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SEO Plugin by Squirrly SEO Newton: the #1 Holistic SEO Software + WordPress SEO Plugin, powered by AI.

Tus retos SEO – resueltos.

Squirrly’s mission is Bridge the Gap of Desolation. Get Clients from the Internet. Our AI SaaS + plugin’s users range from the auto repair shop around the corner to some of the most popular sites on the planet.

The Brand New Squirrly SEO: Newton is an AI Private SEO Consultant that Brings You the Full Force of SEO: All Schema Rich Results, Inner Links, Redirects, Keyword Research, Real-Time SEO Content, Traffic and SEO Audits, SERP Checker.

Pero el SEO puede ser un hueso duro de roer. A menos que utilices un completo plugin SEO para WordPress que haya sido creado pensando en TUS retos SEO.


We built Squirrly SEO to help everyone, regardless of their level of SEO knowledge and expertise, get access to ALL the SEO tools and ALL the guidance they need to take charge of SEO, optimize, and gain more traffic for their sites.

Never in the History of SEO, has there ever been a Holistic SEO Software, until 2023’s release of Squirrly SEO: Newton:

Grow Your Business With the Full Force of SEO

Our story started in 2012, and by 2022 we became the Two-Years-In-A-Row Most Awarded SEO Tool of the year. More info about this on our site.


«I already have an endless list of must-solve right now to-dos. I want to have time to run my business – not spend my life doing SEO for my website. «

“I feel intimidated by SEO and its complexity. I never know if what I’m doing is making an impact. «

“I know WordPress SEO is important, but I struggle to understand all the pieces and how they work together on my own.”

“SEO is like working out. Necessary but boring and tedious. It’s tough to get motivated so SEO never gets done.”

If you can relate to any of the struggles mentioned here or if you’re simply looking for an SEO solution that isn’t just fine but actually GREAT – it’s time you met Squirrly.


Guaranteed to help you Rank Faster. Start your optimization journey to boost performance and drive more organic traffic to your site today.

«I purchased Squirrly on April 28th 2021 and as of the morning of May 19th 2021 traffic to my site has increased by nearly 10X compared to traffic for the month of April.»

Reed Floren (Online Marketing Expert at Jarvis.AI, Best Selling co-author)

Squirrly SEO is an AI-powered, all-in-one SEO suite that takes the guesswork out of search engine optimization.

Optimize your WordPress, and take the shortest path to the 1st page of Google Search with data-driven SEO goals from an A.I. consultant.

Funciona con aprendizaje automático y servicios en la nube.

  • Get the perfect WordPress SEO setup – instantly! Over 650 features for SEO pre-configured for you during install.
  • All hand-holding. Completely educational. Squirrly provides a fail-proof, paint-by-numbers way of managing and improving your site’s SEO.
  • Access customized to-dos from an A.I. SEO consultant for better rankings, plus step-by-step guidance on implementation.

Use one tool for keyword research, SEO content optimization, content analysis, SEO guidance, technical SEO, site audits, rank tracking, and more.

Optimiza toda tu web WordPress con Squirrly SEO.

Perfect for: small business owners, content creators, bloggers, freelancers, and agencies looking to access clear guidelines for improving their SEO.

Recomendado por miles de usuarios satisfechos

Squirrly SEO is the Popular WordPress SEO plugin that NON-SEO Experts use to boost their search engine traffic. Offers the same level of advice as a Human consultant would, yet with greater precision and customization.

Reach SEO success by following the Daily SEO Goals and using Squirrly’s built-in SEO tools to get higher Rankings with less effort.

Join a huge community of successful users who are ranking on the first page of Google Search with Squirrly SEO.

See Success Stories from WordPress Users Who Followed Squirrly’s Advice here (click)

2021 Awards and Recognition

Squirrly SEO has been named a High Performer for Summer 2021 on G2
Gartner Digital Markets Ranks Squirrly SEO as a Top Product in SEO worldwide, among other SaaS
Squirrly SEO Listed among the Best SEO Tools of 2021 in New Capterra Shortlist Report
Product Hunt: 1st Place in all of the following categories: SEO Tools, WordPress, Virtual Assistants
Check out all the Awards of Squirrly SEO 2021
Built, Supported and Innovated by one of the Best SaaS Companies and 7,479 Subscription-paying customers

«Resultados fantásticos al usar Squirrly SEO»

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

Problem: low rankings for some pages and keywords – solved.
Problem: because of low rankings, traffic was lower – solved.

Jakob Thusgaard (founder and CEO)
(testimonial source: G2)

Does everything you need it – and more. Without slowing down your site.

Squirrly SEO brings the most SEO tools under one roof – and is the ONLY software on the market right now that gives you the complete SEO funnel.


Helps you take clients searching on Google all the way through to your money-maker pages.

Squirrly SEO versus Competitors

^^ use it to see the Complete SEO Funnel and check out key differences: Squirrly SEO vs other SEO tools.

All the important SEO Tools you can find in SEMrush, Moz, Ahrefs in Your WordPress Dashboard.

SEE our speed test. Loading time is excellent and we tested this during a live session.

«Comparable» tools don’t even come close to what Squirrly SEO offers.

From keyword research to SEO content optimization, content analysis, SEO suggestions, SEO settings, website Audits, and rank tracking – Squirrly offers the most SEO tools and functionality to cover all your SEO needs in one place.

This eliminates the need to install many different plugins and helps you optimize your workflow so that you can be more efficient with your SEO efforts.

  • Want to do keyword research and find the best keywords to target based on real data such as competition, chances of ranking, and more?

You can do that with Squirrly!

Our keyword research data is fresh, since we don’t use cached databases. Our maximum caching time is about 48 hours, not a whole year or two like you find in other tools.

As we use Google Trends and Google API and run them through our Proprietary TECH to define search volumes and more, Social Media for discussions, the data will be FRESH every time.

^^ we have our very own algorithms to offer the industry’s best data when it comes to Keyword Research. We’ve been building research algorithms since 2012.

  • ¿Quieres un lugar donde guardar y organizar las mejores palabras clave que encuentres?

With Squirrly, you have a dedicated place to store your keywords and quickly organize them using Labels so that you have a clear view of your SEO strategies.

  • Want an easy way to do On-Page SEO?

Squirrly’s SEO Live Assistant does content analysis in real-time and generates suggestions for your content on the fly while also checking for readability.

This is the easiest, most guided way of creating SEO content that both search engines and humans will love.

  • Excellent SEO? Wondering if your pages are fully optimized to reach SEO success? Not sure whether you’re focusing on the right things or not?

Focus Pages connects the dots between many sides of SEO. It scans your content to show you page-specific tasks you need to complete to improve your chances of ranking.

The system takes into account over 113 Ranking Factors to give you a complete analysis of your pages. This is next-level content analysis.

**There’s more… **

  • Want to audit your site to see how it performs across key areas such as Blogging, Traffic, Links, and SEO?

Squirrly will analyze your site’s performance and give you a score based on what it uncovers. Plus – clear guidance on how you can improve in the areas where you’re falling behind.

SaaS + Plugin configuration allows us to crawl everything related to your site and our Proprietary Market Intelligence feature helps us score your site realistically with real performance indicators.

  • Want to know if your work has translated into higher rankings?

Squirrly answers your questions with powerful graphics, Ranking data, and success & achievements messages that allow you to see and feel your progress.

Squirrly integrates with Google Search Console to bring you powerful data right inside WordPress.

^^ however, Squirrly uses GSC data to enhance our own algorithms and proprietary technology + AI, which we developed ourselves.

This is not a Google Search Console data visualization plugin. We offer you real SEO insight based on technology owned and developed by the Squirrly Company.

  • Want to know how many people click on your listing in Search Results – and how much traffic you’re getting?

Squirrly will show you exact numbers so that you can turn data into decisions and plan your next moves with confidence.

A lot more…


«I’ve used many other SEO plugins out there: Yoast, Rank Math, WP All in One SEO, but Squirrly has outclassed them all.»

I’m a Search Engine Optimization professional with 4 years of experience and from now on this product will be my go-to when implementing SEO strategies for my clients.

It’s extremely easy to use, self-explanatory, and will definitely work great for those who don’t have much SEO experience.

Zuzanna Kruger (SEO professional)

(testimonial source: Product Hunt)

In fact, Squirrly covers everything you need to optimize and be successful with WordPress SEO.

Over 650 features pre-configured for you during install, so that you don’t have to work on configurations!

Squirrly SEO has all important settings done for you right as you start and complete the setup wizard.

No need to go back and forth between tabs to do keyword research, create SEO content, completely optimize your website and pages, and track their SEO performance.

SEO optimization has never been easier.


