Riddle Quiz Maker – easily add quizzes with unlimited lead generation to your site


Riddle makes it super easy to quickly create and embed 15 types of quizzes, lists, surveys, and polls on your site.

Collect unlimited leads and quiz responses – and connect to your favorite email marketing tool like ActiveCampaign or MailChimp for automatic follow up messages.

Puedes añadir fácilmente una tabla de clasificación a tus cuestionarios y organizar concursos de preguntas, sin necesidad de codificación.

Don’t just take our word for it:
– “We’re big fans. Easy to create and extensively customizable – our clients have seen a big lift in engagement and email collection.” (Jonathan McConnell – Sotic Digital Sports Agency)
– “Riddle helps our Children’s Interactive team to quickly create engaging content that provide compelling data insights about our audience.” (Derek Harvie – BBC)
– “Loads of flexibility, great CSS overrides, great integration with Zapier, and amazing customer service. Actually, one of the best customer service platforms I have ever had the pleasure to use. I could not recommend Riddle any higher.” (Tim Vaughan – FrogBox)

Create engaging quizzes, personality tests, surveys and more in just minutes.

Recoge los correos electrónicos y las respuestas de los usuarios con nuestro formulario de generación de clientes potenciales integrado. Haz crecer tu lista de correos electrónicos y envía diferentes correos en función de los resultados de sus cuestionarios.

Easy to embed in any post or page using our shortcode – your Riddles will get your audience to click, stay on-site, and share with their friends.

Are you already using the new Gutenberg editor? You will love the new Gutenberg block for Riddle’s quiz maker. Find more on how to use Riddle with Gutenberg in our handy blog post.

Configura las tablas de clasificación para tus cuestionarios, aprende más sobre las tablas de clasificación en nuestra documentación.


  • No learning curve required: Create and embed your own mobile-friendly quizzes in just minutes.
  • Engage your audience: Build 15 quiz/poll/survey types.
  • 100% white-labelled: Add your logo and hide all Riddle branding.
  • Match your site: Customize everything from buttons and fonts to colors and CSS (over 75+ customization options in all!).
  • Lógica de la rama: Muestra diferentes preguntas a cada participante con nuestro tipo de cuestionario de viaje.
  • Collect emails and qualify potential customers: Drag/drop form builder with 18 types of fields, including drop-downs, buttons, and hidden text/URLs.
  • Integración con CRM: Envía automáticamente las inscripciones a más de 1.500 programas de correo electrónico y marketing como ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, Constant Contact y HubSpot.
  • Integrated image/video/GIF/audio options – Easily find and add pictures, video or audio clips, and more. Upload your own, try ours, or find pics across the web.
  • Built-in image editing: Forget Photoshop – use our easy editing tools to crop, add a filter, or text to make each picture ‘pop’.
  • Giphy: Animated GIFs are awesome for engagement. Search and use any Giphy GIF to your Riddles.
  • Audio MP3: Sube clips de audio a cualquier pregunta o respuesta.
  • Vídeo MP4: Añade tus propios videoclips: reproducción automática para aumentar la participación.
  • Vídeos de YouTube: Añade cualquier vídeo de YouTube a tus adivinanzas. Establece puntos de inicio/fin para mostrar sólo la parte más importante.
  • Social sharing: Have your quiz go viral. Your users can quickly share your Riddles on Facebook and Twitter – attracting their friends back to your post.
  • No coding required: Simply create a quiz on Riddle.com, then use the plug-in to copy and paste a shortcode into a new post.
  • Compatible con Gutenberg: Riddle funciona muy bien con el editor Gutenberg y prácticamente con cualquier otro editor de WordPress que exista.
  • Tablas de clasificación: Añade una tabla de clasificación en cualquier página o publicación para tu concurso de adivinanzas.

Our pricing is as intuitive as our quiz maker.

Crea muchas adivinanzas y reúne un número ilimitado de clientes potenciales – por tan sólo 29 dólares al mes. En serio – todos nuestros planes son completamente ilimitados.

Hay una prueba gratuita de 14 días (sin necesidad de tarjeta de crédito).

(Here’s a breakdown about our pricing: https://www.riddle.com/pricing – we’re big fans of transparency. Everything is month to month – with a 14 day free trial and a 30 day money back guarantee.)

Más Información

For more information, please email us at hello@riddle.com – we’d love to hear from you!

Echa un vistazo a una muestra de nuestros tipos de cuestionarios – con estos ejemplos en vivo:
Cuestionario con temporizador (Oakland Raiders de la NFL): https://www.raiders.com/news/9-questions-to-test-your-raiders-super-bowl-knowledge
Test de personalidad (Choice Hotels): https://www.choicehotels.com/explore/travel-tips/where-to-go-on-vacation-quiz
Toca y encuentra (BBC Children’s): https://www.riddle.com/showcase/160644/spot
Pídelo (Wimbledon): https://www.lta.org.uk/about-us/tennis-news/news-and-opinion/general-news/2020/june/nature-valley-open-quiz-when-did-these-champions-lift-the-title/
Encuesta (San Francisco 49ers de la NFL): https://www.49ers.com/fans/chant (al final de la página)
Encuesta de reacción (Creative Boom): http://www.creativeboom.com/resources/20-free-or-affordable-tools-to-help-money-saving-freelancers-run-a-lean-business/ (al final de la página)
Lista de clasificación (BBC): https://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcthree/article/714edd57-09f5-4884-a2aa-6b3a4c145719

Installation ==  

How to get started?

