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You can get thousand reviews from Aliexpress and Amazon in few clicks. Easy to customize reviews with Ryviu tool.

Major features in Ryviu include:

  • Export reviews from Aliexpress and Amazon
  • You can edit reviews on Ryviu tool as easy
  • Auto generator name customer
  • Showing images reviews of customer
  • Allow customer add reviews


  • You should register an account on Register
  • Ryviu Demo
  • We support install Ryviu in all web Platform.



  1. You should register an account on Register
  2. Go to Ryviu settings page and connect your store with Ryviu
  3. Download Ryviu plugin from WordPress
  4. Unzip it, upload ryviu folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins’ directory


16 de agosto, 2019
best app, best support. You guys should use this App, I mean it. it works, makes money, good supporter., the best.
25 de febrero, 2019
works perfectly with great paid plans to upgrade to later so hopefully continues to be supported
28 de noviembre, 2017
This is a great plugin. I agree, the documentation is very little and not of great help but because of my IT background, I was able to get it to work flawlessly. I love it.
10 de octubre, 2017
Instructions are unclear, and when I asked for clarification I got prompt emails with no further instruction. Same with their sites live chat, all I got back was a second "hello". Disappointing, this looked promising. Edited: Not a half bad plugin when you can get it to work. Especially considering its the only completely free dropshipping plugin for Woocommerce. Right now, it's better then the paid plugins I've tried. Second Edit: Doesn't stay synced, if you make a mistake on a setting you have to delete and import it again. Can't edit prices without messing up the sync, either... and there isn't much point in trying to get support. If its features worked smoothly and consistently, I'd be all over this. It has what all the other dropship plugins don't. But features are only good if they work! It has potential, but I don't think these plugins are easy enough to build and maintain to be offered for free. Going back to my old paid plugin with shit code but has clear instructions and decent support or enough people using it to have a community of other users for support.
26 de junio, 2017
Basically it's EzUSY tool, and it only work by forcing you to connect you word-press store to their. You also have to configure everything on their site. More "Service" based Trap Plugins. It's basically a Javascript widget not a plugin.
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  • Fix bugs


  • Fix bugs


  • Fix bugs
  • Add some funtions


  • Fix bugs

3.0.(6,7,8, 9)

  • Fix bugs


  • Fix bugs


  • Fix bugs


  • Fix bugs


  • Ryviu App is running in new platfrom, work in new app domain (https://app.ryviu.io).
  • Outstanding speed.
  • New Ryviu App UI

2.4.1 / 2.4.2

  • Fix issue with settings from ryviu.com.


  • Fix bug and improved code.
  • Update function, optimal speed ryviu


  • Add new option fix the site using Cloudfare server and Data Rocket scripts
  • Fix bug and improved code.


  • Add real-time notice
  • Fix bug


  • Fix bug and add new feature
  • Suport Google server for user Unlimited


  • Add feature export json data, This will support the best showing in Ryviu app
  • Fix bug
  • Improve the user experience.


Removed add to cart by Ajax. Because it no longer to need.


Fix bug and add some feature


Fix bug add to cart in woocommerce


Fix bug


Big updated
– Reviews client rewrite by angular

Updated Date – 2 June, 2017


Release Date – 30 March, 2017