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RSpider CSV/Aliexpress/Taobao/Amazon/Alibaba/Ebay Product Import to WooCommerce


RSpider is a powerful tool to assistant your dropship business. With our RSpider plugin of woocommerce, you can easily import thousands of products to your woo commerce shop from CSV or any major e-commerce platform such as Aliexpress/Taobao/Amazon/Alibaba/Ebay in 1-click.

RSpider also provide a powerful source engine to help you finding the most matched product resource by simply entering a picture of the product you want to source.

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CSV Export/Import: You must create a CSV ( UTF-8 Encoded ) file and enter the product details in a structured format. This is to match each field of CSV file to the field of a particular product that otherwise Admin need to input manually. For example: the post_title field gets mapped to the product name and the regular_price field gets mapped to the regular price of the product. After entering all details about products in spreadsheet, you can import product to your WooCommerce store.With this plugin, you can also export and download product details as a CSV file in simple clicks in your dashboard.

Aliexpress/Taobao/Amazon/Alibaba/Ebay Products Import: Connect your woocommerce shop on Rspider console . Entering the link of product (We support Aliexpress/Taobao/Amazon/Alibaba/Ebay product link now) you want to import to your woocommerce shop or install our chrome plugin , all the info and pic of the product will be imported in 1-click without editing.


What size files can it handle?

The max is 2Mb.



30 de marzo de 2017
There were a few the worst things you have to bear before you install this plugin. 1. there was almost no support-- I sent a few emails of questions ,they replied to me use auto reply form also there was only one sentence with no title and no sign off or no contact info so on. you even could not see from where .who sent to you .the email really clean . 2. the phone number left was not work at all .when you dialed that number ,it asked you to dial extension number ,who knows what is extension number .i sent email to ask , never ever replied me . 3. This plugin has icon that followed me any where that i searched in my matter how i changed it .also it would stayed in your computer .so i tried to rid of it .i had to clear my computer and bower cache ,History as well . 4. That is a reason on the plugin self ,they did not leave review for everyone to write 5. I red all the good reviews they posted it on . one sentence almost .some from themselves from user name . Oveall --It was my the worst experience ever from wordpree Plug in
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