Here’s our quick set-up guide to install and use our Riddle plugin:

  • Download the zip file.
  • Extract the zip file on your local machine.
  • Take a deep, calming breath – you’re just a minute away from Riddle awesomeness. 😉
  • Copy the extracted folder riddle to your wp plugin (/wp-content/plugins/) directory via your ftp program of choice.
  • Activa el plugin desde el menú ‘Plugins’ de WordPress.
  • Find the Riddle menu item on your admin menu in the WordPress dashboard.
  • Already have a Riddle account? Grab your personal plug-in token from the Plug-in menu on Riddle.com
  • If you’re new to Riddle, you can create an account on Riddle.com and then generate your token.
  • Riddle is free to use for 14 days – we give you full access to all features with no credit card needed to try us out. Anything you create during the trial will always be available to use on your site – even if you do not subscribe. Love Riddle? Our paid plans start at $29 per month – you can see our pricing here https://www.riddle.com/pricing.
  • Visit our blog at https://www.riddle.com/blog for more help and best practices and also check out our documentation at https://www.riddle.com/docs.
    Any questions not covered here? Drop us a line at hello@riddle.com – we’d love to hear from you!Riddle is free to use for 14 days – we give you full access to all our features, and anything you create within the trial period is forever yours to keep. If you choose not to subscribe to our paid plans, your content will stay live for your audience to enjoy. You will just lose the ability to edit your content or download any customer emails or data, and premium features such as custom logo or custom CSS are removed.

You can check out more info about our features and pricing can be found at http://www.riddle.com/pricing – plans start at $29 per month. All plans are unlimited – unlimited quizzes, quiz completions, and leads collected. Neat, right?

Have a question about Riddle or online quizzes? We’d love to hear from you – you can reach us at hello@riddle.com. We try to respond in under ten minutes when we’re online in Europe (generally weekdays from 7am to 9pm GMT / 2am to 4pm EST). 🙂


  • Connect your Riddle.com account to Wordpress using the plug-in token.
  • Log in to your account on riddle.com - then navigate to the plug-ins menu to get your plug-in token.
  • Copy your plug-in token - then paste it in the Riddle Wordpress plugin to connect to your Riddle.com account.
  • View your Riddle content, switch between your personal account and your teams (if you are part of a Riddle Team Subscription) and grab the shortcode with one click.
  • Use the shortcode with all Wordpress editors.
  • Grab a shortcode to place your Riddle.com content anywhere you like.
  • Intuitive quiz creation - Riddle’s visual editor makes it easy.
  • Use the Riddle Gutenberg Block to add a Riddle to your blog post or pages.


Este plugin proporciona 2 bloques.

  • Riddle Quiz Maker Embed
  • Riddle Embed


Is it easy to create with Riddle?

Yes! Riddle is super intuitive – you can quickly make and embed your first quiz, personality test, or poll in as little as 60 seconds. Want to boost your mailing list? You can even add a simple lead capture form.

How does your pricing work?

We like things nice and simple – our plans start as little as $29 a month, and you can create and use Riddle as much as you like.

Want to stop using Riddle? No problem – we’re not fans of annoying contracts, so you can cancel at any time. Your existing quizzes and other Riddles will always stay live for your customers to enjoy (even the ones created during a free trial) – you just won’t be able to edit them or capture leads through them until you resubscribe.

Can I gather email addresses using Riddle?

Absolutely – we designed Riddle to be a powerful tool for bloggers and online businesses. Engage your audience with a quiz, personality test, or poll – then collect their emails and quiz responses for follow up marketing.
Easily connect Riddle to any marketing email software such as ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, or MailChimp. Automatically segment and instantly respond to potential customers – with different messages based on how they answered.

Where can I get more info?

Check out our blog at <a href=»https://www.riddle.com/blog“>https://www.riddle.com/blog. Learn more about creating the perfect personality test and also how to customize Riddle, work with custom result pages and connect to loads of other tools like MailChimp, AWeber, ConvertKit, Salesforce.com and more.

What if I want to build a custom solution around Riddle?

We’ve got you covered. You can do everything from sending your quiz data through webhooks to customizing your quiz result landing pages and triggering events to interact with your page with the embedded Riddle (for things like refreshing ads after each question).

If you are a seasoned coder, you will love how much you can build around Riddle. Check out our blog, our GitHub Repository and our growing list of coding examples at href=»http://www.riddle.com/docs/category/code-examples/ for more info or just write to us at hello@riddle.com.

Will this plugin slow down my website?

