» plugin. Totally useless until you pay them. The Federal Trade Commission considers this behavior illegal, if this was any product or service sold at a physical walk-in business. Giving it one star, because you can’t give it ZERO stars.
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