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Crear un sitio web de deportes profesionales

Transform your WordPress blog into a fully configurable team, club, or league website. Features a suite of sports tools including fixtures, results, automated standings, players rankings, and individual profiles for clubs, players, and staff.

Reseñas de la industria

«Best WordPress Sports plugins: With premade templates for different sports, SportsPress pretty much covers the range of what almost everyone needs. It’s highly reviewed, and does exactly what it says it will do.» — Elegant Themes

«Script of the Day: While the WordPress repository holds various team and sports-related plugins, few of them come close to what you can achieve with SportsPress.» — Softpedia

«SportsPress is probably one of the most complete WordPress sports plugins out there. If you have a sports website and you’re looking to showcase your team, or even your entire league, then give this plugin a try.» — HostGator


  • Equation Builder
  • Club Profiles with Player List
  • Automated League Standings with Club Logos
  • Events (Fixtures & Results) with Player Performance
  • Calendario de eventos
  • Perfiles de los jugadores & amp; Estadística
  • Listas de jugadores
  • Perfiles del personal
  • Seleccione club actual y clubes anteriores
  • Archivos de temporada
  • Venue Information & Maps
  • Statistics & League Table Columns Configuration
  • Sport Presets
  • Cambiar entre el modo Club vs Club y Jugador vs Jugador.
  • Importar eventos, clubes, jugadores y personal de archivos CSV
  • Easy Shortcodes Menu in Editor
  • Los eventos se integran con iCal
  • Compatibilidad certificada con WPML

More details about each feature are available on the SportsPress Website.

Extensiones gratuitas

SportsPress Pro

Looking for more advanced sports functionality? Upgrade to SportsPress Pro to get access to more advanced features for your team, club, or league website.

Idiomas disponibles

  • Inglés – Inglés (en_US)
  • Árabe – العربية (ar)
  • Armenio – Հայերեն (hy)
  • Búlgaro – Български (bg_BG)
  • Chino (China) – 中文 (zh_CN)
  • Croata – Hrvatski (hr)
  • Checo – Čeština (cs_CZ)
  • Danés – Dansk (da_DK)
  • Holandés – Nederlands (nl_NL)
  • Francés – Français (fr_FR)
  • Finlandés – Suomi (fi)
  • Alemán – Alemán (de_DE)
  • Griego – Ελληνικά (el_GR)
  • Húngaro – Magyar (hu_HU)
  • Italiano – Italiano (it_IT)
  • Japonés – 日本語 (ja)
  • Coreano – 한국어 (ko_KR)
  • Macedonio – македонски (mk_MK)
  • Bokmål noruego – Norsk bokmål (nb_NO)
  • Persa – فارسی (fa_IR)
  • Polaco – Polski (pl_PL)
  • Portugués (Brasil) – Português do Brasil (pt_BR)
  • Portugués (Portugal) – Português (pt_PT)
  • Rumano – Română (ro_RO)
  • Ruso – Русский (ru_RU)
  • Eslovaco – Slovenčina (sk_SK)
  • Esloveno – Slovenija (sl_SI)
  • Español – Español (es_ES)
  • Sueco – Svenska (sv_SE)
  • Tagalo – tagalo (tl)
  • Tamil – தமிழ் (ta_IN)
  • Tailandés – ไทย (th)
  • Turco – Türkçe (tr_TR)

Sport Presets Included

  • American Football
  • Association Football (Soccer)
  • Australian Rules Football
  • Baseball
  • Baloncesto
  • Cricket
  • Dardos
  • Golf
  • Balonmano
  • Hockey sobre hielo
  • Lacrosse
  • Netball
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Snooker
  • Sofbol
  • Squash
  • Tenis de Mesa
  • Tenis
  • Voleibol
  • Waterpolo

Esports Presets

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Dota 2
  • League of Legends

Temas de SportsPress para clubes


Feel free to share your suggestions with us so we can continue to develop awesome sports club features for you guys!

Los desarrolladores pueden contribuir a través del SportsPress GitHub Repository.

Translators can contribute to SportsPress translations through GlotPress.

Stay Current

To keep up with the latest updates and new features, be sure to do the following:

Please Rate, Vote, and Enjoy!

Your feedback is much appreciated and makes all the difference in improving SportsPress.


  • Añade una solución completa de widgets a tu sitio para mostrar tus propios datos de deportes.
  • Genera clasificaciones automatizadas que se actualizan cada vez que se publican los resultados.
  • Registra partidos y muestra los detalles, resultados, puntuaciones y un mapa del recinto.
  • Registra equipos y jugadores en tu sitio y crea alineaciones para cada equipo.
  • Muestra los perfiles de jugadores con detalles detalles y estadísticas configurables.
  • Select your sport to automatically install presets and sample data.
  • Cada equipo tiene un logotipo único y una URL de sitio web . Opcionalmente, vincula equipos desde tu blog a sus sitios web oficiales .
  • The overview page provides a birds-eye view of your entire sports network.
  • Configure variables used throughout the plugin to fit your sport. Presets are provided for some sports, and will automatically populate these options.
  • Diseña tu propio sistema de puntos usando el generador de ecuaciones de arrastrar y soltar personalizado .


