Keyword Statistics

This SEO plugin checks the content of posts/pages for the keyword density (single/phrases) while writing and is automatically setting the META-tags.

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Social Media Social Share Icon

Social Media Share Icons to increase social traffic and popularity. Social sharing to Facebook , Twitter, Pinterest,LinkedIn and Google Plus social me …

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Riloadr for WordPress

Riloadr for WordPress is a cross-browser responsive images loader for WordPress 3.0.0 and up.

Ole Vik Menos de 10 instalaciones activas Probado con 3.4.2 Actualizado hace 10 años


This plugin add a shortcode to display the list of attachments of a post, with icon and details. EG-Attachments is "TinyMCE integrated".

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CSS-JS-Booster automates performance optimizing steps related to CSS, Media
and Javascript linking/embedding.

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Ajax Search

Ajax Search is a simple instant posts search widget.

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The PeoplePond Plugin retrieves your About Me profile from PeoplePond, and displays it on your About page on your blog.

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RainmakerMoxie (BETA-limited support) is an interactive sidebar widget. Enter an email address and it displays a photo, name, social links and more.

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Qikmo Mobile Website Redirection

Automatically redirects to your live mobile optimized website provided by Qikmo. Visit to request your free preview today.

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The WordPress Bar

WATCH THE VIDEO OVERVIEW!! Seen the DiggBar on Add a similar feature to your Wordpress blog. Use your blog as a short link service with E …

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