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marzo 21, 2019
working great but no talk about ShortCode exmple [sale_products per_page="25" products columns="3" orderby="modified" order="DESC" ids="" pagination="true" per_page="12"]
enero 6, 2019
Why isn't this default in the shortcodes? 🙂 *Edit: Oh this is default in WooCommerce now. This plugin isn't working anymore. Pagination only loads first page, even if you pres for example page 4, 8, 19 etc. etc.
abril 21, 2018
This shortcode works for me [products columns="3" orderby="modified" order="DESC" ids="" pagination="true" per_page="12"] There is no information about attributes pagination="true" per_page="" in description 🙁
febrero 26, 2018
I was excited about this plugin as it would solve the problem that Woo created by not including pagination in it's shortcode. However, if the page that you embed this on is the child of any other page, the shortcode links are broken and reproduce a 404 error. Let me know if this gets corrected, and I will give this another shot.
febrero 4, 2018
Even though, I was using pagination shortcodes for my WooCommerce page for some reason the pagination wasn't visible. This could have been an issue with my theme though. Using this plugin solved the problem.
enero 25, 2018
I contacted support, and when I received an e-mail 2 minutes later, I thought it was a confirmation of my ticket. However, it wasn't. It was actually already a reply. Their support is amazing! Thank you! 🙂
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