Requisitos mínimos

  • WordPress 3.8 o superior
  • PHP versión 5.2.4 o superior
  • MySQL versión 5.0 o superior

Instalación automática

Automatic installation is the easiest option as WordPress handles the file transfers itself and you don’t even need to leave your web browser. To do an automatic install of SportsPress, log in to your WordPress admin panel, navigate to the Plugins menu and click Add New.

In the search field type «SportsPress» and click Search Plugins. Once you’ve found our sports plugin you can view details about it such as the point release, rating and description. Most importantly of course, you can install it by simply clicking Install Now. After clicking that link you will be asked if you’re sure you want to install the plugin. Click yes and WordPress will automatically complete the installation.

Instalación manual

The manual installation method involves downloading our sports plugin and uploading it to your webserver via your favorite FTP application.

  1. Download the plugin file to your computer and unzip it
  2. Using an FTP program, or your hosting control panel, upload the unzipped plugin folder to your WordPress installation’s wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate the plugin from the Plugins menu within the WordPress admin.


Las actualizaciones automáticas deberían funcionar sin problemas; pero, como siempre, asegúrate de hacer una copia de seguridad de tu sitio por si acaso.

If on the off-chance you do encounter issues with the event/team/player/staff pages after an update you simply need to flush the permalinks by going to WordPress > Settings > Permalinks and hitting ‘save’. That should return things to normal.


Which sports does this plugin support?

The plugin will support most team sports with a scoring system. You can customize the table columns and player statistics via SportsPress settings. We’ve included presets for commonly requested sports, and you can also add your own.

¿Funcionará SportsPress con mi tema ?

Yes; SportsPress will work with any theme, but may require some styling to make it match nicely.

¿Dónde puedo informar de fallos o contribuir al proyecto?

Bugs can be reported either in our support forum or preferably on the SportsPress GitHub repository.

¿Funcionará SportsPress con mi deporte?

The plugin comes preinstalled with several different sports presets to help you get started quickly, but is also flexible enough to be customized to fit the need of any team or individual sport. Please let us know if you’d like to work with us to get your preset added the plugin.

¿Puedo importar equipos / jugadores / personal / partidos?

Yes, CSV importers are included with the plugin. Go to Tools > Import and choose from one of the SportsPress CSV importers. Supports CSV files generated by LeagueLobster.

¿Cuál es la diferencia entre el plugin gratuito y Pro?

SportsPress is a free plugin developed to give sports organizations the functionality needed to run a team, club, or league website. The plugin allows you to schedule your upcoming matches and enter the results after you’ve played a game. Your league tables, team and player statistics will automatically update once you’ve published the result to reflect the new standings.

Limitations? Don’t worry, there are no limitations to the number of events, players, staff members, teams, clubs, or leagues you can add to the free plugin.

SportsPress Pro is a premium plugin made for serious teams who are looking for additional sports functionality in their website. By upgrading to SportsPress Pro, you will be given instant access to a suite of sports modules that will appear in your dashboard.

Los módulos actuales que están disponibles exclusivamente para SportsPress Pro son:

  • Tournaments: Create and display tournaments in a bracket/knockout cup format.
  • Timelines: Muestra una línea temporal del rendimiento del jugador en los eventos.
  • Marcador: muestra resultados de múltiples eventos en un marcador horizontal.
  • Sponsors: Add your sponsors on your website and track each of their clicks and impressions.
  • Staff Directories: Show contact information of your key personnel so people know who to get in touch with.
  • Team Access: Assign users to a specific team and limit their access to data related to that team.
  • Team Colors: Make each team’s profile page unique by displaying their team colors.
  • Menú de la liga: muestra una barra de navegación global en la parte superior de tu sitio web para facilitar la navegación de un equipo a otro .
  • Twitter: Add a Twitter feed to team, player, and staff pages.
  • Marca: cambia el nombre de tu panel de administración para reflejar la marca de tu organización.
  • Duplicator: Clone anything with just one click. Great for creating multiple events.

Existen 3 licencias diferentes de los que puedes elegir: Club, Liga y Agencia.

When you upgrade to one of the SportsPress Pro licenses, you can simply activate the Pro version without losing any of your data. Please note that we recommend that you do a complete backup whenever you make big changes to your website.


