Multisite WooCommerce Platform featuring Subscription Billing & more


Sell Subscription products, shippable products, trial offers, or take recurring payments from one or more WooCommerce stores or WordPress sites. Simply install the RevCent plugin, and your WooCommerce sales can become highly customizable products.

Enjoy all the advanced features of RevCent too, like managing multiple payment gateways, customer management, visitor tracking, campaign tracking, and deep-dive reporting.

With the power of RevCent, you can integrate all your WooCommerce stores or WordPress sites. You will enjoy the ease of managing all your sales channels and orders in one centralized location.

After you install the plugin, you must open a RevCent account, which you can do for free at RevCent’s Free Registration Page

Key Features Of RevCent

Simple Integration with WordPress and WooCommerce

Install the plugin, and easily import your WooCommerce products into RevCent. Set up your subscription profiles and choose which products they should apply to. A few easy setup steps, and all your WooCommerce sales will flow right into RevCent for you to manage and re-bill as needed.

A Potent Set Of Subscription Management Tools and Capabilities

Generate maximum lifetime value of your subscription sales with RevCent. All the tools you need to extend subscriptions and prevent cancellations.

Sell Trial Offers

Let customers pay a nominal price at purchase (or nothing) and RevCent will bill them the normal price after a set number of days. Trial offers are a great way to get customers to start a subscription or pay after trying a product.

Great Flexibility Managing Subscriptions or Recurring Payments

Modify things like the next shipping date, the amount charged going forward, the billing cycle, the product in the subscription, the quantity of products in the subscription, and more.

Multiple Payment Methods and Powerful Processing Tools

Use unlimited gateways and processors, PayPal, check, and offline payment methods. Balance processors and salvage declined charges with rule based payment profiles and processor flows.

Integrated with ShipStation and ShipWorks

For shippable products sold, you can ship in bulk through RevCent’s integration with ShipStation and ShipWorks. You can also print packing slips manually, if you prefer, on a one-off basis.

All your WooCommerce Stores in One Place

You can install the RevCent plugin on all your WooCommerce stores, and have one, centralized location to manage all the sales and customers. No more logging into multiple WooCommerce sites to manage sales and customers.

Automatically Sync Customer Service and Order Updates

With RevCent integrated with your WooCommerce store, you can manage sales, update customers, make notes on sales, process refunds, update order status, and add package tracking in RevCent. Then, RevCent automatically syncs the info to your WooCommerce store.

Manage Usage & Metered Billing for Your Customers

If you sell offers that are usage or meter based, RevCent can charge your customers every time they complete a certain action.

Advanced Tracking of Visitors, Goals and Conversions

Paste RevCent’s simple tracking snippet on all your marketing sites and money site. RevCent’s tracking tools include cross-domain capability, custom Variables and built-in AdWords tracking for deep insight. Tracking data stays with the customer, so future direct sales and refunds can be attributed to the initial source.

In-Depth, Customizable Reporting

Visualize sales, customers, revenue, and forecasts of exactly the things you want to see. Create unlimited custom reports by tapping into RevCent’s vast array of tracked metrics.

Multiple Integration Methods for Your Sales Channels

In addition to the easy WooCommerce integration with the plugin, you can also send orders into your RevCent account in other ways. RevCent offers hosted checkout pages, copy-paste checkout widgets, and direct API integration.

PCI Level 1 Service Provider

RevCent’s PCI DSS Level 1 certified infrastructure, enhanced monitoring and additional levels of security ensure that all data, including your customer payment data, is safe.

Support and Helpful Tips

You get full support from RevCent’s customer support agents. Plus, our full knowledge base and our marketing blog for subscription billing business.

How To Use

Once the plugin is installed and activated, and you completed the easy setup steps in your RevCent account, you can manage all your sales, subscriptions and customers within your RevCent account. The easy to use dashboard lets you modify and fulfill your sales, and the RevCent API automatically updates the sales back in your WooCommerce store. You can manage all your WooCommerce stores from your single RevCent account.

You can preview all the features at and view support docs and instructions in the RevCent Knowledge Base


  • View subscription details.
  • View all subscriptions.
  • Modify any subscription.
  • Create customizable recurring profiles.
  • Create advanced products.
  • Filter sales data.
  • View detailed ad network data for sales.
  • Create customizable hosted pages.
  • Dynamically route transactions to different payment processors.
  • Recoup lost revenue with salvage profiles.
  • View all revenue and metrics.
  • Customizable dashboard for deep dive reporting.


