QR Code Waiter Calling System

Keep you guest and stuff safe by reducing visits to a table. Your guest will call waiter by scanning QR code and selecting action from meny.

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QR Code Tag

Use QR Codes (Google API or QR Code Lib) anywhere in your blog, as a Widget, Shortcode, Tooltip or with a PHP function.

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QR Scanner Redirect

This WordPress plugin contains a web Qr scanner with a redirect function. It is also possible to embed a custom QR code for a website via a shortcode.

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Swiss QR Bill

Swiss QR Bill extends WooCommerce with a new payment method, allowing you to easily send automated and standardized Swiss QR bills to your clients.

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QR Code Login Admin

Permette l'accesso al tuo sito web senza inserire username e password, generando semplicemente un qr-code. Abilitato solo per gli amministratori.

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Simple QR Code

With This Plugin you Easily insert QR codes in your blog, with Widget or Shortcode.

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QRCode Generator – Adsense

CodeQRCode plugin enables you to automatically generate QR codes on each post and page on your wordpress site. Bonus: You can easily include your AdSe …

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