27 de mayo de 2024
I have an issue with my league licence saying it’s invalid, even though there’s 250+ days validity left. I lodged a ticket on 9th April, here it is 27th May and it’s STILL not resolved & they just ignore my emails and no longer update the case. Would not recommend!
25 de marzo de 2024
Support for pro version is poor. I identified an issue with Sportpress Pro and Litespeed Cache. I provided support with admin access to my site. Nearly 7 days later they logged into my website, spent 7 minutes troubleshooting, then told me I needed to start using a different caching plugin for my site. Litespeed Cache is the most used caching plugin. Doesn’t work with the second most used caching plugin, W3 Total Cache either.
13 de septiembre de 2023
I absolutely do not understand why they make purchasing a plugin complicated by forcing you to use PayPal. I corresponded with them and wanted to pay by card, bank transfer. I was told they would find out. After 14 days I had to buy the plugin because the client was already pressuring me. Now I can’t delete the PalPal account and the data in it. Stupid payment method, I will talk the client out of using this plugin. I don’t want to experience another payment.
12 de julio de 2023
Our sport club has been using plugin «SportPress Pro» and template «Premier» for a long time. I needed to upgrade PHP version, but something was wrong. After contacting the helpdesk, the problem was quickly resolved. I’d be happy to wait for a regular update, but guys from the helpdesk offered to deploy it in «hot patch mode» directly to our website.Many thanks to @RochOliveira. Great help for a person who doesn’t have a deep knowledge of webmaster. Marek Filipovsky, TJ Mnichovice, CZE
21 de junio de 2023
It has all kinds of sports preconfigured, but it lacks motorsports, it could come prepared for motorsports too, with support for multi categories of racing sports, individual racing drivers or teams. However I loved the system, very practical and intuitive. Thanks!
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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

«SportsPress – Sports Club & League Manager» es un software de código abierto. Las siguientes personas han colaborado con este plugin.


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¿Interesado en el desarrollo?

Revisa el código , echa un vistazo al repositorio SVN o suscríbete al registro de desarrollo por RSS.

Registro de cambios


  • Fix – Add nonce checks to hide notice links.


  • Fix – Permalink access for non-admins.


  • Fix – Games back showing as zero.


  • Tweak – Only get staff template if enabled.
  • Tweak – Show visible option only when «Auto» mode is selected.
  • Fix – «None» option disappeared from dropdowns.
  • Fix – Minutes not shown when image used as icon.
  • Fix – Deprecated urlencode() notice.
  • Fix – Null parameter notice.
  • Fix – Undefined array key warnings.
  • Fix – Add user capability check and nonce check when updating permalinks.


  • Fix – PHP 8.2.x deprecated code warnings.
  • Fix – Next team not working in shortcodes.
  • Fix – Links rendering in event specs.
  • Localization – Update translatable strings.


  • Update – WP version tested up to 6.1.
  • Update – Leaflet version to 1.8.0.
  • Tweak – Datepicker support for event blocks, list, and calendar widgets.
  • Fix – Toggle between absolute and resltive dates in shortcodes.
  • Fix – Undefined variables showdob and showage.
  • Fix – Date range error in player lists.
  • Fix – Loss condition not applied on event results.
  • Fix – Can’t set statistic variable for player positions.
  • Fix – API error when using _fields.
  • Fix – Event map and video not being displayed.
  • Fix – Escape functions in admin.


  • Feature – Sports news widget in dashboard.
  • Fix – Fixture importer bug with extended characters in league and season name.
  • Fix – Player list not loading (too many resources).
  • Fix – Performance format not updating.
  • Fix – Trim whitespace on geo coordinates to avoid import error.


  • Fix – Error when non-value added as adjustment.
  • Fix – Map links not escaped properly.
  • Fix – Event blocks missing attributes.
  • Fix – Player statistics meta escaping.


  • Fix – Theme notice escaping.
  • Fix – Timezone dropdown selection now shown in general settings.
  • Fix – Double header when multiple player lists are displayed in team.
  • Fix – Dropdown options not saving in settings.
  • Fix – Setup page conflict with WooCommerce.


  • Fix – OpenStreetMap not displaying map after update.


  • Fix – Player status selector not reflecting changes in match edit screen.
  • Fix – Player dropdown template not displaying names.
  • Fix – Staff dropdown template not displaying names.


  • Fix – Players not selectable in event edit page.
  • Fix – Videos embedded in post content not rendering.


  • Tweak – Add support for event format in REST API.
  • Tweak – Add «Order» and «Order by» selection fields for countdown widget.
  • Tweak – Add option to display event status in countdown widget.
  • Tweak – Add ability to filter events by format in calendar template.
  • Tweak – Update TGM plugin activation library.
  • Fix – Remove plugin headers from modules for improved compatibility.
  • Fix – Reverse order not applying to teams in event lists.
  • Fix – Add validation to user inputs for improved security.
  • Fix – Sanitize all user inputs for improved security.
  • Fix – Escape all outputs in admin for improved security.
  • Fix – Filtering based on format for event blocks.
  • Fix – Last week and next week filter not applying to player lists.
  • Fix – Deselecting a selected team in settings.
  • Fix – PHP 8.0 deprecated warnings.
  • Localization – Add nationalities and flags for French Guiana, French Polynesia, Guadeloupe, Greenland, Martinique, Reunion, and Sint Maarten.