No, we’re bloggers ourselves – and hate anything that makes sites lag.

What do I need to use this plugin?

We require at least WordPress version 3.0.1 and a connection to our servers at riddle.com to keep your system always up to date with the newest tests.

Which PHP version is required?

Currently we require at least 7.3. If you are using older versions please contact us at hello@riddle.com and we’d be happy to help you out.


3 de febrero de 2017
Really nice plugin, Basic version is rather nice, you can do a lot with these tests, especially if you're a creative problem solver, you can really come up with ways to make them work with your needs. My only suggestion is that there be a $20 option for smaller clients that want to do little more customization.. Customer care 1000% FANTASTIC!
3 de noviembre de 2016
Good and easy to use
31 de octubre de 2016
Since we started using Riddle, it has become a real asset to our blog. It's helped us to understand and engage with our audience in new ways, and this in turn has helped us grow traffic and revenue. It's a real level-up - highly recommended.
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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

«Riddle Quiz Maker – easily add quizzes with unlimited lead generation to your site» es un software de código abierto. Las siguientes personas han colaborado con este plugin.


Registro de cambios


  • Renamed teams API endpoint to projects – same functionality as before.


  • Super-Admins, Admins & Editors can now access the Riddle plugin in the WordPress Admin


  • Deprecated old Creator 1.0 API Access Tokens – now you need to reauthenticate to get Riddle shortcodes & embed new Riddles. (Existing embeds on WordPress pages will not be affected and still work with both API versions.)
  • Tested this plugin with WordPress 6.1.1


  • Fixed a bug which prevented new users from accessing 1.0 leaderboards
  • Tested this plugin with WordPress 6.1


  • Tested this plugin with WordPress 6.0.3
  • Extended access token functionality; now you can see & remove all the tokens + their usages/origins in the creator
  • Made sure that disconnecting the current access token always works (e.g. if another user revokes access inside Riddle.com)


  • Fixed a small bug which prevented the auth dialogue from succeeding


  • Overhauled the plugin and it now works with Riddles from Creator 1.2 and 2.0 simultaneously


  • Tested this plugin up to WordPress 5.9


  • Fixed a leaderboard bug which allowed users to send «wrong» data


  • Fixed a leaderboard display bug when working with Dropdowns


  • Tested the plugin with WordPress 5.7


  • Fixed a bug which occured when entering wrong credentials on connect page


  • Fixed a bug that prevented some users from using our plug-in


  • Redesign of our plugin – with our new design it’s much easier to use and navigate through our plugin


  • Made it even easier to create leaderboards: Leads Management + overall improved UX in the leaderboard creator


  • Bugfix: Added new PHP class that enables you to store leads in the DB



  • All leaderboard leads get saved in the database now
  • This version enables all customers to migrate old leads automatically to the WordPress Database (if installed via File Manager / FTP)


  • Replaced old screenshots of the old Riddle Creator v1.0 with screenshots of the new Riddle Creator v1.2


  • We love it – our leaderboard feature has been super popular with the Riddle community.
  • Either display some (or all) leaderboard entries (ex. You can choose to display the top 10 entries)
  • Multiple entries: your audience can take your quiz multiple times. If they enter the same email address, you can total up all their scores – then rank the leaderboard by score totals.
  • Leaderboard columns are more flexible now and you can customise the column header text.
  • Option to add or remove a quiz leaderboard header image.
  • New sort options for the leaderboard:
    • Sort by score %, then time (recommended)
    • Sort by score, then time
    • Sort by score % only
    • Sort by score only


Vital bugfixes for our leaderboard creation extension & gutenberg block.
* enqueue riddle gutenberg block & styles to avoid warnings
* leaderboard: user can’t be inserted twice by reloading the page
* Smaller code fixes & changes to improve the plugin overall


  • Added leaderboard integration: Create & customize your own leaderboard inside WordPress and display it on any site with a shortcode


  • Removed special PHP structures (return types: type-hinting) which prevented some users from using our plugin


  • Our plugin plays much more nicely with other plugins than before. You should find that it’s compatible with your other plugins now.
  • We’re speed & efficiency geeks – and have put extra effort into enhancing our already fast plugin. Your quizzes will load even faster on your site – hurrah!


  • Fixed a bug that prohibited the plugin to work with certain exotic themes


  • Upgraded our plugin to the new Riddle API Version 2.0. You will need to use our new API tokens to connect the plugin to Riddle. These changes enhance the plugin’s security and will also make future enhancements easier.
  • Updated the help documentation inside the plugin


  • Fixed a nasty bug that affected our plugin if the Yoast SEO plugin was installed. Since we love Yoast so much, we fixed this really fast.


  • Added the ability to add Riddles as Gutenberg Block
  • Improved Authentication
  • Removed the ability to create quizzes inside the WordPress Admin area as this was causing issues with a lot of WordPress Installations. Please go to www.riddle.com to create content.
  • Added the ability to change teams in the My Riddle view. Previously selecting a team was not possible inside the plugin.