Este plugin no se ha probado con las últimas 3 versiones mayores de WordPress. Puede que ya no tenga soporte ni lo mantenga nadie, o puede que tenga problemas de compatibilidad cuando se usa con las versiones más recientes de WordPress.

WP Maintenance Mode / Coming Soon Page Builder


Página de mantenimiento o próximamente con barra de progreso y diseño adaptable. Simplemente activa el modo de mantenimiento desde los ajustes del plugin y en pocos segundos puedes poner tu sitio en modo de mantenimiento.

With progress bar and countdown timer(pro version feature) the visitors will be informed about the time left in launch.


  • Simple & easy to use interface – perfect for non tech users, developers & clients!
  • Create beautiful maintenance mode page for your website
  • Create beautiful coming soon mode page for your website
  • Change heading of maintenance mode page
  • Change sub-heading of maintenance mode page
  • Set custom title for maintenance mode or coming coon page
  • SEO Optimized maintenance mode page
  • Enable Disable maintenance or coming soon mode
  • Add Progress bar to maintenance mode landing page
  • Enable HTTP 503 header for maintenance mode page
  • Control RSS Feed Access of maintenance mode page
  • Admins can make changes easily without getting maintenance mode page.
  • Other users then admins and visitors will get a beautiful responsive coming soon page or maintenance mode page.
  • Visual editor for changing content of maintenance mode page.
  • Add Social Icons on maintenance mode and coming soon page.
  • Add Logo on maintenance mode page.
  • Change background color of maintenance mode page.
  • Change color of headline.
  • Set SEO Title of maintenance mode page.
  • Establece el Favicon de la pagina de mantenimiento.
  • Icono de Facebook para la pagina en modo mantenimiento
  • Icono de Twitter para la pagina en modo mantenimiento

Caracteristicas Pro

  • Disable Maintenance Mode for some user roles.
  • Prueba y previsualiza la página de modo mantenimiento sin activar el Modo Mantenimiento.
  • Enable Countdown Timer
  • Show Subscribe Form.
  • 5 premium maintenance mode themes.
  • Add Analytics Code for maintenance mode page.
  • SEO Optimized maintenance mode page
  • SEO Meta Description
  • Text Color, Links Color, Links Hover Color, Background Image, Responsive Background
  • Google Fonts for maintenance mode page.
  • Add Custom CSS on maintenance mode page without editing any files.
  • Connect maintenance mode with Mailchimp.
  • Header script.
  • Footer script.
  • Seis temas de modo mantenimiento.
  • Integración con las fuentes de Google para la página en modo mantenimiento.

Option to choose from 6 different responsive themes for maintenance mode page. Every theme supports countdown timer(pro version feature), progress bar, custom html and you can add your own custom content using the visual editor on maintenance mode page with WordPress shortcodes support. You can also add social icons and subscribe forms on maintenance mode page.

For more advanced features, themes and to get guaranteed support be sure to check out our premium version of the maintenance mode plugin, WordPress maintenance mode pro plugin
Some of the features are locked in the free version to unlock themes please purchase the paid version of the maintenance mode plugin.

If plugin is not working properly on your site please contact us we’ll try our best to resolve the issue.

Maintenance Mode plugin does not redirect visitors from wp-login.php or wp-admin page to maintenance mode landing page. If you are getting a maintenance mode landing page when visiting login url make sure you are not using any plugin or theme which redirects login page to some custom page. If you are using any plugin which lets you create custom login page or redirect disable it otherwise maintenance mode plugin cannot differentiate between login page or maintenance mode landing page.

Si sigues recibiendo la página de modo de mantenimiento incluso desinstalando el plugin de modo de mantenimiento, borra la caché del navegador, la caché de WordPress y la caché del lado del servidor.

WordPress cache plugins cache the maintenance mode page and store it on your servers you need to disable the cache plugin or clear your WP cache to load the latest maintenance mode page.


Extract the zip file maintenance mode plugin and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from Plugins page.

Preguntas frecuentes

Installation Instructions

Extract the zip file maintenance mode plugin and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from Plugins page.

P: ¿Qué es una página en modo mantenimiento?

R: Una página en modo mantenimiento te permite trabajar en tu web y mostrar mientras tanto una página a tus visitantes donde pueden recibir información sobre sobre cuando van a terminar o abrir tu sitio. El plugin de modo mantenimiento también permite formularios de suscripción para notificar a tus suscriptores.

P: ¿Puedo iniciar sesión en sitio cuando el modo mantenimiento esta activo?

R: Puedes ver tu sitio y también hacer cambios. Solo los visitantes normales ven el modo mantenimiento. Los administradores pueden acceder al sitio libremente sin ver la página de modo mantenimiento.

P: ¿Puedo subir mi Logo a mi página de mantenimiento?

P: Sí, puedes subir tu logo e imagen de fondo para tu pagina de modo mantenimiento.

How to enable Maintenance Mode ?

A: After activating the maintenance mode plugin, you’ll see the «Maintenance Mode» menu in your WordPress admin menu, click on it. You’ll get maintenance mode settings page SET the Enable Maintenance Mode option to YES

I’m not getting Maintenance Mode page on frontend?

Make sure you are logged-out of your site or visit your site in browser private mode. Maintenance Mode is disabled for admins.

How to show Progress Bar on maintenance mode page?

Visit the maintenance mode admin settings page. Set the option Enable Progress Bar to YES. To set the percentage use the set progress bar % option.

How to change theme of maintenance mode page?

Visit the maintenance mode admin settings page. Click on the themes tab.

How to add logo on maintenance mode page?

Visit the maintenance mode admin settings page. Click on the Page tab. Set the logo option value. Only valid image urls are supported or you can use the upload button.

How to change heading on maintenance mode page?

Same steps as for logo adding. Change the Headline value.

How add content or Message on maintenance mode page?

Same steps as for logo adding. Use visual editor to set content for your maintenance page.

How to add social icons on maintenance mode page?

Visit the maintenance mode admin settings page. Click on the Social Icons Tab.

¿Cómo puedo agregar un formulario de suscripcion en la pagina del modo mantenimiento?

El formulario de suscripción se puede utilizar para recopilar direcciones de correo electrónico de los visitantes y en el momento del lanzamiento se puede informar a los suscriptores sobre el lanzamiento del sitio.


Simply the easiest to use

Greetings! I have utilized this product on a few websites. Going through the process to find one, and not having much time, I loaded tried out, and deleted several versions of similar products. I understand that different people prefer different setups or features, but for me, this was the easiest to use, pretty much activate it and it loads. Tweak it a bit and then done. And if you really want to go to town, just $23 and it does what the other ones do too. Worth the price of a ticket to me!...

Free Useless Version

If you want to use this plugin as a free version, don't download it. The most options are paid only. Free options are ridiculous compared to other plugins.

Problem plugin

website was out of the main menu page and maintenance mode plugin erased the same mistake again, another theme is still the same problem I installed an emergency response please

Much better, more configurable plugins out there to do this

Does what it says - creates a maintenance page, but everything is pretty much locked down unless you upgrade to the premium version, which the plugin authors annoyingly let you know everywhere. Makes you think that they're just trying to make a buck. Can't even change the font color. There are better plugins that do exactly this that are much more configurable. I'd keep looking.
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Maintenance Mode Version 3.3
Product Links changed.

Maintenance Mode Version 3.2
Removed the add_object_page deprecated function. Replaced it with add_menu_page. Maintenance Mode admin menu will now appear on the bottom of admin menu list.