Shipping Zones by Drawing for WooCommerce


Shipping Zones by Drawing opens the possibility to draw your own shipping areas into a map and use them with WooCommerce. You will no more be limited by zip code level when defining a shipping zone.
By connecting a drawn shipping area to a WooCommerce shipping method you can define a shipping cost to every zone.
It is also possible to restrict shipping methods by a distance radius from your store location.

To get knowledge of WooCommerce shipping zones and methods, we recommend a visit to the the WooCommerce Shipping Zones Documentation. Remember that the drawn shipping areas will be added as shipping methods into WooCommerce.
If you are experiencing problems with the address validation for your country on the checkout page, please report it in the forum.

To use the plugin with extended functionality, there is a premium version available.


  • Draw your shipping zone

  • At checkout

  • Add as shipping method

  • Add your delivery map to a shipping method


  1. After activation, go to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Shipping Zones by Drawing.
  2. You will need to enter a Google Maps API Key.(Maps JavaScript API, Places API, Geocoding API, Directions API)
  3. Now, go to WooCommerce -> Shipping Zones by Drawing and draw a shipping zone.

Now you are ready to setup your WooCommerce shipping zones and methods at WooCommerce -> Settings -> Shipping.
Add your drawn shipping area as a WooCommerce Shipping Method into a WooCommerce Shipping Zone.

Remember that WooCommerce always chooses the first WooCommerce shipping zone that match an address. So remember to put all your drawn shipping methods per country / region / postal code in the same WooCommerce shipping zone.

To get knowledge of WooCommerce shipping zones and methods, we recommend a visit to WooCommerce Shipping Zones Documentation

That is all.


Why doesn’t my drawn shipping methods show up at checkout?

Remember that WooCommerce always chooses the first shipping zone that match an address. So remember to put all your drawn shipping methods per country / region / postcode in the same shipping zone.

Is it possible to add more than one zone?

Yes, five zones. But you draw as many you like with the premium version of the Shipping Zones by Drawing.

Which APIs of Google is needed ?

Your Google API key needs the Maps JavaScript API, Places API, Geocoding API, Directions API .

Is there any way to display a delivery map to customers?

Yes, use shortcode [szbd ids=»id1,id2″ title=»Delivery Zones» color=»#c87f93, red»] to display a delivery map.
The arguments are:
ids – a list of drawn maps by post ids
radius – show a circle with specified radius (km)
title – the maps title to display above the map (optional)
color – a list of colors of the delivery zones polygons (optional)
interactive – set to «true» if to enable user map interaction (optional, default is false)


31 de octubre de 2020
Kudos for this work! Excellent tool to handle custom delivery!
12 de agosto de 2020
tried to added map and with 5km by radius but it does not work. always says " There are no shipping options available. Please ensure that your address has been entered correctly, or contact us if you need any help."
7 de mayo de 2020
Top support and awesome useful plugin! Thanx!
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Shortcode class [szbd] and javascript methods updated to allow multiple maps at same page

Updated compatibility WP 5.6 and WooCommerce 4.8

Bug fix: Shipping methods disappears from checkout when location is picked from map and methods are re-selected more than one time

Resolved naming conflict add to email filter

Bug Fix: Map for delivery location don´t show when Food Online plugin is installed

Bug Fix: Compatibility with Food Online when store address needs to be geolocated


Bug Fix: Radius methods fail at rare cases
Do not run js at order-pay endpoint page


Compatibility with Food Online 4.1


New Feature: As option, let user pick delivery location from map when a street address can´t be geolocated


New use of color argument for the [szbd] shortcode


WordPress 5.5 compatibility


New option on how to define the store location
New advanced option to force shortcode [szbd]. May be needed if showing the shortcode in popups etc.
New argument «radius» to the shortcode [szbd]. Display a circle with specified radius
Improved compatibility (with 3rd party plugins) when checkout fields like «Country» are removed from the checkout page


Improved evaluation of customer default address


Improved error handling at checkout along with 3rd party plugins


Impoved error handling at checkout
Improved messages at checkout


Improved compatibility with jQuery 3
Bug Fix: Feature «Select Top Shipping Method»


New option: Top sorted shipping method will be chosen at checkout


Bug fix: Checkout error when cart only consists of non shippable products


Added option to deactivate postcode restriction


Added shortcode argument ‘interactive’ to enable user interaction at the delivery map
Improved support for addresses in Poland


Bug Fix: Shortcode [szbd] map placed in wrong place
Store addresses accept establishment and route as geolocation types


Allowing Google responses with route types
Improved compatibility for Brazilian addresses


Now allowing geocode reults with establishment types


Better compatibility with states in some countries
Added support to use shipping classes


Bug fix: rounding rates


Added column in edit to show post ids.


Added shortcode [szbd] to display drawn delivery zones front end.
Example [szbd ids=»post_id1,post_id2″ title=»Delivery Zones» color=»#c87f93″]


Better compatibility when checkout is done stepwise (with external plugins)
Better compatibility with addresses in Angola

Better compatibility with checkout form where some fields are disabled

Better compatibility with addresses in Russia


Further improved backwards compatibility with shipping methods created prior to version 2.0.0
Better checkout perfomance.


Improved backwards compatibility with shipping methods created prior to version 2.0.0



  • Updated core for better performance.

  • Ability to limit shipping by a radius distance from the store address.
  • Ability to choose the tax status of the shipping cost.
  • Ability to choose title of shipping methods shown at checkout.


  • Better compatibility for addresses in Romania.
  • Improved address validation.


  • Better compatibility for addresses in Canada.


  • Fix: Version control of javascript files


  • Bug fix not showing shipping methods at checkout correctly

  • Bug fix


  • Possibility to draw up to 5 zones.


  • Better compatibility for addresses in Israel.

  • Minor javascript fix


  • Added option to hide shipping cost at cart page.
  • Visual improvement of the checkout page behavior.


  • Javascript bugfix at checkout


  • Enabled map drawing with more than 4 coordinates


  • Added option to disable Google Maps API script loading


  • Improved compability for network installation (multisite)


  • Bug fix: Edit link from settings page


  • Bug fix: file path reference


  • Bug fixes


  • Initial release