  • Key default SEO settings configured for you during install
  • Keyword Research
  • Porfolio de palabras clave
  • Guided On-Page optimization
  • SEO content grading
  • In-depth SEO Content Analysis
  • Readability analysis: SEO Live Assistant makes sure your content is not just Google friendly but also human-friendly. The Human-Friendly item checks your text for semantic readability.
  • SEO Content Optimization
  • Blog post research
  • Imágenes libres de Copyright
  • Optimiza para múltiples palabras clave
  • On Page SEO METAs (including meta title and meta description)
  • Customize the META Description and Meta Title for each URL on your website using the Squirrly SEO Snippet, Squirrly > SEO Settings > Automation
  • Full control over your meta title and meta description
  • SEO Automation for Meta Title
  • Easy to define the meta description (create a unique, accurate meta description) when doing SEO so that Google will better understand what your page is about.
  • Open Graph feature allows you to control how you want your post to look like when users share your content.
  • Option to automate
  • Open Graph (Open Graph Preview, Open Graph BULK work-flow, Open Graph Automation with different rules according to different custom post types, Open Graph object Type, Open Graph and fb admin page id, Open Graph and author URL, Open Graph with VIDEO, which makes the video PLAY directly inside Facebook, Open Graph Validation)
  • Twitter Card (Twitter Card validation, Twitter Card – large, Twitter Card – summary, Twitter Card Bulk work-flow, Twitter Card Automation with different rules according to different custom post types, Twitter Card Preview)
  • Option to define custom META Lengths (for meta title and meta description)
  • Internal linking suggestions
  • Redirection features: 301 Redirect
  • Redirection features: redirect broken pages to a default URL
  • SEO Automation for 404 Pages
  • Optimize based on SEO Suggestions
  • Custom, AI-Driven SEO Goals generated for your site and pages
  • Advanced SEO Audits
  • Continuous SEO Oversight – unprecedented level of SEO Protection
  • Keyword rank tracking
  • Success messages and achievements graphics
  • Warnings against over 113 types of ranking drawbacks
  • Google Search Console integration. Squirrly SEO makes it easy to access key website performance metrics right inside WordPress by integrating with Google Search Console.
  • Google Analytics integration. Squirrly integrates with Google Analytics to bring you must-know data about your pages, making it easy to monitor performance.
  • Squirrly also shows you Traffic Data for every Page you add as a Focus Page (in the Traffic Health Section) – alongside bounce rate data and time-on-page data. All this data is retrieved from Google Analytics via the Google Analytics integration.
  • Google Analytics tracking with custom rules for custom pages
  • Google Analytics tracking fixes included with the 14 Days Journey
  • Google Analytics FULL integrations, to get accurate Traffic Data in the SEO Audit and to get accurate Google Search Engine readings for quality SEO content (as I said: we look for “quality SEO content” the same way that Google does.
  • Most advanced XML Sitemap (Pictures in XML Sitemap, XML Sitemap enhanced with Videos, XML Sitemap settings for frequency with which you add new content to the site, XML Sitemap to get you in Google News, XML Sitemap with organized sub-sitemaps, XML Sitemap with Page-Level customization options, XML Sitemap inclusions / exclusions according to rules based on Custom post Types and Automation Features)
  • Option to Remove no-index pages from the XML Sitemap at an URL level
  • Structured Data (Schema Markup)
  • Multiple types of schema org JSON-LD implementations you can make
  • Configure the JSON-LD Types in SEO Automation
  • Custom JSON-LD Schema Code implementation
  • Build and validate JSON-LD schema
  • woocommerce ++ added more JSON-LD schema features for our available implementation
  • Improve the WooCommerce Product and Orders JSON-LD Schema with the required data.
  • Add default data for JSON-LD AggregateRating, Offers, SKU, MPN when they are missing from the product to avoid Google Search Console errors.
  • Add Breadcrumbs Schema in JSON-LD
  • Select multiple JSON-LD schema types for a single post type
  • Enable Squirrly to include additional metadata fields for WooCommerce Products Inventory Section
  • SEO Automation
  • Características de redireccionamiento automático
  • Personalizar SEO por lotes
  • Correct the SEO for the entire website in minutes
  • Meta Robots Tags [noindex, nofollow]
  • Crear y gestionar Robots.txt
  • Rich Pins
  • Facebook Pixel advanced options for eCommerce
  • Set User Roles to limit access to Squirrly SEO functionality for Authors, Editors, Shop Manager, etc.
  • Compatibilidad con plugins de traducción – Squirrly funciona perfectamente con plugins de traducción populares como WPML y Polylang.
  • Elementor Builder – Frontend SEO
  • Divi Builder – Frontend SEO
  • Brizy Builder – Frontend SEO
  • Oxygen Builder – Frontend SEO
  • Zion Builder – Frontend SEO
  • Thrive Architect Builder – Frontend SEO
  • SEO de WooCommerce
  • Import SEO and Settings with just ONE click

Safely migrate your data to Squirrly SEO from any of the following:

  • Rank Math, Yoast, All in One SEO, SEO Framework, SEO Press, SEO Pressor, Add Meta Tags Plugin, Gregs High Performance SEO, Headspace 2, Platinum SEO Pack, SEO Title Tags, SEO Ultimate Plugin.

The list of SEO tools included in Squirrly SEO, the Ultimate WordPress SEO Plugin, goes on and on ..


«When you’re new to SEO like me, some dark corners of content optimization can be hard to figure out. With Squirrly SEO’s full suite of tools, all I have to do is follow their instructions.»

It is straightforward, so anyone can use this easy-to-use tool by simply following the navigation they’re given, giving you undeniable confidence that if you put work into your site, you will get the results you want!

Masatoshi Matsumiya(fuente de la recomendación: Product Hunt)

All the Features you need to Optimize + Clear Guidance on how to use them at the BEST time

Squirrly doesn’t just offer a lot of features that you can use to optimize your entire website.

It also provides direction on how to maximize using those features to reach the 1st Page of Google Search faster.

Next SEO Goals –

Next SEO Goals shows you high-priority actions you need to take to improve the SEO of your site – and points to the exact SEO tools from Squirrly that you need to use to get the job done faster.

Everything is 100% guided. Squirrly shows you which of its features to use to solve specific, real problems that YOUR site and pages have.

By just using the Next SEO Goals feature, you ensure you discover the features from Squirrly SEO – at the best time – and use them to fix issues that hurt your chances of ranking.

Focus Pages –

Focus Pages provides in-depth content analysis to show you the fastest path to better rankings.

In Focus Pages, Squirrly takes you by the hand to show you exactly what you need to do and which features to use to turn Red Elements Green and improve your chances of ranking.

Además, gracias a la integración con Google Analytics de Squirrly, podrás ver cómo tus acciones se traducen en más tráfico hacia tus páginas.

14 Days Journey to Better Rankings –

This gives you a blueprint for what you need to do and which SEO tools to use to bring one of your pages up in Rankings in just two weeks.

«Antes de descubrir Squirrly SEO, mi herramienta SEO preferida era Yoast. Pero nunca me he sentido bien utilizando esa herramienta SEO, ya que no soy un experto en SEO y no tengo tiempo para invertir demasiadas horas aprendiendo acerca de la optimización SEO.»

Por eso Squirrly vino a ayudarme con ese proceso: Me gusta su guía y los pasos que explican qué hacer a continuación para que funcione. ¡Eso es genial para mí!

Gabriel Santos(fuente de la recomendación: Product Hunt)

Potente pero ligero – Squirrly SEO carga más rápido que cualquier otro plugin SEO

El plugin Squirrly SEO no afecta a la velocidad de tu página, ya que se carga muy rápido con un sitio WordPress.

(demonstrated in the LIVE TEST below)

See how fast Squirrly really is.

The advantage that enables Squirrly SEO to load faster than any other SEO plugin currently on the market:

This amazing feat is thanks to the SaaS + SEO plugin duality which is unique to Squirrly SEO.

650 Features in Squirrly SEO, but the processing and heavy lifting is done on Squirrly Limited (the company)’s private servers. That makes the WordPress SEO plugin load incredibly fast.

Also, from our tests, the Squirrly SEO plugin loads on the frontend in 0.005s if you’re not using a plugin for caching.

We integrated the Squirrly SEO plugin with the most popular plugins for caching like WP Super Cache, WP-Rocket, Autoptimize, W3 Total, and more. This way, the buffer only loads through the plugins for caching and the speed is not affected at all.

¿El SEO te parece un arte oscuro? Con Squirrly, no tienes que hacerlo solo

With so many variables at play, SEO can seem blindingly complex.

Like you’re trying to solve one huge puzzle, and it’s up to you to try and make sense of how all the pieces fit together.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the breadth of knowledge and attention to detail necessary.

So many people end up putting SEO off over and over.

Not if you’re using Squirrly.

With features such as Next SEO Goals and Focus Pages, Squirrly helps you navigate today’s key ranking factors by providing you with a complete framework and step-by-step guidance for placing your pages at the top of Google Search.

It’s like having an SEO expert in your WordPress site telling you what to do next to rank higher.

» I’m new to SEO and, to be honest, it felt a bit like jabbing into the dark, having no real idea how optimized my content is (or isn’t). But with Squirrly’s content editor, it’s crystal clear what I need to do to rank.

After following its guidelines and rewriting some of my articles, one of them showed up on the first page of Google! «

It’s a small win but one that gives me absolute confidence that if I put in the work, I’ll get the SEO results I’m hoping for in due time.

Though, there is A LOT more to this tool than just the content editor. It really covers pretty much everything you need to do for on-page SEO stuff.

If you’re new to SEO like I am, I suggest grabbing this.

Victor Mutta (fuente de la recomendación: Product Hunt)

Obtén medidas prácticas para encabezar la clasificación de los motores de búsqueda utilizando el poder de la IA

¿Te intimida el SEO y su complejidad?

Instead of feeling overwhelmed, you could start each day with a simple set of actionable Goals ready for you to complete.

Squirrly gives you clear directions and a step-by-step approach to implementing best practices for WordPress SEO.

Furthermore, it breaks everything down for you into small chunks and actionable tasks so nothing gets overwhelming.

All you have to do is follow the guidance to solve tasks and turn as many RED elements GREEN. It’s really that simple.

» Squirrly is a great SEO plugin and I’ve tested quite a few SEO plugins, including Rank Math, SEO Press and Yoast. Their whole approach is different but somehow has the same important aspects. It works great! «

The focus feature is especially useful and I now include Squirrly on all my sites to get rankings on specific pages. Onboarding is a breeze as well and they have a step by step process to help you reach your SEO goals.

Muhammed Seitz (Desarrollador web)

(testimonial source: Product Hunt)

Llega a la 1ª página de Google y diviértete consiguiéndolo

You know SEO is important but just hearing the word optimize makes you want to gouge your eyes out? You’re not alone.

Even if you have a clue of what you’re doing and what you should be focusing on, Search Engine Optimization can still feel like a giant tedious ball of blah.

We wanted to change that, because if SEO feels like a repetitious chore – it’s hard to stay consistent with your efforts.

Unlike other SEO tools that simply tell you to press this and that, Squirrly gamifies the SEO experience to help you turn SEO work into an exciting habit.

Every day, you’ll get about 3 New, High-Priority SEO Goals that you have to accomplish to optimize your website – complete with step-by-step instructions on how to get the job done.

Es casi como jugar a un juego.

¿Y el premio?

Better rankings and increased organic traffic to your site. Consistently.

» I had fun understanding what happens to my pages and posts. I had fun finding keywords and working with them inside the tool and the way squirrly teaches you what to improve is fantastic.»

I discovered things I never quite understood under seopress because you don’t tweak it. Results, I had a boost for 12 keywords on first page and 7 of them number 1 on google.

Jean-Pierre Michael (fuente de la recomendación: Facebook)

Aprende SEO mientras lo haces

Mientras que otros plugins SEO te dejan a tu aire, Squirrly tiene un fuerte componente educativo, que te ayuda a aprender mientras lo haces.

Utilizar Squirrly es como asistir a una clase magistral de SEO para principiantes con todas las herramientas SEO que necesitas para optimizar adecuadamente tu web.

