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SegmentLab Extension


SegmentLab Extension allows to easily experiment with WooCommerce product prices. Different prices and pricing techniques let you understand which pricing model brings the most revenue and sales from your customers.

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Easily experiment with prices
On WordPress WooCommerce platform SegmentLab lets you run different price and pricing techniques experiments, so you can understand which pricing model brings the most revenue and engagement from your audience.

Price Testing
Once you have our WooCommerce plugin installed you can easily test multiple price levels where each products can be offered at different prices for individual customers.

Rounded vs Non-Rounded Pricing
Ever wondered which pricing technique is right for your project. Should you do round pricing, maybe $.95 would work better? What about $.99 or $.97? With SegmentLab you can easily test all these and other pricing techniques. Stop guessing and start testing!

How it works

From the moment when customers first come to your shop they get randomly assigned a price from a price testing experiment that you’ve set up. Testing prices appear across the store like for any other product, in the main shop page, category pages, cart, checkout page and remain the same for repeat visits of a particular visitor.

SegmentLab Platform also provides an option for more experienced users to setup your own Multi Variant Split tests and track their performance between different users. This option allows to optimize your website for each visitor by displaying a version of the site that will provide the best experience and engagement for the user currently visiting the site.

Expert Support

We have a great team to help you. Ask your questions in the support form, or contact us directly via our contact form.

Get Started

Installation is free, quick, and easy. Install SegmentLab Extension from our WordPress plugin site, or directly from SegmentLab Platform in minutes. Our plugin lifts all the processing load from your own server and takes it to our cloud. This way, price tests do not slow down your site or interfere with your hosting in any way.


This plugin is part of SegmentLab Platform and does not work on its own. Pricing and other experiments are setup directly on the platform and plugin serves as a communication bridge. Please take a look at our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service before you proceed.


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Installation is free. Install SegmentLab Extension by automated installation or using manual alternatives in minutes.

Automated Installation

Install SegmentLab Extension directly from your WordPress site, from admin dashboard via plugins category.

Manual Alternatives

Alternatively, install SegmentLab Extension manually to your server by downloading plugin from WordPress plugin site, or download the files from our SegmentLab Platform and follow the on-screen instructions. If you need additional help read our detailed instructions.

  1. Upload «segment-lab-extension» folder to the «/wp-content/plugins/» directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the «Plugins» menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to integration tab > SegmentLab Settings.
  4. Click Sign Up and register in our SegmentLab Platform.
  5. Add some price ending values if you want for further testing (10 max).
  6. Go to product and define it’s price by adding more testing prices.


Is SegmentLab Extension is free?

For Beta testing we unlocked all our futures to test our clients experiences.

Information: site, how to start.

Why do I need a WooCommerce plugin?

SegmentLab Extension is made to work with WooCommerce product’s section and its required for automatic setting of prices in order to run tests.

This plugin supports simple and variable products?

Yes, of course.

How many testing values/prices you can test at the same time?

You can test 10 price options at the same time.

How do I view my stats?

Once you’ve installed SegmentLab Extension your stats will be available on your SegmentLab dashboard.


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  • Release date: September 17, 2018
  • Release website:


  • Initial release.


  • Added quick menu changes
  • If price isn’t in any define group, price sets it self to regular.
  • compatibility with woocommerce 2.1


  • Added ability to edit prices.
  • Added option if the factor that modifies the final price of the product is shipping or billing address.
  • Added a message for when a user adds wrong price what have not defined.


  • Code bugfix.


  • Code bugfix.


  • price fix in variable products.


  • WooCommerce multilingual fix, and wpml fix.


  • Solved DEPRECATED functions.


  • Edited information links.
  • Fixed SegmentLab Platform integration.


  • Changed Settings menu descriptions.
  • Configured Geo location for better results.
  • Simplified the logic of SegmentLab signed HTTP requests code.
  • Removed developers comments from code.


  • Leads bug, variables deprecated.
  • Smoother connect acc with platform.
  • CSS moved to other directory.