This plugin will inject a responsive SideMenu sidebar and menu location into your theme that you can add widgets to.

The SideMenu is opened by clicking on a menu button that you can add to any menu in your site.

When the SideMenu slides open, the entire site is dimmed and slid to the left.

The SideMenu is closed by either clicking the close icon at the top right of the SideMenu, clicking on the dimmed site or by scrolling down.

This plugin can also hijack the existing mobile menu button within your theme if required. Themes that already work with this feature are …

  • Astra
  • BeTheme
  • Twenty Seventeen
  • Twenty Twenty-One
  • OKAB
  • Divi
  • Varia (and child themes like Rockfield)

… ask us in the SideMenu Support Forum to add your theme!

You can also enable a «Mega Menu» style dropdown menu feature.

How to use the [sidemenu] shortcode

  • Use [sidemenu] to just show the default button
  • Use [sidemenu]My Button Title[/sidemenu] or [sidemenu title=»My Button Title»] to show the button with your own text
  • Use [sidemenu class=»my-class» title=»Filtered SideMenu Button»] to show a button which only shows widgets or menu items with the specified class

To add a class to a menu item in «Dashboard – Appearance – Menus» click «Screen Options in the top right hand corner of the screen and tick «CSS Classes». The menu items will then show a «CSS Classes» field when expanded.

To see the class of a widget in «Dashboard – Appearance – Widgets», expand the widget that you’ve added to the SideMenu widget area and the class name is shown at the bottom. Since WordPress v5.8 with the new Block Widget Editor, it’s super easy to set a custom CSS class for each block, just select the block and in the block options on the right, scroll to the bottom and expand «Advanced» where you can add them into «Additional CSS class(es)».

This video will help to explain how to use classes to control the content of the widget …

To use a link as a button to open the SideMenu, set the class attribute of the link to be «open_sidemenu» <a href="#" class="open_sidemenu">Example Link</a>. You can add classes to the element to control what content is shown as with the shortcode.

To use an anchor link to open the sidemenu, set the link to be «#open_sidemenu». This doesn’t require a class to be set. To control what content is shown, add a dash and the class of the element(s) to be shown, for example «#open_sidemenu-testclass».


Easily use this plugin to add a SideMenu to your WordPress website …

1) Install «SideMenu» automatically or by uploading the ZIP file.
2) Activate the plugin through the «Plugins» menu in WordPress.
3) Add the SideMenu open button to an existing menu on your site in «Appearance – Menus» or by using a [sidemenu] shortcode in a widget or post.
4) Add widgets to the SideMenu sidebar in «Appearance – Widgets» or add a menu to the SideMenu display location in «Appearance – Menus».


5 de septiembre de 2021
First off, this plugin is great. It was exactly what my client wanted. It's flexible and easy to configure. But, I was trying to do something specific that I couldn't figure out, so I sent the developer a note. He was very responsive and he worked with me to solve my issue. Unlike many of the plugins that you're "on your own" to figure things out, this developer took the time to help get it working exactly as envisioned. Thanks again! I really appreciate developers that want to help.
30 de agosto de 2021
Imagine you install a plug-in you found somewhere on the internet and then you have a question and text the support. And the support, a real human, answers all your questions within a few minutes in a super kind way?!?!?! Does this sound like a fairy tale to you? I tell you it´s not! The plug-in is made very well and the support is excellent! Thank you so much, great work guys! Highly recommend to spent some dollars on this plug-in! Cheers from Lisbon, Max
21 de marzo de 2021
A very smooth, intuitive and functional app with absolutely first-class developer support. I recommend downloading the trial version to really get a sense of what this app can do for you as it really doesn't have any clear competitors.
1 de marzo de 2021
This plugin is amazingly simple and functional. It's really easy to set-up and customize. I was looking for a long time for a plugin like this.
18 de julio de 2020
Wow. After days of wasting my time trying different ways to add a hamburger to my main menu, as a last resort, I searched the WP repository for a plugin to help me. And BAM, I found 'SideMenu' - exactly what I needed. Easy to set-up, brilliant support and very reasonably priced for the upgrade, which takes things to the next-level. I don't leave reviews often, but this is a must-have.
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  • Added details of some new premium options (menu item hover animation, grow content to fit SideMenu, rounded corners and close icon background color)


  • Added option to show a border to the left of menu items in the SideMenu


  • Added Customizer Panel and more Sections to make settings easier to find


  • Various bug fixes


  • Removed block margins when block has a background
  • Added option to prevent admin auto-open with tooltips


  • Use a dashicon for the submenu toggle icon
  • On toggle close child submenus are closed too
  • Added option to show the number of menu items in a submenu


  • Added support to hijack the mobile menu toggle in Varia and Rockfield themes


  • Use anchor links to open the SideMenu with #open_sidemenu


  • Use links to open the SideMenu by adding «open_sidemenu» to the link class attribute


  • Fixed a bug with Twenty Twenty-One mobile menu hijack


  • Bug fixes including opening / closing transitions and hiding Twenty Twenty-One submenu toggles


  • Bug fix for class filtering with themes that add extra wrappers to menu elements


  • Added support for Block Widget Editor and removed all PHP short tags


  • Preparing for WordPress v5.8


  • Bug fix for Astra theme mobile menu hijack


  • Added a control to increase the z-index property of the SideMenu


  • Bug fix for Astra theme mobile menu hijack


  • Bug fix for Astra theme sites using jQuery


  • General housekeeping


  • Bugfixes


  • Fixed issue with Divi theme and dropdown submenus on iOS devies
  • Fixed issue with SideMenu that can be seen on iPhone in landscape view
  • Added a checkbox to choose to hide scrollbar


  • Bug fix issue with submenu click events on iOS devices


  • Added support to hijack the mobile menu toggle in Divi theme
  • Added CSS to hide the vertical scrollbar on Windows browsers


  • Added support for BeTheme’s custom header mobile menu button hijack


  • General housekeeping


  • Bug fix to allow mobile menu hijack to work when no SideMenu toggle is on the page


  • Added option to enable dropdown menus on Navigation Menu widgets


  • Added option to enable dropdown menus


  • Added support to hijack the mobile menu toggle in OKAB theme


  • Bug fix


  • Added the ability to filer the SideMenu to allow different SideMenu buttons to show different content in the SideMenu


  • Added the ability to show the hamburger icon before or after the SideMenu button title


  • Added support to hijack the mobile menu toggle in Twenty Twenty-One and BeTheme themes


  • General housekeeping


  • Updated JavaScript to work with IE11


  • Bug fix


  • Added support to hijack the mobile menu toggle in Astra theme



  • CSS adjustments


  • CSS adjustments


  • CSS adjustments


  • Bug fix


  • Redeveloped the JavaScript to remove requirement for jQuery


  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes


  • Moved all premium options to a new premium plugin


  • Option to change width of section border


  • Option for text size
  • Bug fix


  • Options for title size, weight, alignment and case


  • Bug fix


  • Options to change opacity and color of site overlay


  • Bug fixes


  • Option to choose your own Dashicon


  • Option to use «hamburger» icon on open button(s)


  • Options for color and width
  • Allow SideeMenu scrolling


  • New [sidemenu] shortcode
  • Started adding premium options


  • Full width SideMenu on mobile
  • SideMenu display location


  • Customizer option to position the menu on the left or the right


  • First version of the plugin