No sólo estás realizando los movimientos, sino que también estás adquiriendo los conocimientos y la experiencia necesarios para convertirte en un experto en SEO a tu propio ritmo.

Recorriendo paso a paso las guías, tareas y sugerencias de Squirrly, los entresijos del SEO se te empezarán a mostrar cada vez más.

Con cada tarea que completes dentro del plugin WordPress SEO, realizarás progresos significativos a la vez que aprendes más acerca de cómo funciona el SEO, cómo optimizar y por qué es importante realizar determinadas acciones.

«Muy impresionado con Squirrly SEO. Después de haber utilizado varias aplicaciones y plataformas SEO en el pasado, Squirrly SEO destaca como una instalación obligatoria. Eliminaré Yoast e instalaré Squirrly SEO en todos mis sitios».

Aunque ofrece características avanzadas, Squirrly parece muy fácil de usar, incluso para quienes no tienen experiencia en SEO. Squirrly SEO es, con diferencia, la mejor que he visto.

La interfaz de usuario es limpia e informativa. Te educa mientras te guía a través de todos los aspectos y características que tendrás que abordar en tu web para obtener el máximo rendimiento SEO.

Simply turn red to green and your on your way to higher ranking.

Carlos Mandelaveitia (Director Creativo Sr @ DIVI MEDIA)

(testimonial source: Product Hunt)

Añade horas valiosas a tu semana

Using multiple SEO products scattered across tabs and spreadsheets doesn’t just cost you time. It also makes it harder to stay focused and advance with your SEO efforts.

Not working on the SEO tasks that will generate the highest impact, or worse, working on tasks that are no longer relevant to how search engines work today also cuts into your hours.

Con Squirrly, podrás:

  • Do it all in one place. Squirrly covers all your SEO optimization needs, eliminating the need to juggle with a bunch of different products.

  • No pierdas el tiempo averiguando qué herramientas debes utilizar para las distintas piezas del puzzle SEO. Todas las herramientas SEO de Squirrly funcionan como parte de un gran mecanismo de optimización SEO que está diseñado para mejorar tu posicionamiento.

  • Céntrate en las tareas que pondrán a tu sitio en el camino más rápido hacia la mejora de las clasificaciones.

Es decir: será más fácil optimizar toda tu web y obtener mejores resultados con menos tiempo invertido.

» Squirrly SEO is an AI-powered online marketing and SEO tool that finds the best opportunities for your business and delivers you high-quality backlinks, content suggestions, and website optimization tools to grow your online presence.»

It is the perfect choice for those who want to focus on achieving real business results and don’t have time to waste running around managing backlinks and content-related SEO activities.

With Squirrly SEO’s smart tool, you can finally kick the tires and drive away with business opportunities, traffic, and rankings.

You’ve worked hard to get the word out about your business. Now let Squirrly SEO do the heavy lifting and discover the most effective, the fastest path to success for your business online.

Robert Trif (Especialista en SEO | Fundador y CEO de BestSEO4u)

(testimonial source: AppSumo)

Innovative Features Powered by Proprietary Technology

Spending over 2 Million USD over the years allowed our engineers to build amazing proprietary technology for the Squirrly Company.
So, when you get Squirrly, you’re getting access to a set of unique features that help you optimize and that ONLY WE OFFER.

  • Keyword Research
  • SERP Checker Tools
  • Audit
  • la I.A.

all of them are built and hosted by Squirrly Limited << it’s our Intellectual Property.


✔Small business owners
✔Local businesses
✔Content creators
✔Marketing teams
✔anyone with a WordPress site

Adecuado para todos los niveles: tanto los expertos en SEO como los principiantes en SEO pueden utilizar correctamente Squirrly SEO para optimizar y obtener mejores clasificaciones.

  • Ability to configure Squirrly SEO for your level during onboarding;

  • Ability to switch between SEO beginner and Advanced Mode with a single click.

  • Desactiva SEO Avanzado para tener la versión simplificada de los ajustes, pensada para los no expertos en SEO. Al desactivarla, dejarás que nuestra IA seleccione los mejores ajustes posibles y coordine nuestras 650 características SEO para tu web.

  • Al activar el SEO Avanzado y retocando todos sus ajustes, puedes comenzar a personalizar la experiencia SEO para cada tipo particular de Post_Type dentro de tu sitio WordPress.

Cambia de automático a manual (afina y mira todo lo que hay bajo el capó – cambia todo en función de tus necesidades y preferencias).

WordPress SEO: All SEO Tools Included for Free

With a plethora of features to optimize and the option to test them out for free, giving Squirrly SEO a try is a risk-free option that will help you unlock SEO growth for your site.

The free SEO plugin is limited in terms of feature usage (volume-based usage), it doesn’t cut features.

  • Some features might be found in the Lite version, instead of PRO, Web Dev Kit, or Business version, but they aren’t cut off.

The Free SEO Plugin can easily be used together with Rank Math SEO, Yoast, SEOPress, SEO Framework, All in One and more, in compatibility mode.

O, como usuario, puedes decidir importar todos los ajustes de los otros plugins SEO y utilizar sólo Squirrly SEO en adelante. Es tu elección en función de cómo quieras optimizar y puedes utilizarlos como quieras.


Leading Experts in Marketing and SEO Recommend the Squirrly SEO Plugin:

  • Neil Patel
  • Brian Dean
  • Ann Handley
  • Ibrahim Evsan
  • Search Engine Watch
  • Search Engine Journal


  • Search Engine Watch
  • Search Engine Journal
  • QuickSprout
  • Backlinko
  • WP Engine
  • Business Insider
  • Kinsta
  • Elegant Themes
  • WP Mayor
  • Theme Expert
  • Tech Crunch
  • SEO Hacker
  • Forbes
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Innovation Labs
  • Delivering Happiness
  • Manage WP
  • Spotify
  • Gartner
  • EDB-GOV-Singapur

Directrices de uso de marca

SQUIRRLY® is a registered trademark of Squirrly Limited. When writing about the WordPress SEO plugin by Squirrly, please use the following format.

  • Squirrly SEO (correcto)
  • SEO by Squirrly (incorrecto)
  • SEO Squirrly (incorrecto)
  • Squirrel SEO (incorrecto)
  • Squirrely SEO (incorrecto)
  • Squirrelly SEO (incorrecto)
  • Squirly SEO (incorrecto)

¿Qué viene a continuación?

Si te gusta nuestro plugin de SEO de WordPress, plantéate echar un vistazo a nuestros otros proyectos:

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Frequently Asked Questions – Find answers to common questions about the Squirrly SEO plugin.

JourneyTeam – A Facebook group where members of our community can ask questions, share knowledge, and learn from one another as they progress on their SEO Journey.

Excellent Customer Support – even on the free plan. Our dedicated support team is ready to help you with all your technical issues or questions regarding the Squirrly SEO plugin, and can be reached by live chat (Facebook Messenger), email, and support form.


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Full List of Features. Complete feature list. Learn more about all SEO Tools within Squirrly SEO – the complete SEO plugin for WordPress.

We’ve truly made SEO Uncomplicated.

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  • Florin Muresan – CEO at Squirrly
  • Calin Vingan – CTO at Squirrly
  • Sorel Nagy – Developer
  • Andreea Leau – VP Marketing
  • Cristina Leau – Squirrly mascot designer
  • Alexandra Nicola – COO at Squirrly
  • Teodora Vingan – SEO Analyser
  • Irina Pogor – Content Writer
  • Ana Darstaru – Chief of Customer Service
  • Lucian Nertan – VP of Agency
  • Rares Papita – CHO


  • Ibrahim Evsan, serial entrepreneur, one of the best known bloggers in Germany
  • Philipp Kandal, co-Founder and CTO of Skobbler (recently acquired for $24M by Telenav)

Muchas gracias.


Squirrly es de uso gratuito. La versión del directorio WP instalará la versión gratuita.

Podrás utilizar este software SEO una vez que instales el plugin y utilices tu correo electrónico para conectarte a

For higher content marketing and SEO needs, you can check our Official Site and see what the PRO Plan offers.


  • Squirrly SEO - Next Goals
  • Squirrly SEO - Keyword Research
  • Squirrly SEO - Live Assistant
  • Squirrly SEO - Focus Pages
  • Squirrly SEO - Track SEO Performance
  • Squirrly SEO - SEO Audit
  • Squirrly SEO - SEO Briefcase



Check the visual presentation of the Installation Process step by step.

  1. Download the plugin from this Page (here on the WordPress Directory) or from our site.
  2. Accede a tu cuenta de administrador en tu sitio WordPress.
  3. Haz clic en «Plugins» en el menú de la izquierda.
  4. Ahora haz clic en «Añadir nuevo»
  5. En esta pestaña, haz clic en el botón «Subir plugin» de la parte superior.
  6. Sube el archivo «» haciendo clic en el botón «Elegir archivo».
  7. Haz clic en el botón «Instalar ahora».
  8. Después de que termine la subida, haz clic en «Activar» el plugin.
  9. Now enter your email and click «Sign Up»10.Done! Start getting Excellent SEO on WordPress11. You’ll start receiving email lessons to help you become a great content marketer. All for free.


  1. Haz clic en la pestaña «Plugins» del menú que aparece a la izquierda.
  2. Ahora haz clic en el botón «Añadir nuevo».
  3. En la esquina derecha escribe «Squirrly SEO» y pulsa intro para buscar.
  4. Haz clic en el botón «Instalar ahora» situado a continuación del plugin.
  5. After the Installation is done click «Activate».
    6.Now enter your email and click «Sign Up».
  6. ¡Listo! Empieza a obtener un SEO excelente en WordPress.
  7. You’ll start receiving email lessons to help you become a great content marketer. All for free.
    Type a keyword to the right of the screen and start using Squirrly Seo. Enjoy!


Can I use Squirrly together with Rank Math? Could I replace Rank Math altogether with Squirrly?

Sí, puedes utilizar Squirrly SEO junto con Rank Math si quieres, ya que Squirrly te permite desactivar ciertos ajustes o módulos para que Squirrly SEO y Rank Math puedan trabajar en modo de compatibilidad.

Si Squirrly deja de gestionar los cambios en el código fuente, entonces funciona con Rank Math, SEOpress, All In One SEO SEO, Yoast y otros. En cuanto a si podrías sustituir Rank Math por completo por Squirrly SEO, este gráfico enlazado a continuación te muestra una comparación en paralelo de Squirrly SEO frente a Rank Math.