  • Fix – Event results, box scores, and players stats not updating via REST API.


  • Fix – Events not appearing due to filter malfunction.


  • Feature – Add ability to bulk set events as on time.
  • Fix – Players in events not being filtered by team.


  • Tweak – Add ability to filter events by team and match day in one query.
  • Tweak – Improve performance by updating leaflet script and only loading when required.
  • Tweak – Add overtime notation compatibility for minutes played.
  • Fix – Issue with event edit page where the scripts were not working.
  • Fix – No records when format is default in event list shortcode.


  • Tweak – Add option to display birthday, age, or both in birthdays widget.
  • Fix – Player list data showing zeroes in some cases.


  • Compatibility – Tested for compatibility with WordPress 5.5 with changes made where necessary.
  • Tweak – Avoid showing minutes box for subs when not needed.
  • Tweak – Improve filtering speed for queries without leagues or seasons.
  • Tweak – Apply reverse order setting in event lists.
  • Tweak – Enable filtering a player’s events played on a specific team.
  • Fix – Include future events in REST API for WordPress 5.5.
  • Fix – Enable updating player metrics using the REST API.
  • Fix – Deprecated code for PHP 7.4.
  • Fix – Elementor compatibility.
  • Localization – Update country names for Czechia, North Macedonia, Myanmar, and Eswatini.
  • Localization – Adjust RTL stylesheet for event performance icons.


  • Tweak – Sanitize delimiter field in event settings.


  • Feature – Enable player list filtering by nationality.
  • Feature – Add option to display date of birth in player lists.
  • Tweak – Exclude postponed and canceled events from countdowns.
  • Tweak – Apply reverse order option to event results.
  • Tweak – When a team has more than one home venue, separate with commas.
  • Fix – Venue address containing pluses in events.
  • Fix – Event blocks showing the wrong dates when embedded within other event pages.
  • Fix – Statistics not adding manual values when not based on equations.
  • Fix – Event lists ignoring the format parameter.
  • Fix – League table order when displaying multiple tables in team profiles.
  • Fix – Error when deleting configuration columns.
  • Fix – Player lists not including past players in some cases.
  • Fix – Prevent error when viewing event calendar in some cases.


  • Feature – New bulk actions to postpone and cancel multiple events.
  • Feature – Add date of birth to player importer.
  • Feature – Automatically select the home team’s venue as the default venue when importing fixtures.
  • Feature – Add ability to turn on comment for team profiles.
  • Feature – Filter league tables by event status.
  • Tweak – When an icon is used for player performance, display the icon in player lists and profiles.
  • Tweak – Add title attribute for player statistic icons.
  • Tweak – Default stylesheet sorting icon width.
  • Fix – Icon color picker rendering issue.
  • Fix – Image selector not working for player statistics.
  • Fix – Enqueue scripts and styles for OpenStreetMap when used in shortcodes.
  • Localization – Add translation options for countdown units.


  • Tweak – Improve compatibility with volleyball for checkbox performance.
  • Preset – Update volleyball preset with additional options.


  • Feature – Enable filtering calendars base on players.
  • Feature – Add checkbox type to event performance.
  • Fix – Javascript error when columns are hidden in event list.
  • Fix – Notice when displaying staff in event performance table.
  • Fix – Notice when event results are empty.
  • Fix – Uncaught error in player class.
  • Preset – Update volleyball preset using checkbox performance type.


  • Fix – Prevent OpenStreetMap scripts from loading when Google Maps is active via SportsPress Pro.
  • Fix – Headers already sent error related to default nationality module.


  • Tweak – Only show welcome screen on major version upgrade.
  • Tweak – Add filters to enable career totals calculation with extensions.
  • Fix – Countdowns not reflecting timezone setting.


  • Tweak – Add support for updated baseball extension with partial innings.
  • Fix – Error displaying staff in events when offense and defense are separate tables.


  • Important – Using Google Maps will require a SportsPress Pro license after August 31, 2019.
  • Refactor – Fallback to OpenStreetMap for venue maps without SportsPress Pro.
  • Feature – Option to display team logos instead of team names in player lists.
  • Feature – Option to display custom specs in event blocks and event lists.
  • Tweak – Improve page load speed when creating new league tables.
  • Tweak – Prevent displaying events other than published or scheduled.
  • Fix – Icons only appearing in the first table when player lists are grouped.
  • Fix – Character encoding and CRLF errors in calendar feeds.
  • Fix – Missing field location Schema error.
  • Fix – Dropdowns collapsing in admin when meta boxes are hidden.
  • Fix – Timezone handling in countdowns.
  • Fix – Error when using special characters in admin settings.


  • Fix – API endpoints for secondary post types.


