WP Config File Editor

Modifica los valores del archivo «wp-config.php» de WordPress usando un sencillo formulario. Adicionalmente, ahora es compatible con la modificación extensa de los parámetros del sistema

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Beyond Wpdb

※ Table names have been changed since v2.0.Please delete the meta_json table and reactivate it in the options screen.

Are you having trouble with slo …

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Alpha Cache

Caching plug-in. Easy to setup, free to use and fast in action.

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Updated Today Banner

Displays a banner graphic on your site whenever you publish or update a post or page on your blog.

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Jumpstarter WordPress integration plugin that simplifies running WordPress in a container environment.

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Fotobook is a WordPress plugin that will link to your Facebook account(s) and import all of your photo albums for use in your WordPress installation.

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