Hay alrededor de 650 características en Squirrly SEO, la mayoría de las cuales no se pueden encontrar en Rank Math, dado que Rank Math no ofrece una dualidad entre plugin y servicios en la nube.

Can we import data from Rank Math into Squirrly SEO?

Sí, puedes importar fácilmente todos los ajustes y todas las optimizaciones de página realizadas con Rank Math, utilizando nuestras características de importación. Esto proporciona documentación paso a paso sobre cómo migrar tus datos desde Rank Math para que no pierdas tu optimización SEO anterior.

Are Focus Pages similar to Pillar Content in Rank Math?

You can search for “focus pages” on this page:

You will see there all that it offers. It is incredibly valuable for SEO and does everything required for SEO, unlike the pillar feature in Rank Math. It offers more than even Moz or Ahrefs does in terms of content analysis.

Side by side comparison: Squirrly SEO versus Rank Math

Powered by advanced cloud servers owned by the Squirrly Company, the MarketIntelligence big data analysis we do, and data sources like: Moz, Majestic, Alexa, Semrush, Google Analytics, ContentLook, crawlers owned by Squirrly: we are in a unique position that allows us to do in-depth content analysis and see each page the same way that Google’s algorithms see it.

How does Squirrly, marketing and marketshare wise, compete with SEOPress, Rank Math, All in One SEO?

We have been around since 2012 and we’ve validated over 17 products already with money paid by customers. There are few startups that could show the same results.

Obtén una respuesta más detallada aquí.

¿Se puede utilizar el plugin Squirrly SEO junto con Yoast, SEOPress, Rank Math, Premium SEO Pack, All in One SEO, SEO Framework?

Sí, puedes utilizar Squirrly SEO junto con otros plugins SEO como Yoast, Rank Math, SEO Press, Premium SEO Pack, All in One SEO o SEO Framework en modo de compatibilidad.

Puedes obtener más información acerca de cómo utilizar Squirrly SEO en modo de compatibilidad aquí.

If Squirrly stops handling source code changes, then it works with Rank Math, SEOpress, SEO Pressor, All in One SEO, Yoast, SEO Framework, and others.

Basically, you can use Squirrly SEO to power up WP on top of everything that is already handled by the other WordPress SEO plugin you’re using. Of course, you can also decide to switch to Squirrly, as it offers the complete SEO funnel.

Echa un vistazo a estos gráficos

para ver cómo se compara Squirrly con otros plugins SEO como Yoast, Rank Math, SEOPress, SEO Framework y All in One SEO.

How does Squirrly compare with plugins like SEO Framework, SEO Press, Rank Math, All in one SEO, or Yoast in terms of site speed and pagespeed?

La mayor parte del procesamiento, almacenamiento de datos y otras cosas que solo Squirrly SEO puede hacer, son en realidad cosas que ocurren en nuestros servidores en la nube. La dualidad entre el plugin y los servicios en la nube (APIs, rastreadores, big data, I.A., servicios de MarketIntelligence) nos permite cargar el código del plugin muy rápidamente.

La dualidad entre el plugin SEO y los servicios en la nube nos da una ventaja sobre otros plugins SEO de WordPress como SEO Framework, SEO Press, Rank Math, All in One SEO, Rank Math y Yoast.

Más acerca de esto aquí.

¿Squirrly SEO tiene una característica de redirección?

Yes, Squirrly does provide redirection functionality. Squirrly SEO has a 301 Redirect option. The 301 Redirection Option can now be found in All Snippets in the Visibility section of Squirrly SEO.

Snippets in All Snippet – Bulk SEO
Snippet when Editing Page
Snippet on the Front-End

Es una nueva forma de hacer redirecciones y complementa nuestra característica de redirección automática.

Is there a Way to Remove the no-index Pages from the XML Sitemap?

Yes, you can use Squirrly SEO to remove the no-index pages from the XML sitemap.

You can do this by post type using the SEO Settings > Automation functionality. Simply select the post type and switch off: “Include In XML Sitemap”.

More details about how to remove no-index pages from the XML sitemap can be seen here.

Or you can remove the no-index pages from the xml sitemap at an URL level by editing the SEO Snippet and then selecting “Visibility”.

More details about this xml sitemap option can be seen here.

Does WordPress SEO Plugin by Squirrly Have an Option for submitting new URLs to Google Search Console to be Indexed?

Yes, Squirrly has an option that helps with submitting new URLs to Google Search Console, namely the: Ping New Posts to Search Engine option.

Más detalles acerca de esto aquí.

What Special Features Does SEO Plugin by Squirrly Offer for Local SEO?

Squirrly provides Schema for Local Business. Coordinates, hours, menus, etc. are available. You can learn more about this here.

Meta Data for GEO and Location – Especially helpful for Local SEO and Knowledge Graph

Add Coordinates for Local SEO and add the address of your main location.
This will be used for your Organization and for Publisher details within your WordPress site.

Schema for Local SEO can now be built directly from WordPress – Squirrly – SEO Settings – JSON-LD.

For multiple locations, you can build the Schema using the Editor we give access to and the Custom Code option for Schema.

We’ve even added KML files recently so you can easily add your local business to Google Earth and our integration actually works.

¿Qué características dedicadas ofrece Squirrly para webs de noticias?

  • Build XML Sitemap for Google News (you can learn more about this here)
  • XML Sitemap Settings: Blogging Frequency. You have the option to select Every Day as your blogging frequency or even Every Hour.
  • Ping New Posts to Search Engines. Pinging is a process by which Squirrly SEO can notify search engines that your xml sitemap has been updated.
  • Open Graph Type for Google News – NewsArticle
  • Schema for Google News

Con Squirrly, ¿se pueden utilizar imágenes específicas para compartir páginas y entradas en los medios sociales?

Sí, puedes personalizar la imagen de Open Graph y Twitter Card para cada página y entrada utilizando Bulk SEO o el snippet de Squirrly SEO.

Puedes obtener más información acerca de estas características aquí.

How is Squirrly Addressing the Core Web Vitals SEO Scoring Method?

Squirrly is addressing them with Focus Pages.

Page experience has been one of the main reasons we’ve created Focus Pages and it goes a little beyond just pagespeed and coding propriety.

Time on page, bounce rates, number of pages visited are also very important and we’re getting clear signals that their importance is shifting.

We already address pagespeed and https and give resources to our users, so they are prepared for the update.

What is the advantage of using Squirrly’s keyword research tool instead of using an external tool for this?

Squirrly’s built-in keyword research tool allows you to perform keyword research without leaving WordPress.

Furthermore, Squirrly also provides access to features like Briefcase, which means you can not only find keywords but also organize them into tighter groups for a better strategy. Furthermore, our keyword research data is fresh, since we don’t use caching (cached databases).

El tiempo máximo de almacenamiento en caché es de unas 48 horas, no de un año entero o dos años como encuentras en otras herramientas.

As we use Google API for search volume, Social Media for discussions, the data should be fresh every time and this is why it is different from others – and also why the data we show is different from what you may find in other keyword research tools who use caching for their data. (caching time can be extremely high for some of those tools).

Can you guarantee SEO results?

Si sigues lo que indicamos aquí, entonces sí. Te lo garantizamos (por favor, lee el siguiente recurso):

Why is Squirrly Keyword Research better than Google Keyword Planner for SEO strategies?

Porque nuestra herramienta se centra en la información que necesitas para posicionarte mejor en Google, no para que tus anuncios lleguen a más gente. Google Keyword Planner es una gran herramienta de investigación si estás creando campañas de Adwords. Para SEO es mejor nuestra herramienta generadora de palabras clave.

No puedo acceder al WordPress con mi usuario. Aparece el mensaje «Se ha producido un error». ¿Qué puedo hacer?

I see that your host server is not letting you access our remote API.
Please tell your webmaster to add the IPs and in the white-list for remote access and it should work.

100% green in Squirrly Live Assistant but I’m not getting traffic yet

A veces recibimos correos electrónicos con esta pregunta y quiero ayudar a todo el mundo a tener la imagen correcta de Squirrly Live Assistance. El artículo de abajo responde en detalle a esta pregunta.


29 de noviembre de 2023
For the past three years, I've been utilizing RankMath without encountering any problems. It has significantly enhanced my websites, to the extent that I believed there was no room for further improvement. I was wrong! After giving Squirrly SEO a try on one of my sites, I soon discovered that it offers far more features than any other software, such as RankMath or Yoast. The support I received during the transition from RankMath to Squirrly SEO was exceptional, making the switch even more seamless.
14 de noviembre de 2023
I've been using Squirrly for 4 years. I'm not a seasoned IT specialist, just a novice user. The plugin is great. I'd tried others but they didn't produce the results. Squirrly boosted our non-profits site almost immediately. They also provide exceptional service. If you have an issue they will reach out and help you solve it. I highly recommend this company.
9 de noviembre de 2023
Great plugin and great purchase. I have been using WordPress for many years and have always used different plugins for SEO and was not aware of Squirrly. I was loyal to another SEO plugin, but after finding the offer on AppSumo and trying it on several of my sites, I must say that it is a complete and easy-to-use plugin. I use it on English, Spanish, and Italian websites. The Italian side still needs to improve a bit because sometimes it takes keywords that make little sense, but the simplicity of inserting links within the article and recommended anchors speeds up my work, especially on some of my sites self-managed by artificial intelligence. Definitely a plugin not to be missed.
9 de noviembre de 2023
If you’ve ever struggled getting pages to rank, this tool will surprise you. I’ve been using other SEO tools for years, and I’m glad I found Squirrly. My sites have been moving up the rankings since I’ve employed Squirrly SEO actionable insights. Looking forward to seeing the progress this team makes on this invaluable tool.
9 de noviembre de 2023
Squirrly SEO is a breath of fresh air in the world of SEO plug-ins. Its user-friendliness levels the playing field, ensuring that anyone can optimize their website, regardless of their SEO knowledge.
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Compatible with WP 6.4.1
Update – Integrated the SEO Automation with Polylang and WPML for each Post Type
Fixed – Canonical link on Polylang and WPML for the Home Page
Fixed – Post Title in Focus Pages and Audits when the Feature Image is set


