This plugin will make your blog more secure by adding rules which spambots will not pass.

Andrei Husanu 90+ instalaciones activas Probado con 3.9.32 Actualizado hace 6 años

Bootstrap 4 Form Builder

Simple customisable plugin that allows you to generate your own form and save the collected data, manageable in the WordPress admin.

Mark Morris 100+ instalaciones activas Probado con 5.0.10 Actualizado hace 2 años

Hide and Catch Email

Adds a metabox to post/page and allows you to hide the content, and show only on form submission.

Austin Passy 20+ instalaciones activas Probado con 4.2.28 Actualizado hace 6 años

Easy Sign Up

This Plugin creates a form to collect the name and email from your visitors, who are then redirected to the web address of your choice.

Andrew @ Geeenville Web Design 6.000+ instalaciones activas Probado con 4.8.14 Actualizado hace 3 años

Matador Jobs Lite

Connect your WordPress site with your Bullhorn account. Cache job data locally and display it with style inside your
WordPress theme.

Jeremy Scott, Paul Bearne, Matador Software, LLC 60+ instalaciones activas Probado con 5.2.7 Actualizado hace 3 semanas

NextGEN Gallery Voting

Adds the ability for users to vote and rate your NextGEN Images. Simple options give you the ability to limit who can vote on what.

Shaun Alberts 1.000+ instalaciones activas Probado con 4.0.31 Actualizado hace 6 años

Sz Comment Filter

No spam in comments. blocked by Invisible internal token-code with ajax.This is not used CAPTCHA.

SzMake Menos de 10 instalaciones activas Probado con 4.1.31 Actualizado hace 5 años