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21 de noviembre de 2016
Simple Intranet and the associated suite of plugins are easy to use, and if problems come up, support questions are answered quickly. Thanks.
3 de septiembre de 2016 1 respuesta
Very few plugins exist for building an intranet. This is one of them and, based upon my experience, and as professional web designer/developer, I strongly encourage you NOT to purchase it, especially if you’re a small, technologically challenged organization. I thoroughly vetted SI using the demo provided by the developer, but my experience outside of the test environment did not match the delivered version. Literally upon installation, errors popped up that required installing a 3rd party plugin at the request of the developer, although the site points out that 3rd party plugins are not supported and that there was no indication in the voluminous support manual of his «fix.» Trying to solve for even the simplest issues via the support forums offered little help, and, given the endless number of threads, it offered a clear «tell» that the plugin was buggy, bloated in size and especially complicated to style and integrate into an existing theme. My polite requests for support were met with timely, yet hostile instructions, and eventually I just gave up and began searching for another plugin. My client, a small library, purchased a 5-seat annual license for $200. While I knew that the vendor had a strict no refunds policy, I appealed to his better nature and made a request anyway, explaining our strapped budget constraints and with truthful assurance that I would destroy all SI files and provide proof of their removal from the server. Same hostile reaction, and no sympathy for my client’s financial position or the fact that they do not seasoned IT support staff or funds to address future issues likely to arise with SI. He could have easily done the right thing, but chose a greedy, unforgiving path. Superior Solution: WOffice We were ultimately able to install an intranet on the library’s site using WOffice, a superior intranet plugin priced at only $64 through ThemeForest. Unlike SI, installation was a breeze and error-free, and the gorgeous on-board theme was easily customized from the WP dashboard. Our small number of support questions were consistently and cheerfully solved within 24 hours. Within only 2 weeks, we were live with our intranet. That would have never happened had we muscled our way through SI.
7 de febrero de 2017
This is a rip-off copy of Add Local Avatar.
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