Social Bar


Plugin lets you to display Facebook, Twitter,Pinterest and LinkedIn on as widget on sidebar and with the theme that supports sidebar or Footer as well a gutenberg block to share post on social networking sites.

It is very light weight , just gives user options to Follow Share using Endpoint, no API key needed.

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  • Screenshot of the front end
  • Screenshot of Backend
  • Screenshot Gutenberg block


Este plugin proporciona 1 bloque.

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  1. Upload the folder Social-Bar and its contents to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or use the wordpress plugin installer
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. A new «Social Bar» will be available under Appearance > Widgets, where you can add it to your sidebar


  1. Deactivate Social-Bar in the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  2. After Deactivation a ‘Delete’ link appears below the plugin name, follow the link and confim with ‘Yes, Delete these files’.
  3. This will delete all the plugin files from the server without erasing options the plugin has stored in the database.


Why can’t I customize it ?

This is the version 2.0 keep reviewing the plugin so i will know what people are looking for, I’m working on other features.

Why can’t I display followers and likes and posts ?

To use those services from social networking site you have to compromise the speed of you site most of the site, this plugin doesn’t use
those web services so sharing and following page through this site is like havinf link in you site, you site does not have to stay connected
to those sites which makes you site faster.

Where can I use this plugin?

You can use this plugin to display social bar on sidebar or Footer.

How to not display any of the Social Icon?

Just leave the URL field/s empty and particular social media icon/s will not display in widget


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Registro de cambios


  • This is first stable version
  • Many upgrades to follow


  • If ID left empty Social Icon won’t display


  • If ID left empty Social Icon won’t display
  • You can now add custom hastags(#) and short info for Twitter


  • Developer will be able to select different types of animation for tooltip.
  • Tooltips are more elegant.
  • Follow and share links are rearranged.
  • Added link to surpport and support on backend.


  • Removed animation for tooltip.
  • Only follow allowed as some of the features are discontinued by Social Media Companies.
  • More ligh weight and cross browser compatible


*Titter hastag are back with site owner twitter account included
*Some minor CSS styling improvement
*New chronology for sites based on their popularity
*On hover sisplays tools tip on share and profile link


*Pinterest added users can now pin the page and visit pinterest profile
*Some major CSS styling improvement
*New chronology for sites based on their popularity
*Smaller icons and more responsive
*Different icon added
*No more images and javascript just CSS and fonts


*Google removed

*Bug fixes
*Dashicon removed from header
*Styling changes

*Dashicon for linkedin

*Dashicon for pinterest

*Post sharing options with block
*Gutenberg block added
*Styling changes
*Reddit added as option for sharing

*Translation ready