Compatible with WP 6.4 & PHP 8.3
Update – Language support on WPML when website language different from user language
Fixed – Local posts/custom posts search on Inner Links
Fixed – Compatibility with Frontend Builders when used in Third Party plugins/themes
Fixed – Bulk action on Briefcase when adding labels to keywords
Fixed – Bulk action on Briefcase when sending keywords to rankings
Fixed – Patterns warning when postmeta value is not string
Fixed – Compatibility with WPML when adding Rich Snippets for {search_term_string} param on WebPage Schema


Fixed – Local posts/custom posts search and pagination in Squirrly Live Assistant
Fixed – Silent installation of Advanced SEO Pack on websites with WPML
Fixed – Show original posts title when searching in Focus Pages and Audits Pages
Fixed – Language option in keyword research to find keywords in a specific language for a specific country


Update – Added the language option in keyword research to find keywords in a specific language for a specific country
Update – Added the option to add custom post meta title, description and keywords _sq_title, _sq_description, _sq_keywords
Update – Search on SLA for extra posts
Update – Jsonld compatibility with woocommerce products with variables
Update – Added the custom fields pattern in Squirrly for sanitized fields in postmeta like {{customfield(field_name)}} & {{customfields(array_key|array_value)}}
Update – Added the caching option in Sitemap XML for faster loading and saving server resources
Update – Show keywords from other SEO plugins in SLA and Post List if there are none set in Squirrly SEO
Fixed – Set NoWrap on table columns with numbers


Fixed – Show the custom JsonLd code if already set in Squirrly SEO Snippet
Update – Add Patterns support for customfield data like {{customfield(field_name)}}
Update – Automation to load the reusable schema from Advanced SEO Pack
Update – Show connect tool on Connect Tools as it needs Google Auth
Update – Add Company URL in Rich Snippets
Update – Better URL detection on Archives, Custom Post Type taxonomy
Fixed – Hide the Squirrly SEO Snippet close button on categories and tags to avoid folding the snippet
Fixed – Plugin typos
Fixed – Customer support phone details in Rich Snippets
Fixed – Loading dependency with jQuery on resources
Fixed – Change the twitter icon with X twitter
Fixed – Pagination links on table pages for the first page and previous page


Fixed – Security and Vulnerability issue on pagination in Focus Pages > Inner Links.
Fixed – Squirrly SEO Snippet visibility error when post type was not added in Automation
Fixed – Remove db table alter on plugin load
Fixed – View layout and typos
Fixed – Don’t show image width and height on Advanced Rich Snippets when can’t load them
Fixed – Multiple URLs submit issue on IndexNow feature
Update – The option to load add image width and height in Advanced Rich Snippets


Update – Metas, Open Graph, Twitter Card, Rich Snippets, layout in SEO Snippet section
Update – Inner Links suggestions to load when suggestions are found on server
Update – Added support for sq_question and sq_answer classes to automatically add them in FAQ Rich Snippet
Fixed – Increased the loading speed on Briefcase, Suggestions, History, Labels, Rankings
Fixed – Switch on/off SEO on Automation to work better
Fixed – Compatibility with Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP showing query error


Update – Add related questions to Research > Suggestions with the option to write focus page related articles
Update – Add the option to add Inner Link directly from Research > Suggestions for the optimized articles
Update – Add the suggested keywords found by the Cloud in Inner Links section
Update – Security on Inner Links section
Fixed – Bugs and Types


Update – More bugs fixed and competibility with Squirrly SEO – Advanced Pack


New – Inner Links feature available in Squirrly SEO > Focus Pages
New – Redirects feature available in Squirrly SEO – Advanced Pack
New – 404 Monitoring feature available in Squirrly SEO – Advanced Pack
New – Custom Schemas feature available in Squirrly SEO – Advanced Pack
New – Advanced Rich Snippets feature available in Squirrly SEO – Advanced Pack
Update – Added the option to insert custom inner links based on keywords
Update – Added the option Inner Links for custom nofollow & open in new tab
Update – Added the option to create DevKit packages in Squirrly Cloud for DevKit accounts
Update – Compatibility with Divi theme when header templates are created
Update – Added the option to install Squirrly SEO – Advanced Pack plugin for Redirects, 404 Monitoring, Custom JsonLD Schemas, Rich Snippets
Fixed – Small Bugs

12.3.01 – 08/14/2023

Update – Compatibility with WP 6.3
Update – Added API calls for Innerlinks and Contextual Keywords with links
Fix – Reset the SLA box position when is outside the window. Firefox compatibility.

12.2.04 – 08/07/2023

Update – Remove twitter support from SLA for the moment
Update – Automation types based on Ecommerce website
Update – Frontend snippet for tags, categories and taxes
Update – The onboarding video
Update – Compatibility with Polylang and the tags
Fix – Set the home URL when the URL is missing from post
Fix – Loading of Squirrly SEO Live Assistant based of dependencies
Fix – Api call on inner links to avoid long DB queries
Fix – Handle the styles and scripts differently for more compatibility with other plugins
Fix – Sitemap URL validation to not allow cloud URLs
Fix – Woocommerce offer expire date in Schema

12.2.03 – 05/22/2023

Update – Compatibility with WP 6.2.2
Fixed – Frontend SLA for Divi & Zion Builder

12.2.02 – 05/17/2023

Update – Compatibility with WP 6.2.1
Update – New Snippet layout using hooks for each section
Update – Loading CSS and JS function to load js dependencies in frontend
Update – Compatibility with Beaver Builder
Update – JsonLD schema autodetects video schema on post/page
Update – Added more countries and languages on Google Ranking section
Fixed – z-index style of Media Library for Frontend editor
Fixed – Show notifications in Squirrly SEO when limits are reached
Fixed – Country ranking check issue for countries with Google prefix «com.» & «co.»

12.2.01 – 04/24/2023

Update – Compatibility with Polylang & TranslatePress plugins
Update – Frontend SLA to work better with Media Library and detect the Title in Elementor when a text is changed in H1
Update – Search post query in Squirrly SEO Focus Pages, Bulk SEO and SEO Audits to work with the Theme Incubator
Fixed – Sitemap to load the archive on post type when the category archive is not added in the sitemap
Fixed – Sitemap to not include data:image from post contents
Fixed – Feedback & Cloud Disconnect option on uninstall
Fixed – Frontend SLA for Thrive plugin javascript warning
Fixed – Add language slug on home url for TranslatePress plugin
Fixed – Prevent showing the white space at the beginning of the sitemap
Fixed – Show Rich Snippets Profile info on Dublin Core and OG when it’s selected as global showing in settings
Fixed – Crawler server to load the website faster
Fixed – UI small bugs

12.1.23 – 04/04/2023

Update – Add SLA in Beaver Builder frontend
Update – Add the AI Assistant info in Squirrly > Overview
Update – Focus Page notification when a page does not exist
Update – Fixed SEO import error from Yoast plugin
Update – Fixed UI style

12.1.22 – 03/27/2023

Update – Improve the daily SERP Checker service
Update – Increased plugin security & compatibility with PHP 8.2
Update – Add the filter in Briefcase to show the keywords without labels
Update – Frontent buffer loading for compatibility with other SEO plugins
Fixed – Briefcase keywords encoding in SLA for better identification
Fixed – Remove the space in Squirrly Sitemap and increased compatibility with other plugins and themes
Fixed – Update the plugin language based on WordPress user language

12.1.21 – 02/28/2023

Update – Add disconnect option in Squirrly SEO plugin for logged accounts
Update – Add the option to add No Follow and Sponsored to any link in the Classic and Block Editor
Update – Add the option to add No Follow and Sponsored to any link in Elementor editor
Update – Focus Pages to show the correct notification with the nofollow outbound links
Update – Connect GSC and GA buttons in Focus Pages to go to the Connect Tools page and check the connections
Update – Google News link with the updated Google News location
Update – SLA for Thrive Architect
Fixed – Sitemap to not show the error on news sitemap
Fixed – Snippet redirect for deleted posts
Fixed – Search page to prevent PHP error when the post is not detected
Fixed – Remove duplicates from Sitemap Categories
Fixed – Initiate the Title and Description in Frontend for all builders
Fixed – Better custom post type detection in frontend

12.1.20 – 02/09/2023

  • Update – API Call parameters when multiple URLs are sent with Indexnow
  • Update – add sitemap_index.xml in sitemap to match the other SEO plugins sitemaps
  • Fixed – Sanitization to exclude shortcodes from Title and Descritpion when the chars [ & ] are present
  • Fixed – SLA Frontend to better detect the Title and Description changes in builders
  • Fixed – Post update on Cloud when the post is saved on WordPress

12.1.19 – 02/01/2023

  • Update – Add Google Indexing API (if GSC is connected) in IndexNow and submit the URL to Bing, Google and IndexNow
  • Fixed – Bulk SEO to show all Posts and Pages
  • Fixed – Load the Archive Sitemap based on Automation settings
  • Fixed – Sanitization to allow chars like [ & ] in the title and description

12.1.18 – 01/30/2023

  • Update – Compatibility with PHP 8.1,8.2
  • Update – Added the the IndexNow feature
  • Fixed – UI in Keyword Research
  • Fixed – Loading the homepage search in Bulk SEO
  • Fixed – Briefcase Keywords encoded non-breaking space
  • Fixed – Live Assistant more images loading issue

12.1.17 – 01/09/2023

  • Update – META tags for Open Graph
  • Fixed – Small compatibility bugs

12.1.15 – 12/21/2022

  • Update – Change the plugin toolbar & notification bar to load the view correctly.
  • Update – The URL token to be assign on connection to Cloud.
  • Update – The CSS and JS loading time to work well with builders
  • Update – Add the Video option in Squirrly Automation for Products
  • Update – Add the County field for UK and US in Rich Snippets
  • Fixed – Improve the cached pages when crawled by Squirrly SEO crawlers
  • Fixed – Ranking link in Briefcase
  • Fixed – Muiltilanguage WPML sitemap to avoid duplicate language URLs

12.1.14 – 11/29/2022

  • Fixed – Audit compare tasks popups to show the exact data from each audit
  • Fixed – Removed Google Fonts and replace with the local Noto Sans fonts
  • Fixed – Squirrly logo to appear more clear in the settings and SLA
  • Fixed – URL search in Add New Audit Page and Add New Focus Page
  • Fixed – Search timeout in Add New Audit Page and Add New Focus Page
  • Fixed – Keyword Research timeout improve