  1. Upload the entire revcent-payments folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins screen (Plugins > Installed Plugins).

  3. Register for your account at RevCent on RevCent’s Free Registration Page

  4. Login to your RevCent account and Complete the simple setup by following these easy steps


Do I need a RevCent account?

Yes. Sign Up with RevCent to get started.

Do I need to have coding skills to use RevCent Payments?

Absolutely not. Once installed, RevCent will automatically complete the installation and link your WooCommerce store.

Is RevCent a credit card processor?

No. RevCent is a billing platform that does subscription billing, recurring payments, invoice payments, product sales, memberships and more. You will enter the credentials of your existing payment gateway(s) into your RevCent account and the charges will be routed through them as you dictate.

How much does RevCent cost?

You can open your RevCent account for free. You don’t pay anything until you begin charging customers. Once you are billing customers, the fee you pay is based on the overall sales volume you do. There are three pricing tiers. Click this link to See the Pricing Plans.

Can I use RevCent without WooCommerce?

Yes. While RevCent does easily integrate with WooCommerce, you can send sales into your account in some other ways. You can use RevCent’s API directly, you can use RevCent’s hosted checkout pages, and you can even embed checkout widgets on your website or blog. The choice is yours. You can use any and all of the methods of integration you want.


29 de mayo de 2020
This program is excellent. It's fairly easy to set up and import your products into the Revcent account. (you have to open one). Once we imported the products from Woocommerce, we had to go into them in Revcent and set the appropriate ones up, on their subscription basis. This took about a half hour for us, as we were just learning. Now, it would take me just a few minutes. After finishing setup, I don't even have to go into my woocommerce site any more. We can manage everything for each order (even non subscription ones) right within RevCent, and it sends all updates and notes and tracking updates back to Woocommerce. I also like how Revcent double verifies the PayPal transactions after they come in, and can even detect disputes. It's pretty good. I'm very happy I tried it, and the price is very fair.
20 de mayo de 2020
Setting it up was easy, but I did get help from the people at Revcent who walked me through the configuration process. Once done, which took about a half hour, I haven't needed any help. The plugin itself is simple. You basically set up your gateway in Revcent, and then just set Revcent as your gateway in Woocommece. All the settings you make in your revcent account take over after that. You manage the subscriptions in revcent, and the shipping, and refunds, etc. Any changes you make in Revcent automatically sync the matching order in Woo. I just found out I can add my other woocommerce store to the same revcent account, and manage both from the same place, which is a cool benefit. As far as the subscription billing goes, it works really well. You can do WAY more things to prevent cancellations with difficult customers. Anyway, that's my two cents. I do like this plugin very much and am now relying on it.
19 de mayo de 2020
It works, first and foremost. Didn't cause any problems when installed on my site. Great flexibility for saving subscriptions and preventing people from cancelling. Love the discounting features on upcoming renewals.
17 de mayo de 2020
I offer many products that I want to ship to my customers on a recurring payment basis. I tried another plugin for this, but the options for modifying subscriptions in order to save customers were just non existent. With this plugin, your Woocommerce store connects to their system, RevCent. You have to have an account with them, which only took a minute to open. Then, you manage all your sales and subscriptions and card processors, etc. from within the account. If you update a sale/order, it posts back to your WordPress/Woocommerce site, so everything stays in sync. On the products I set to be "subscription" I can do a bunch of stuff I couldn't do before. I can modify the price going forward, I can modify the number of days between billings, I can offer one time discounts to upcoming charges, I can change the product in the subscription (like for upgrade/downgrade), and some other features I haven't gotten into yet. It works perfectly so far. It does take a little time to get your account in RevCent all set up for your offers, but it's easy once you get the hang of it. They have live chat to help, which I needed the firs time. Now that I'm set up though, it's simple. One last feature that's great for me, is that they have a thing called "decline salvage" which is a set of rules you create to RE-try recurring charges that got declined. You can re-try them at a discount too, and on an automated schedule if you want. I have saved a few subscriptions with this feature, that I would have had to cancel otherwise. Overall, I'll give this plugin 5 stars. But the plugin is really just a connection between your site and RevCent. All the features and stuff you use are within the revcent account.
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