  • Fix – Missing functionality with Gutenberg enabled.
  • Fix – Enable API endpoints with WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg.


  • Tweak – Match styling of date row in countdown.
  • Fix – Calculated totals in player performance array missing for custom templates.
  • Fix – Date field hidden from existing calendars.


  • Tweak – Apply reverse teams setting to event blocks.
  • Tweak – Add zero before days in countdown when there are less than 10 days to go.
  • Fix – Venue address not setting correctly.
  • Fix – RTL language support for first column in tables.
  • Fix – PHP warnings for various static functions.
  • Fix – Custom post types displaying blank screen in admin when Gutenberg is active.


  • Tweak – Apply reverse teams settings to logos.
  • Fix – Statistics doubling in player lists when player is assigned to a team.
  • Fix – Display blank placeholder in player lists when no team is assigned.
  • Preset – Update basketball efficiency rating equation.


  • Feature – New event shortcodes: venue, officials, teams, and full event info.
  • Feature – Option to choose default nationality for faster data entry.
  • Feature – Date and time display options in countdown widgets.
  • Feature – Ability to filter player list shortcodes by league, season, and team.
  • Tweak – Improve page load for new player lists.
  • Tweak – Improve iCal feed by fixing wrapping issues.
  • Tweak – Use lighter placeholder color to differentiate from entered values.
  • Tweak – Preserve league, season, and position assignments when importing players.
  • Fix – PHP warnings when using version 7.2 or later.
  • Fix – Countdown timer format when event is 100 or more days away.
  • Fix – Player list displaying zero values when formatted using decimal places.
  • Fix – Start of the week filters for week-based calendars.
  • Fix – Location picker freezing issue.
  • Fix – Custom post types pages displaying blank page when Gutenberg is installed.


  • Feature – Ability to add icons to player statistics.
  • Feature – Ability to display matchday in event blocks.
  • Feature – Add support for commenting on scheduled events.
  • Feature – Option to filter birthdays widget by week.
  • Feature – Option to filter events by competitive or friendly.
  • Tweak – Display pin in venue map and link map to web version.
  • Tweak – Add UK as alternate to GB in countries legacy list.
  • Tweak – Remove duplicate teams from players.
  • Tweak – Improve player assignment filtering for player lists.
  • Fix – Animated countdowns when visitor and site are in a different timezones.


  • Solución: actualice los puntos finales de la API de Google Maps.


  • Solución: aplicar equipos inversos solo a plantillas frontales.


  • Tweak – Aumenta la cobertura de la opción de equipos inversos.
  • Tweak – Mejora la clasificación de ligas, posiciones y temporadas
  • Localización – Acción legal, código de país para Grecia.
  • Solución: el autor de la publicación rota selecciona ciertas páginas.
  • Corrección: protocolo de enlace de Google Calendar.


  • Fix – Aviso variable indefinido en la lista de jugadores.


  • Solución: asigne equipos pasados ​​durante la importación del jugador.
  • Corrección: la siguiente columna del equipo muestra los eventos más alejados.
  • Solución: agregue la función de retorno de matriz para las versiones de PHP anteriores a 5.3.
  • Solución: agregue el respaldo para los servidores web que no admiten funciones PHP de varios bytes, lo que causa perfiles de jugador en blanco.


  • Solución: jugadores recién agregados del equipo pasado y actual que aparecen en las listas de jugadores.
  • Fix – Las listas de jugadores aparecen vacías sin liga, temporada y equipo seleccionado.


  • Fix – Listas de jugadores con un equipo seleccionado que muestra jugadores de otros equipos.
  • Solución: los puntos finales de la API REST no se resuelven para los jugadores.
  • Solución: página de estado del sistema vacía .


  • Característica : agregue detalles personalizados a los eventos utilizando las especificaciones del evento.
  • Característica – Ecuaciones condicionales para variables.
  • Característica : muestra el siguiente oponente en las tablas de clasificación.
  • Característica : opción de nombre corto agregado a los equipos.
  • Característica : títulos de eventos automáticos con nombre corto cuando estén disponibles.
  • Característica : muestra la imagen mostrada en el widget de cuenta atrás .
  • Tweak – Conexiones más fuertes entre ligas, temporadas y equipos para listas de jugadores automáticos.
  • Tweak – Opción de fecha relativa agregada a los códigos abreviados del editor .
  • Tweak – Muestra solo el equipo actual en la lista de jugadores.
  • Tweak – Filtra la lista desplegable de jugadores solo por el equipo actual.
  • Tweak – Permita 0 como número de equipo al importar jugadores.
  • Tweak – Evita el filtrado a través de resultados vacíos.
  • Fix – Interpretación de tiempos de sustitución no enteros.
  • Solución: advertencia al ordenar términos sin orden .
  • Localization – Add WPML support to staff header.
  • Localization – Fix RTL not being applied in league tables.