12.1.13 – 10/26/2022

  • Update – Added compatibility with WP 6.1
  • Fixed – Fixed the 404 redirect when no default URL is given
  • Fixed – Update the RoleManager.php to load only on plugin activation to allow the posibility to change the capabilities in user roles
  • Fixed – Correct the frontend buffer to work with other plugins better

12.1.12 – 09/30/2022

  • Update – Added the option to send any post type from Automation to Google News sitemap
  • Update – Added the Semrush Ranking score in SEO Audit
  • Update – Added new hook «sq_post_images» when receiving the images for social media snippet
  • Update – Added new hook «sq_post_videos» when receiving the videos for social media snippet
  • Update – SLA to check the reusable divs in the posts/pages
  • Update – Frontend SLA script for Bricks Builder
  • Update – Inner links counting in Focus Pages
  • Fixed – Wrong number of params when calling loadMedia function
  • Fixed – Broken help URL
  • Fixed – Remove Alexa Code as the service is not available anymore
  • Fixed – Show the correct notification text when requesting a new SEO Audit after an hour
  • Fixed – Increase security and remove unused functions from older version of Squirrly SEO
  • Fixed – Don’t show tasks in Assistant for inactive features
  • Fixed – Focus Pages > SEO image to check only the filename and not the image path
  • Fixed – UnitPriceSpecification in JsonLD for Woocommerce products
  • Fixed – Sitemap to not include relative redirected URLs that are not valid
  • Fixed – Ranking to not show duplicare URLs
  • Fixed – Update the Google News to take the last 2 days from each post type included in the feed as requested

12.1.11 – 08/12/2022

Update – SLA compatibility with Zion Builder
Update – SLA compatibility with WPBakery Page Builder
Update – Style for the Sitemap News using sitemapnews.xsl
Update – SEO Audits page to show the number of pages present in the audit
Fix – load SEO metas late on AMP pages for compatibility with AMP plugins
Fix – Don’t load SEO Snippet on frontend when AMP is detected to avoid compatibility error with AMP plugin
Fix – Make sure the keywords from briefcase are shown correctly in research, history and suggested page

12.1.10 – 07/25/2022

Update – SLA compatibility with Bricks Website Builder
Update – SLA compatibility with Thrive Architect
Fix – DevKit import to prevent deactivate it
Fix – Small bugs in Sitemap XML and JSON-LD
Fix – Load Squirrly METAs later when Late Load Buffer is on for compatibility with Header & Footer plugin and AMP plugin
Fix – Added Kenya on the Ranking list
Fix – Don’t remove duplicate line in robots.txt custom records
Fix – Don’t encode the separator from title and description

12.1.09 – 07/15/2022

Update – SLA compatibility with Divi Builder
Update – SLA compatibility with Thrive Architect
Update – Focus Page SEO Image to detect keywords with special chars
Fix – Warning: Undefined array key «media» in DisplayController.php on line 74
Fix – Translation error on frech language on Focus Pages
Fix – Importing emoticons from other SEO plugins on utf8 tabel encoding
Fix – SEO Audit for detecting the twitter card and OG with more accuracy for non WordPress websites

12.1.07 – 06/23/2022

Update – Show Frontend SLA option in Squirrly > Live Assistant > Settings for SEO Experts when a builder is not installed
Update – SLA with Divi Builder load sequence
Update – SLA with Oxygen load sequence
Update – SLA for the keyword percent div
Fix – Showing different URL in Bulk SEO for OG & Twitter
Fix – Blank screen error on Post Editor for some websites
Fix typos in SLA

12.1.06 – 06/16/2022

Update – Add Live Assistant support for Oxygen Builder on frontend
Update – Add Live Assistant support for Divi Builder on frontend
Fix – Live Assistant on frontend to show the number of keywords when a keyword highlighted in SLA
Fix – Live Assistant on frontend to load only after the builder preloading is closed
Fix – Add the Live Assistant when no meta-box-order is present in the DB
Fix – Fixed PHP warning when missing meta-box-order_ line from usermeta table
Fix – Woocommerce Compatibility on Variable Products
Fix – Show the Free account in Account Info
Fix – Show the Account limits from full to empty
Fix – Update the ‘sq_menu’ hoot to get the current menu name
Fix – Live Assistant floating box to show correctly on WordPress 6.0
Fix – Reduce the status update of the trashed posts to API
Fix – Show error message on SLA when not connected to Cloud

12.1.04 – 05/24/2022

Update – The JSON-LD compatibility with Woocommerce on Products variant prices
Update – Live Assistant layout for both floating and integrated version
Update – Compatibility WP adminify plugin
Fixed – SEO Links – External Nofollow Link Exception
Fixed – SEO Automation – Add the post type in automation issue
Fixed – PHP Warnings in Automation and JSON-LD when some features are not yet activated
Fixed – Removed unused libraries from Live Assistant
Fixed – Small Bugs

12.1.03 – 05/19/2022

Update – Live Assistant for integrated version & added the SLA integrate option in Live Assistant > Settings
Fix – RTL CSS for Live Assistant and SEO Configuration
Fix – Update the compatibility with JetPack
Fix – DevKit instalation to load the correct custom logo
Fix – Prevent PHP Notifications in SEO Snippet
Fix – Prevent double border when SEO Automation is activated
Fix – Fixed the save process in SEO Automation to not show error message
Fix – Add the comparison images when other SEO plugins are activated
Fix – Update the tasks from Next SEO Goals
Fix – Update the Briefcase and Ranking Tables to select the number of rows to show

12.1.01 – 05/17/2022

Fix – Show Squirrly logo in Page Editor toolbar to open/close Squirrly Live Assistant
Fix – Dev Kit install on plugin activation
Fix – Small bugs

12.1.00 – 05/16/2022

Update – Compatibility with WordPress 6.0
Update – New Animated Tooltip that teaches users how to use Red and Green elements inside the Focus Pages and the Bulk SEO sections of Squirrly
Update – Optimized for mobile
Update – DEMO Post has been removed. This was meant to help users learn how to use the SEO Live Assistant, but we chose to remove the demo post due to users publishing it by mistake.
Update – New One Page Setup experience that helps users get pages, keywords and data inside many important sections of Squirrly SEO, so that everything becomes easier for the user.
Update – New field completion sequences, to make sure that at the end of One Page Setup, a user has all the info placed in their site, according to the specifications they make.
Update – New field selections in on-boarding according to USER LEVEL and the selected options.
Update – Option to Delete Suggested Keywords from the Keyword Research Assistant
Update – Keyword Research Results section changes to highlight the very easy to rank first
Update – New and Better Filters for Red Elements Inside Focus Pages and Bulk SEO
Update – Reset Day presented in the user profile info inside the plugin, for users to know when limit refresh happens
Update – New graphics for In-plugin Custom Learning Materials Suggestions
Update – New side navigation bar to make it easier and faster for users to move from one section/feature to another.
Update – New SEO expert and SEO beginner modes allowing users to easily switch from beginner mode (designed for non-SEO Experts) to expert mode (best for experienced SEOs).
Update – Changes to the lessons from the 14 Days Journey to Better Ranking
Update – Changes to the tasks visible in the Next SEO Goals section
Update – Changes to the tasks highlighted by the Settings Assistant (aka Squirrly Genius)
Update – Changes to the grouping of SEO Settings, to make it easier to navigate and set up
Update – New experience of using the SEO Live Assistant and the Blogging Assistant
Update – Changes to keyword research steps
Update – Changes to the experience of using the Keyword Research Tool
Update – New navigational elements indicating the location of the user within the plugin
Update – Clearer display of plan limits
Update – Changes to All Features section
Update – New in-plugin Custom Suggestions for Learning Materials (relevant for every section of the plugin)
Update – New custom tips and tricks panel for different sections of the plugin to help you make the most out of every feature from Squirrly SEO.
Update – Re-written the Advanced Mode completely (now the Expert Mode)
Update – Clearer NO Configurations zone and clearer ways to make Squirrly SEO go to compatibility mode
Update – Re-written on-boarding system, based on user choices and more control to the users.
Update – Changes to the Squirrly Genius digital assistant from Squirrly
Update – Re-Written SEO Settings
Update – Re-Written SEO Automations
Update – Better Navigation Elements across all sections
Update – New Navigation Menus in all the platform
Update – New UX for Pop-UPS and Next SEO Goals tasks
Update – Better Bulk Operation Features in Research, Rankings, Focus Pages, etc
Update – Better UX for Blogging Assistant and all sub-tools of Blogging Assistant
Update – Changing Settings Assistant by Squirrly to different Mastery Tasks handlers
Update – Better Cloud Account UX and In-Plugin Account UX
Update – Sitemap now gets created separately for each post type
Update – Added Pagination to Custom Post Types (to Sitemaps that have Custom Post Types)
Fix – Don’t show the Manual GSC Indexability in Next SEO Goals if the Focus Page is already indexed
Fix – Important security update
Fix – getView error for the deprecated function
Fix – Woocommerce compatibility & Rich Snippets

11.1.11 – 01/25/2022

Update – Add the IP Anonymization (or IP masking) in Google Analytics
Fix – Dev Kit update to work with WP Multisite
Fix – AMP updates and fixes
Fix – Focus Pages > SEO Image update identification
Fix – Import keywords in briefcase
Fix – Sanitize all search params in squirrly seo

11.1.10 – 10/22/2021

Update – Focus Page crawlers to simulate a browser when checking a page and avoid blockings
Update – Compatibility with Elementor on Frontend Live Assistant
Fix – Woocommerce Product missing Person detail on review
Fix – Compatibility with the last version of Woocommerce
Fix – Percent wrapping in Squirrly Live Assistant Briefcase
Fix – Facebook Share Count in Focus Pages

11.1.09 – 09/13/2021

Update – Compatibility with WP 5.8.1
Fix – Google Analytics & Google Search Console connections when the URL can’t be identified
Fix – Category SEO Snippet in frontent to not show the first post

11.1.08 – 09/06/2021

Update – Compatibility with Oxygen Plugin when the Current Post is not loaded correctly on init
Update – Compatibility with TranslatePress plugin to load all translations correctly
Update – Show the GA tracking code on Property list
Update – Compatibility with Squirrly – No Categories plugin to hide Category Base for Woocommerce
Fix – Save when empty fields are added for UPC, GTIN, MPN fields in Woocommerce
Fix – Update the Connect To Cloud option on plugin activation process
Fix – Error setPost missing in SEO Snippet & Bulk SEO
Fix – Hide the Account Info only when Dev Kit specification for Dev Kit support

11.1.07 – 08/05/2021

Update – Added compatibility with UiPress plugin
Update – Add Google Analytics property option select in Squirrly SEO plugin
Update – Added the mark for frontend Elementor editor
Update – Compatibility with WP 5.8
Fix – Author URL warning in the profile page
Fix – Remove Noindex and Nofollow for empty terms as it doesn’t work on all situations. Will be added as a plugin option on the new UX.

