Insert Custom CSS and JS in Header & Footer


Insert your Custom CSS and Custom JS in Header & Footer tag. like: Facebook pixel code, google analytics code, GA4 property code, etc.
Most of the time each website owner need to add custom code to their website for some reason that’s why you need to use this plugin. you can add your custom css and custom js or any kind of custom script such as Facebook pixel code, google analytics code and any type of custom css and javascript code by this plugin.

You can Easily and safely add your custom scripts like: CSS, jQuery and JavaScript to the WordPress website’s head and footer sections.

An easy to use, with default wordpress interface, This WordPress plugin that gives you to the ability to easily and safely add your custom code ( CSS, jQuery and JavaScript) in the head or/and footer section of your website.

If you want use custom script in your website you must need the tool. There is no need for any more editing of the files of your theme or plugins for to add custom scripts ( CSS, jQuery and JavaScript ). Just add your custom scripts or custom css in the box on the plugin page and this plugin will do the rest for you. You can use the plugin without any coding knowledge.

Features include:

  • Insert custom css in head or footer tag
  • Insert Javascript code in head or footer tag
  • Load jQuery in header or footer sections.
  • Insert Facebook pixel code
  • Insert google analytics code
  • Insert GA4 property code
  • Insert any type of custom css
  • Insert any type of custom script
  • Built-in WordPress locale codes

Installing manually:

  1. Unzip all files to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/skyboot-custom-script’
  2. Log in to WordPress admin and activate the ‘skyboot custom script’ plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu
  3. You will see a admin menu named of «Skyboot»
  4. Go to Skyboot menu and put your code where you want to run your code.

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  • Header CSS input box
  • Header CSS output
  • Header JS input box
  • Header JS output
  • Footer CSS and Js input box
  • Footer CSS and Js output


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