  • Arreglado – Los rangos de fechas no se aplican a los calendarios.


  • Solución: las publicaciones no publicadas se muestran en algunos temas .


  • Solución: muestre los eventos programados utilizando enlaces permanentes por defecto a través de archivos y widgets de terceros .


  • Fix – Pantalla de configuración general en blanco en las versiones de WordPress anteriores a 4.9.
  • Solución: revierte el comportamiento de la tabla receptiva para evitar problemas de visualización en dispositivos móviles.


  • Tweak – Ajusta los filtros relacionados con el jugador .
  • Arreglado – Desactiva las tablas adaptables por defecto.


  • Característica – Configuraciones de la liga principal y de la temporada actual .
  • Característica – Nuevo código breve que incluye un perfil completo del personal.
  • Característica : agregue resaltado de código al campo CSS personalizado .
  • Característica : agregue la opción de diseño receptivo a las tablas.
  • Característica : agregue filtros al punto final de la API de REST .
  • Característica : opción para combinar equipos duplicados, jugadores y personal.
  • Función : opción para mostrar eventos específicos en bloques de eventos.
  • Función : opción para ordenar la lista de comprobación del jugador por nombre y número de escuadrón en los eventos.
  • Característica – Opción para filtrar las listas de jugadores por equipo.
  • Función : opción para vincular a los miembros del personal.
  • Característica – Cuenta atrás del filtro por calendario.
  • Solución: calcule los totales de las columnas en el puntaje del cuadro.
  • Arreglado – No coincide la codificación de la librería incluida.
  • Localización – Reparar la función de traducción que falta alrededor de la cadena .


  • Arreglo – Error al editar la tabla de clasificación usando versiones anteriores de WordPress.


  • Solución: las plantillas de calendario no se cargan cuando la configuración de la zona horaria es relativa a UTC.


  • Característica : agregue el día del partido a la API REST.
  • Tweak – Agregar orden a las posiciones durante la instalación preestablecida.
  • Tweak: muestra enlaces para agregar nuevos deberes y funcionarios si están vacíos.
  • Ajustar – Agregar saltos de línea para sustituir los menús desplegables.
  • Solución: use minutos predeterminados a tiempo completo en API REST.
  • Solución: carga de imágenes personalizadas como iconos de rendimiento.
  • Fix – Visualización del rendimiento temporizado con imágenes personalizadas.


  • Característica – Importador de oficiales.
  • Característica : las funciones se agregaron a los elementos de la vista del tablero .
  • Característica : configuración de pedido agregada a los trabajos del personal para la clasificación personalizada.
  • Ajustar: muestra solo el trabajo de mayor orden en los perfiles de personal.
  • Tweak: requiere que se acceda al importador de puntajes de cuadro desde dentro de un evento.
  • Tweak – Agrega gancho para declarar tipos de publicaciones importables .
  • Fix – Cuadro de meta de oficiales en eventos cuando el módulo está inactivo.
  • Solución: problemas cuando la zona horaria no está configurada .


  • Característica : el jugador del partido y los números de estrellas se agregan a los puntajes del cuadro.
  • Característica – Módulo de oficiales para mostrar las citas de los árbitros en los partidos.
  • Característica : nuevos iconos de rendimiento del jugador para elegir.
  • Característica : microdatos de esquema agregados a calendarios, listas y bloques de eventos.
  • Característica : importador de puntajes para actualizar eventos existentes.
  • Característica : configuración de pedido agregada a las taxonomías para la clasificación personalizada.
  • Característica : nuevas opciones de rango de fechas relativas en los calendarios de eventos.
  • Característica : opciones de rango de fechas agregadas a las listas de clasificación y listas de jugadores.
  • Característica : opción para ocultar jugadores con cero estadísticas en la lista de jugadores.
  • Ajustar – Permitir que los miembros del personal tengan múltiples trabajos.
  • Tweak: puntos indicadores agregados a los calendarios con eventos en la hoja de estilo frontend .
  • Tweak – Las columnas de puntuación de cuadro ahora se seleccionan de forma predeterminada al agregar nuevos eventos.
  • Tweak – Eventos ordenados por día de partido en administración .
  • Tweak – Concursos renombrados a ligas.
  • Solución: los equipos de edición rápida no se muestran al filtrar jugadores por equipo.
  • Solución: los feeds de calendario no se actualizan sin la etiqueta electrónica.
  • Solución: ajuste de las celdas de la tabla de administración .
  • Solución: los problemas de la zona horaria en los calendarios.


  • Fix – Sustituir Typo.
  • Corrección: barra diagonal de la imagen de WordPay.


  • Característica : agregue la opción de visibilidad a las métricas del jugador.
  • Solución: elimine el protocolo de las imágenes Gravatar predeterminadas para evitar advertencias de contenido de mezcla .


  • Fix – Función estática que muestra un aviso en el encabezado .