11.1.06 – 07/13/2021

Update – Compatibility with Divi and Fusion plugins
Update – Update Readme file and plugin description
Update – Remove access from Squirrly Research and Bulk SEO if the user doesn’t have enough capabilities
Update – Add the option to not load the Live Assistant or Snippet when: add_filter(‘sq_load_snippet’, function(){ return false; });
Update – Connect the Cloud and the website by token to avoid optimization loss when the domain name is changed
Update – Removed the Trending Column as we can’t support that anymore
Update – Added compatibility with Swis Performance plugin
Update – Compatibility with Deep PRO plugin
Update – Check the DevKit subscription every time the plugin connects to Squirrly Cloud
Update – Force the Sitemap to load faster

11.1.05 – 06/22/2021

Update – Compatibility with Oxygen Gutenberg plugin
Update – Let Visibility setup in SEO Snippet while WordPress is in «Discourage Search Engines from Indexing this Site»
Update – Remove the Memory Limit option in Squirrly SEO
Update – Automatically add ‘noindex’ to empty Tags and Categories
Update – Added option to exclude from Sitemap the noindex pages
Update – Added new Social button patterns in SEO Audit to identify Social Share buttons
Fix – Word count in Focus Pages for some Page Builders like Divi, WP Bakery
Fix – Timeout while doing Keywords backup from Briefcase
Fix – Prevent Posts and Pages duplicate in Sitemap XML while WPML plugin is active
Fix – Correct the Categories SEO Import from Rank Math
Fix – Hide Features from All Features when they are deactivated in Dev Kit
Fix – Slug change support for Quick Edit while in Post List
Fix – Remove the error count notification when the Next SEO Goals are hidden
Fix – Pattern replace with case insensitive {{Title}} = {{title}}

11.1.04 – 05/27/2021

Update – Add the Multilingual Support option for non UTF8 encodings
Update – Compatibility with Weglot plugin
Update – Archive patterns and Custom Post Types Archive in SEO Automation
Fix – Canonical Link for the blog page when pagination is on
Fix – SEO Snippet PHP warning when JSON-LD is not loaded for the post type
Fix – SEO Snippet data update when LIVE Assistant is not loaded on a post type
Fix – Product Custom Fields update when LIVE Assistant is not loaded on a post type
Fix – Remove the auto setup for SEO Links on onboarding
Fix – Set the Article and NewArticle Schema Headline correctly

11.1.03 – 05/06/2021

Update – Do not track the traffic for Squirrly crawlers
Update – Add in Dev Kit the options to hide the Research, All Snippets, Live Assistant menu items
Update – Integrate Focus Pages with the SEO Links domain exception in the Outbound nofollow links report
Update – Compatibility between Live Assistant & Thrive Architect
Fix – Add a patch for the Oxygen builder to not show 500 error when editing the templates
Fix – Web Dev Kit to work with the Wp Mutisite for the custom plugin name
Fix – Fixed JSON-LD compatibility with the lastest version of WooCommerce

11.1.02 – 04/30/2021

Update – Add the option to import the SEO Snippets from SEO Press (Patterns, SEO METAs, Open Graph, Twitter Card, 301 Redirects, Noindex)
Update – Add the option to import the Settings from SEO Press (Social Media, JSON-LD, Webmasters)
Update – Add the option to import the SEO Snippets from Rank Math (Patterns, SEO METAs, Open Graph, Twitter Card, Noindex)
Update – Add the option to import the Settings from Rank Math (Social Media, JSON-LD, Webmasters)
Update – Add the option to import the SEO Snippets from SEO FrameWork (SEO METAs, Open Graph, Twitter Card, 301 Redirects, Noindex)
Update – Add the option to import the SEO Snippets from All In One SEO (Patterns, SEO METAs, Open Graph, Twitter Card, Noindex, Nofollow)
Update – Add the option to import the Settings from All In One SEO (Social Media, JSON-LD, Webmasters)
Update – Added import for Profiles & Archives from Yoast SEO plugin
Update – Added the option to import the WooCommerce SEO from Yoast SEO
Update – Added the option to import the JSON-LD from Yoast SEO
Update – Added default Open Graph Image for URLs without Feature Image
Update – Added default Twitter Card Image for URLs without Twitter Card Image
Update – Show Primary Category option in JSON-LD only when there are multiple categories selected for a Post/Page
Update – Breadcrumbs for WooCommerce Post, Products & Custom Posts to get the primary chosen category
Update – Added MPN, ISBN, EAN (GTIN-13), UPC (GTIN-12), GTIN option for WooCommerce Products
Update – Load the JSON-LD for each WooCommerce product custom field
Update – Added Brands select for WooCommerce Products
Update – Added the Slovenia country in Google Rankings > Settings
Update – Compatibility with BuddyPress plugin for User Activity page
Update – Added the 301 Redirect option in SEO Snippet
Update – Added Patterns support for double and single delimiter like %%title%% and %title% if importing from other SEO Plugins
Update – Added 2 new patterns for the Products: {{product_price_with_tax}} {{product_brand}}
Update – Added the patterns {{plural}} and {{single}} for the Custom post Type label
Updated – Open Graph Support for the WooCommerce products
Update – Compatibility with ACF plugin to add a custom video URL in sitemap by using the field _sq_video
Update – Video Schema in JSON-LD to work with embed video or the ACF _sq_video field
Update – Added archive for custom post type in SEO Automation
Update – Add compatibility with Oxygen plugin to check the content optimization in backend
Update – Add URL identification for German language e.g. für => fuer
Update – Added the default redirect URL in SEO Automation > 404 to redirect the broken URLs when no valid permalink is found
Update – Make Squirrly highlight the text in WP Bakery, Elementor, Block Editor when using Live Assistant
Fixed – Add the product sitemap in robots.txt when Ecommerce is detected
Fixed – Layouts in Squirrly SEO Settings for tiny windows
Fixed – SLA to remany minimized when no keyword is entered yet
Fixed – Show Custom Company logo and name for Web Dev Kit in Menu and Admin Toolbar
Fixed – Show Custom Company logo for the Live Assistant and SEO Snippet
Fixed – Download remote images multiple times into Media File from Squirrly Bloggin Assistant
Fixed – Show correct value format in Rankings for Share Counts
Fixed – Sitemap pagination limit for custom post type to show all the posts and not only a part of them
Fixed – Load $wp_filesystem through WordPress function
Fixed – Don’t call the post save hook if the Live Assistant is not loading for that Post Type
Fixed – Corrected the JsonLD priceValidUntil markup to reflect the offer price
Fixed – Keywords backup limit from Briefcase to backup all the Briefcase keywords
Fixed – current_user_can when an user has multiple roles with different capabilities and limits
Fixed – Compatibility with Oxygen Builder to not load Squirrly METAs while editing with Oxygen Bulder
Fixed – JSON places markup to not show for the Organization
Fixed – Markup servesCuisine to include multiple cuisine types when separated with comma in JSON-LD Local SEO
Fixed – «Warning: Constants may only evaluate to scalar values in SQ_ACTIONS»

11.1.01 – 04/04/2021

Update – Added the option to reactivate the ignored success messages
Update – Make the Local SEO feature more visible while active
Update – Add the KML download option in GEO Settings
Update – Add more infos about the Sitemap XML for each post type
Update – Knowledge base based on each section
Fixed – Corrected the KML file for Local SEO
Fixed – Show all keywords link in Briefcase if no keyword is found on search

11.1.00 – 03/29/2021

Update – Added SEO Links feature in Squirrly SEO
Update – Improved UI for Squirrly SEO Settings
Update – Added All Features categories in Squirrly with the option to activate/deactivate features
Update – Make Woocommerce Products Categories and Woocommerce Products Tags more evident in SEO Automation
Update – Add help sections in all Squirrly SEO setting pages
Update – Load Facebook Pixel events for Woocommerce last version
Update – Add the option to change the main keyword in Focus Page
Update – Load the Dev Kit option in Squirrly SEO
Fixed – Improve UX and Support for each Squirrly feature
Fixed – Post Type default search for Focus Pages and Audit Pages
Fixed – Post Type default search for Bulk SEO to include drafts
Fixed – Don’t load Assistant columns if the assistant is disabled for a post type
Fixed – Improve UX in Audits and Focus Pages
Fixed – Visibility status in Focus Pages

11.0.04 – 03/08/2021

Update – Add Json-LD types for Automation and Snippet
Update – Add new data in Json-LD Organizaztion like: Geo Location, Address, Country
Update – Option in Json-LD to force the Json-LD author/person in all pages
Update – Add Device Option (desktop, tablet, mobile) for Google Ranking check for each keyword
Update – Add Google Language option on Ranking check for each keyword
Fixed – Keyword Research javascript issue on Firefox browser
Fixed – Decode URL for Json-LD to prevent invalid URLs
Fixed – Deprecated functions and number of parameters
Fixed – Small bugs

11.0.03 – 02/26/2021

Fixed – Optimized layout for smaller screens to include all SEO elements
Fixed – getimagesize warning when the image path is not found
Fixed – Focus Pages dissapear on applying filters
Fixed – Snippet transparency on frontend reload
Fixed – Add all custom taxonomies in the SEO Automation

11.0.02 – 02/17/2021

Update – Added the option to delete keywords from Keyword Suggestion
Update – Changed the Ranking column in Briefcase
Update – Added a new menu in Ranking Page for Keyword Sync with GSC
Update – Show more results in Keyword Research Tool
Update – Select up to 3 keyword suggestions in the Research Process
Update – Make the main keyword more visible in the Focus Page section
Update – The limit for Google News to match the number of Posts per Page from Sitemap XML
Update – Add the NewsArticle OG in Squirrly SEO Open Graph
Update – Change Json-LD Validation link in SEO Snippet with the new Google Validation link
Fixed – UI in Briefcase to look more friendly
Fixed – Already in SERP Checker button to show when a keyword is already added in Rankings
Fixed – Make sure to save the optimizations for all keywords in Live Assistant > Briefcase
Fixed – Corrected te Article Word Count with Readability in Focus Pages
Increased plugin security and update compatibilities

11.0.01 – 01/19/2021

  • Update – Compatibility with PHP 8
  • Update – Compatibility with Hide My WP plugin
  • Update – Verify the local SEO Snippet in Focus Pages
  • Update – Show all the optimimzed keywords for a Focus Page
  • Update – Change the minimum optimization score for the main keyword to 75% in the Focus Page
  • Fix – Fixed small style bugs in the Focus Pages
  • Fix – Label edit and delete on secondary pages

10.2.05 – 12/28/2020

  • Update – Squirrlt SEO Snippet load in the main side of post editor
  • Update – GA loads the correct javascript based on the received GA code (UA- or G-)
  • Fixed – Small CSS bugs

10.2.03 – 12/02/2020

  • Fixed – Keyword Suggestion to show find more keywords every week
  • Fixed – Focus Page image to check all the images from the article over the main keyword
  • Fixed – Compatibility with AMP for WP plugin
  • Update – The cumulative subscriptions limits
  • Fixed the compatibility with WP 5.6

10.2.02 – 11/26/2020

  • Fixed – Sitemap Google News language
  • Fixed – SERP Checking on Google Search Console keyword sync
  • Fixed – UI in Keyword Research for keywords that are already in Briefcase
  • Fixed – Dashboard Widget Squirrly Logo style

10.2.02 – 11/11/2020

  • Update – The links are made more visible in the plugin
  • Update – More details for Google Search Console and Google Analytics
  • Update – Detailed steps for Manual Index Request on Google Search Console
  • Update – Daily SEO Goals are now called SEO Goals to prevent the daily pression
  • Update – Add 14 Days Journey notification to make sure the user gets all the help he needs to rank better
  • Update – Notify the option to remove Squirrly data on plugin uninstall
  • Fixed – Show only the slow loading pages in Audit Speed Task
  • Update – Compatibility with WordPress 5.5.3
  • Fixed – Small bugs in Focus Page > Keywords

10.2.01 – 11/06/2020

  • Update – Added Uganda country in the Keyword Research
  • Update – Weekly Performance by email with all the Ranking, Focus Pages, Audit progress
  • Update – URL Inspector with Duplicate META Title, Description, Open Graph and Twitter Card information
  • Update – Compatibility with WordPress 5.5.2
  • Fixed – CSS and UI small fixes

10.2.00 – 10/21/2020

  • Update – Keyword Research Algoritm get better results with the last Google Algorithm upgrades
  • Update – Bulk SEO and Focus Pages works with keywords having special chars
  • Update – Keyword Research, Briefcase and Live Assistant work with special chars and all languages
  • Update – Show in Briefcase the posts where a specific keyword was used
  • Update – Show in Briefcase the search volume for a keyword if exists
  • Update – The user experience in Focus Pages when the page is indexed
  • Update – Added the option to disconnect and send feedback on plugin deactivation
  • Update – Sitemap XML works with special chars in title, description and keywords
  • Update – Squirrly SEO tracking tool supports Google Analytics 4
  • Fixed – Escaped all translations and variables in the plugin to prevent errors on plugin translation
  • Fixed – Corrected all the numbers format in Focus Pages, SEO Audit, Briefcase, Rankings
  • Fixed – Show the decoded arabic URLs on all the plugin places
  • Fixed – Compatibility with plugins like Polylang, Woocommerce

10.1.07 – 09/25/2020

  • Update – CSS change to be more permisive with other plugins CSS and JS
  • SEO Fix – Show the correct number of words when using apostrophe in snippet
  • Fix – Onboarding and Focus Pages when Javascript error
  • Fix – Remove notifications for Dev Kit users

10.1.06 – 08/25/2020

  • Fix – Editor permission for Ajax Save in settings page
  • Fix – Popup Window for the Assistant tasks
  • SEO Fix – Live Assistant Highlight in the Block system
  • SEO Fix – Live Assistant Title detection for the last WordPress version
  • SEO Fix – Audit Links menu to scroll on click
  • SEO Fix – Robots.txt task in the Audit page
  • SEO Fix – Google Analytics and Google Search Console detection for Arabic languages
  • SEO Fix – Show the correct number of words in the articles for Divi Landing Pages

10.1.05 – 08/19/2020

  • Update – Correct Notification Bar for all users
  • Update – Add more help in the Keyword Research page
  • Fix – Keyword Research waiting time
  • Fix – Fixed the style in Research History

10.1.04 – 08/13/2020

  • Actualización – Compatibilidad con WordPress 5.5
  • Update – Disable WordPress Sitemap if using Squirrly SEO Sitemap

10.1.03 – 07/28/2020

  • Actualización – Añadida importación desde SEO Framework en Squirrly SEO
  • Actualización – Compatibilidad con SEO Framework
  • Actualización – Compatibilidad con el plugin WooCommerce (última versión)
  • Corrección – Pequeños fallos CSS

10.1.02 – 07/14/2020

  • SEO Update – Update Focus Pages Robots report
  • SEO Update – Force SEO Check after the Settings are saved
  • Update – Compatibility with Absolutely Glamorous Custom Admin
  • Update – Compatibility with Admin Menu Editor
  • Update – Compatibility with Flink App Builder
  • SEO Fix – Fix Focus Pages for SEO Image when it contains special chars
  • SEO Fix – Bulk SEO METAs when keywords contain special chars
  • SEO Fix – Show the correct number or words in Focus Pages
  • Fix – Force to load the Media View in Squirrly SEO Settings

10.0.11 – 06/30/2020

  • SEO Update – Official Release of Squirrly SEO Plugin
  • SEO Update – Added Google Egypt in Squirrly > Rankings
  • SEO Update – Squirrly Briefcase Keywords sort
  • SEO Update – Focus Page Words Length check based on Readability algorithm
  • SEO Update – Request a new SEO Check on settings changed to make sure the goals are updated every time
  • SEO Fixed – Small SEO Check warnings when the communication with Squirrlu Cloud is not working
  • SEO Fixed – SEO Image task in Focus Pages for RTL languages
  • SEO Fixed – JSON-LD identifier in SEO Audit
  • SEO Fixed – Corrected the UI in SEO Audit regarding Open Graph and Twitter Card
  • SEO Fixed – Corrected the Page Loading Speed in SEO Audit to not include JS files

10.0.10 – 06/18/2020

  • SEO Fixed – Focus Page Words Count
  • SEO Fixed – Focus Page SEO Image
  • SEO Fixed – Goals tasks for SEO Image, SEO in METAs, Robots and Sitemap
  • SEO Fixed – Google charts error Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘arrayToDataTable’ of undefined
  • SEO Fixed – Load Squirrly.js in body for Live Assistant

10.0.09 – 06/15/2020

  • SEO Update – SEO compatible with WP 5.4.2
  • Update – Compatible with Custom Post Slug plugin
  • Update – Compatible with Hummingbird plugin and Cachify plugin
  • SEO Update – Added Inspect URL option on each Focus Page and Audit Page
  • SEO Update – Added help in Focus Page > Add new page
  • Corregido – Pequeños problemas de CSS

10.0.08 – 06/08/2020

  • SEO Update – Right To Left (RTL) Support in Squirrly SEO
  • Update – Reduce the plugin archive size by removing dev files
  • Fixed – Show the Goals on first load without ajax
  • Fixed – Remove sq_nonce duplicate ids in HTML
  • Fixed – Iconv error if the PHP iconv extension is not installed
  • Fixed – Remove the bootstra map link from js
  • Fixed – The CSS bor both RTL and LTR support
  • Fixed CSS for Dashboard when the offer is visible

10.0.06 – 06/01/2020

  • SEO Update – Inspect URL when the Audit can’t be made
  • SEO Update – Add all the Features Categories in the Overview
  • SEO Update – Added the icons for all features
  • Fix – Better detection on URL crawling
  • Fix – Compatibility with cache plugins like Hummingbird and Cachify
  • Fix – Small CSS bugs and PHP notifications

10.0.05 – 05/29/2020

  • Update – Edit the Blog URL in your Squirrly Cloud
  • Update – Dev Kit with Squirrly SEO 2020
  • Update – Create random collors on new Briefcase Labels
  • Fix – Hide Account information for editors
  • Fix – Show Daily SEO Goals for Editors and Squirrly SEO Editor role
  • Fix – Setup Audit custom email in Squirrly Cloud
  • Fix – Setup Ranking custom country in Squirrly Cloud

10.0.04 – 05/25/2020

  • Fix – Audit Term ID in the Audit Page returned an error if post ID wasn’t found
  • Fix – Focus Pages audit info to show data in case not all the Focus Pages have valid audits
  • Fix – Show the Google Search Console connection button in Focus Pages when needed
  • Fix – Show the Google Analytics connection button in Focus Pages when needed
  • Fix – Keyword Research speed and increased the number of keyword results
  • Fix – Keyword Research competition info to show it every time
  • Update – Tooltip messages in the Bulk SEO and Focus Pages

10.0.03 – 05/19/2020

  • Actualización – Compatibilidad con el plugin 404 Redirect
  • SEO Update – Show Focus Pages content on Javascvript error
  • SEO Update – Show SEO Audit content on Javascvript error
  • Fix – Show Posts Optimization in Posts List
  • Fix – Fixed CSS compatibility with Flatsome, MainWP

10.0.02 – 05/11/2020

  • Update – Compatible with Perfect Woocommerce Brands
  • Update – Compatible with YITH WooCommerce Brands Add-on
  • Actualización – Compatibilidad con WooCommerce

10.0.01 – 05/07/2020

  • Update – Added googlebot & bingbot metas in Squirrly SEO
  • Update – Added the Woocommerce Support option in JSON-LD
  • Fix – Upgrade Database Table on upgrade
  • Corrección – Fallos menores

10.0.00 – 05/07/2020

  • Squirrly SEO 2020 (Smart Strategy) features are here!
  • New Dashboard in Squirrly with Progress & Achievements and Daily Goals
  • New Focus Pages experience with daily Progress & Achievements
  • New SEO Audit Pages experience with daily Progress & Achievements
  • Add pages in SEO Audit and compare the SEO Audits between them
  • New Squirrly Live Assistant for Elementor
  • Introducing Squirrly Private SEO Consultant and Squirrly Machine Learning system
  • y más …

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