  • Feature – Integration with WordPay to allow paid team and player registrations.
  • Feature – New team gallery shortcode and widget for displaying a gallery of team logos.
  • Característica : se agregó soporte para los totales de carrera de los jugadores en base a los promedios calculados.
  • Ajustar: permite seleccionar competiciones para partidos amistosos.
  • Tweak – Selector de columnas agregado a shortcodes de la galería .
  • Solución: el tiempo predeterminado es de 90 minutos.
  • Solución: el formato estadístico no se refleja en el cuadro meta.
  • Fijar – Código corto botón gancho de conflictos de sincronización.
  • Preset – Intercambia par y puntúa en el preajuste de golf.
  • Preestablecido: actualice todos los preajustes para reflejar el nuevo tipo de carrera total.


  • Fix – Team in player statistics total row displaying as zero.
  • Fix – Notice when no sendoffs are available during minutes played calculation.


  • Tweak – Update version numbers of recommended sport-specific extensions.
  • Fix – Manually entered statistics not reflected in player profile totals.
  • Fix – Template hooks not callable for third-party integration.
  • Fix – Error when editing league tables in PHP versions earlier than 5.5.


  • Feature – New setup wizard for first-time installs.
  • Feature – Option to automatically create player profiles during user registration.
  • Feature – Choose team or individual mode for each event.
  • Feature – Send Off setting for player statistics to suspend minute count for that player.
  • Tweak – Remove horizontal scrolling in dashboard to fix hidden dropdowns.
  • Tweak – Revert text color overrides for dark color schemes in frontend styles.
  • Fix – Borrowed players not automatically loading on event edit.
  • Fix – Played minutes calculation and player profile statistics.
  • Preset – Update all presets to support new mode switching feature.


  • Tweak – Update modules page.
  • Fix – League table discrepancy due to change in number of teams setting.
  • Fix – JavaScript error caused by box score displaying icons without players.


  • Fix – Warning message above player list template.


  • Fix – Hidden box score header in values mode.
  • Fix – Welcome page displaying after upgrade if preset was saved from settings.
  • Fix – Decimal places being dropped from player list statistics.


  • Tweak – Adjust frontend styles to allow some overrides.
  • Tweak – Update modules page with new module options.
  • Fix – Javascript error in icon mode box scores.
  • Fix – Player list default sorting issue.
  • Fix – Empty team checkboxes in player quick edit.


  • Tweak – Hide box score table header row in icon mode.
  • Tweak – Adjust frontend stylesheet.
  • Fix – Empty league tables when no columns are selected.
  • Fix – Empty player lists when no columns are selected.
  • Fix – Link events setting not applied to box score time.
  • Fix – Player list sorting error with non-numeric values.
  • Fix – Home and away records being combined when opponent not in league table.


  • Feature – Enable positions to be displayed in icons mode box score.
  • Tweak – Reflect mixed column order in player list admin.
  • Tweak – Remove table row border in frontend stylesheet.
  • Tweak – Automatically apply table adjustments on admin page load.
  • Tweak – Simplify box score icon totals.
  • Fix – Adjustments not applying to player list values.
  • Fix – Minutes not displaying in box score.
  • Fix – Player positions displaying not displaying in box score.
  • Fix – Total time displaying as 0:00.


  • Feature – Option to show or hide career totals in player profiles.
  • Tweak – Icons not rendering when frontend stylesheet is active.
  • Tweak – Remove underline from icon links in frontend stylesheet.
  • Tweak – Change competition and season placeholders in events to «None».
  • Tweak – Enable horizontal scrolling on large tables in admin.
  • Fix – Equations returning zero when no events played.
  • Fix – Player lists and player profiles showing different statistics when filtered by competition or season.
  • Fix – Substitution icon not rendering for starting lineup players.
  • Fix – Manual player performance errors in profile.
  • Fix – Error in event results if team was deleted.
  • Fix – Remove deprecated function in PHP 7.0.
  • Fix – Non-numeric errors in PHP 7.1.


  • Fix – Placeholders for non-numeric values in player list displaying as zero.


  • Tweak – Center align form events.
  • Fix – Reverse form array to display events in chronological order.
  • Fix – Error in player lists when querying legacy events.
  • Fix – Manual values in player lists when no events have been played.


  • Fix – Empty timeline error when calculating substitution time.


  • Feature – New frontend stylesheet for third-party themes.
  • Feature – New chronological streak format in league tables.
  • Feature – Head to head tiebreaker option in league tables.
  • Feature – Add option to select number of players in player lists.
  • Feature – Quick edit player’s team and squad number.
  • Feature – Bulk edit players’ past and current teams.
  • Feature – Taxonomies added to REST API.
  • Feature – Ability to display event history in player profiles.
  • Feature – Event list format option added to player and team events.
  • Feature – Option to record minutes for specific statistics.
  • Feature – Time format added for racing and timed sports.
  • Feature – Dedicated option to redirect team pages to site URL.
  • Feature – Bulk action to generate team calendars.
  • Feature – Automatically adjust played minutes based on substitution times.
  • Feature – Match day column option added to event lists.
  • Tweak – Remove event limit in calendars.
  • Tweak – Allow player squad number to be zero.
  • Tweak – Enable mixing performance and statistic column order.
  • Tweak – Filter player statistic equations by offense and defense.
  • Tweak – System status hidden unless in debug mode.
  • Tweak – Move event list column options to sidebar.
  • Tweak – Return zero instead of error if dividing by zero.
  • Tweak – Always display performance icons in admin.
  • Tweak – Add preview notation in event blocks by default.
  • Tweak – Single player performance name option added for hover text in icons mode.
  • Fix – Player list precision number format error.
  • Fix – Player list adjustments for existing values.
  • Fix – Hide empty positions in player lists and galleries.
  • Fix – Import button selectors disappeared in WordPress 4.7.
  • Fix – Substitution time missing parentheses.
  • Fix – Staff for home team not being displayed in events.
  • Fix – Enable output of time and results without team names in home/away mode.
  • Fix – Prevent totals override in box scores.
  • Localization – Add Gibraltar nationality option and flag.


  • Fix – Activation error on older versions of PHP.


  • Feature – Add equation format option to player performance.
  • Tweak – Add text options to change tab labels.
  • Fix – Activation errors using TGMPA.
  • Fix – Empty footer column in team staff table.
  • Preset – Update basketball preset.


  • Feature – Add option to filter players by current or past team in player lists.
  • Fix – Scheduled events not queried in REST API.


  • Feature – Player and staff dropdown templates added to layout designer.
  • Tweak – Default tab labels from layout designer.
  • Tweak – Add «Home» and «Away» to text options.
  • Tweak – Add horizontal padding to centered event list columns.
  • Fix – Disable numeric slug generation for events due to permalink issues in some cases.
  • Fix – Permalink issues caused by filter for scheduled events.
  • Fix – Scheduled events being ignored by REST API.
  • Fix – Inconsistent styling of player and staff dropdowns.
  • Fix – Only include current players in player lists.
  • Fix – Age calculation in BuddyPress context.


  • Tweak – Add options to select number, team, and position columns to player list shortcode.
  • Fix – Totals row offset in player statistics admin.
  • Fix – Events not automatically ordered by date in some cases.
  • Fix – Google Maps error when address is empty.
  • Fix – Player lists for all teams not appearing in team edit screen.
  • Fix – Error in player list when team no longer exists.
  • Fix – Error in event logos when results are empty.
  • Fix – Issue with link to future event from daily archive when multiple events are scheduled for a single day.


  • Feature – Add offense and defense statistics to REST API.
  • Tweak – Hide template tabs with no content.
  • Tweak – Allow selection of player lists without teams.
  • Tweak – Center-align time/results when between home and away teams in event list.
  • Tweak – Increase checklist panel height in admin.
  • Tweak – Update text options.
  • Fix – Hidden box score columns still displaying when in offense/defense mode.
  • Preset – Update cricket preset.


  • Feature – Add substitution times in box score.
  • Feature – Add text options to change template tab names.
  • Tweak – Automatically align home and away columns in event lists.
  • Fix – Box score minutes display issue.


  • Feature – New simplified fixtures importer compatible with LeagueLobster.
  • Feature – Add match day field to events.
  • Feature – Add box score minutes to events.
  • Feature – Add option to display full time in event details.
  • Feature – Add inline and block option to event logos.
  • Feature – Add squad number and name option to player details.
  • Feature – Add tab options to layout designer.
  • Feature – Add option to display player and staff dropdowns in profiles.
  • Feature – Add option to select TBA, postponed, and canceled event status.
  • Feature – Licenses tab for third-party extensions.
  • Tweak – Get player data only when needed.
  • Tweak – Add capabilities to taxonomies.
  • Tweak – Display tutorials in main menu if user role is not admin or league manager.
  • Tweak – Use contextual strings for featured images.
  • Tweak – Enable meta query vars in REST API.
  • Tweak – Adopt new tab class names in admin.
  • Tweak – Inherit text color for event logo team text.
  • Tweak – New developers section on modules page with link to join Slack community.
  • Fix – Taxonomy links appearing in admin for users that can’t edit events.
  • Fix – Debug error on non-standard admin pages.
  • Fix – REST API notice in Jetpack.


  • Tweak – Add shortcode parameter to override global date in event calendar.


  • Fix – Subversion issues.


  • Fix – Use search mode in maps to prevent invalid parameter error.


  • Fix – Google Maps embed code to reflect selected map type.
  • Fix – Countdown error when teams are not selected.


  • Tweak – Add API key to Google Maps in admin.


  • Tweak – Embed code to reflect change in Google Maps API.


  • Tweak – Enable sortable tables on all devices.