BuddyPress Builder for Elementor – BuddyBuilder


BuddyBuilder gives you super powers to create a stunning BuddyPress community built with Elementor.
Create your own page structure, add widgets and customize all from Elementor Builder.
We use a unique and smart approach to override default BuddyPress templates so you can design them as any regular page.
You are no longer locked to a predefined design and you are free to build and customize your BuddyPress community site.
Easy to use, deeply integrated in Elementor.

How BuddyBuilder can help you

  • Have your own BuddyPress powered community on any theme, building yor own awesome design.
  • Use Elementor intuitive interface to create all of your BuddyPress pages with full control over design and structure.
  • Have full control over BuddyPress pages, build the whole design with Elementor widgets.
  • Easily import templates for all BuddyPress components for a quick start.

What you can build with BuddyBuilder

  • Members Directory
  • Member Profile
  • Members Directory
  • Groups Directory
  • Group Page
  • Site Wide Activity

Use them anywhere on the site

  • Members Grid – Elementor widget to show members in any page
  • Groups Grid – Elementor widget to show groups in any page
  • Activity list – Elementor widget to display activity entries in any page

How does it work

  1. Super simple to use, create a new Elementor template from the BuddyPress section.
  2. Select what BuddyPress component you are building(for example Member profile).
  3. Edit the Elementor template with our specific BuddyPress widgets especially built for the page you are designing.
  4. Save it and see your new design in action.

BuddyPress Templates Kits

Get started right away with our starter template that you can import with a click of a button.

Get more control with BuddyBuilder Pro

Pro Template Kits
Beautifully designed Templates have a stunning community with a click of a button

BuddyPress Live notifications Elementor widget
Show anywhere, in your menu or in content, a notifications icon that automatically gets updated and shows latest notifications from your community.

BuddyPress Live Messages Elementor widget
Show anywhere, in your menu or in content, a messages icon that automatically gets updated and shows latest messages.

Customize Activity Page
Build and style the activity/news feed. Total control over structure and design

Customize Member page generated content
You have full control to style profile tabs content for Activity, Profile, Messages, Notification, Settings

Customize Group page content
You have full control to style group tabs Activity, Members, Invite, Manage.

Get Pro and take your community site to the next level

Privacy Policy

Stax BuddyBuilder uses Appsero SDK to collect some telemetry data upon user’s confirmation. This helps us to troubleshoot problems faster & make product improvements.


  • Drag & Drop elements to build your BuddyPress components templates
  • Specific elements for each BuddyPress page
  • Infinite templates but set the one that is active on the site


  1. Upload the plugin to your ‘wp-content/plugins’ directory or install it directly from WP admin – Plugins – New
  2. Activate the plugin
  3. Go to WP admin – BuddyBuilder
  4. Create new template for what component you need(for example Member profile)
  5. Build the template using the widget we provide for that component type
  6. Save the template and check your BuddyPress template
  7. That is it 🙂


19 de noviembre de 2021
This plugin, Buddypress Plugin and Elementor Page builder are the best combination
9 de noviembre de 2021
The plugin works more or less as intended. Using Loco to translate seems to work. Shows original language in some places in the backend, but seems ok frontend.
2 de septiembre de 2021
Works great! Does exactly what I need it to and does it well. Thanks for an awesome plugin
30 de agosto de 2021
You have done a fantastic job, Plugin is very friendly and gave the freedom to create custom design templates
4 de agosto de 2021
Answers all our needs, even for a "complex" community, mixing memerbships, events, chat features, groups and sub-groups, forums, and the usual mix of posts/portfolio and PODS.
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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

«BuddyPress Builder for Elementor – BuddyBuilder» es un software de código abierto. Las siguientes personas han colaborado con este plugin.


Registro de cambios


  • Changed register widget method to support older Elementor versions too


  • Fix error on import when not using the Pro version


  • BuddyBoss platform compatibility
  • Font library update
  • New Username widget option to show also the Name of the user on profile page
  • Fix groups columns on member profile
  • Fix for cover images


  • CSS improvement for members/groups grid list.
  • Icons library updated
  • Bug fixes


  • BuddyPress 8.0 compatibility


  • BuddyBoss Theme compatibility – Sitewide activity, Members directory, Groups directory & Member profile.


  • BuddyBoss Platform compatibility.
  • NEW Template Kit.


  • Prepare for Register template in Pro version
  • Icon library update
  • PRO: Added Dynamic tags to generate Members data on any existing Elementor widget. Avatar, Cover Image and Xprofile field dynamic tags.


  • PHP 8 Compatibility
  • rtMedia style update.
  • Fix rtMedia image popup preview
  • Fix button classes for ajax
  • Refactoring to meet WordPress Coding standards
  • Template updates for latest BuddyPress 7.x


  • Extra checks in BuddyBuilder logic so it loads assets and templates just when needed.


  • New Elementor Widget: Members list – List your members anywhere on the site
  • New Elementor Widget: Groups list – List your groups anywhere on the site
  • New Elementor Widget: Activity list – Show activity entries anywhere on the site
  • Added Site-Wide Activity Navigation widget
  • Listing type(List/Grid) toggle improvements
  • rtMedia compatibility style update.
  • Some style fixes for activity update form.


  • WPML Integration
  • Cover position settings in Style tab && Fix template preview full width
  • Fix active Member Profile Navigation tab in preview.
  • Fix admin bar Edit with Elementor missing


  • Added Group page action buttons fix.


  • Enable global fonts and colors for all BuddyBuilder templates
  • Added rtMedia compatibility
  • Added more theme compatibility code. Custom integration with Sportix theme added


  • Fix template full alignment on some themes
  • Allow template override in child theme under «buddybuilder» folder
  • Sitewide activity — Post form template preview update
  • Added more theme compatibility code
  • Added some compatibility with PHP 7.0


  • FEATURE: Added List/Grid switcher for Members and Groups directory listing.
    Enable/disable the feature by editing the members/groups navigation widget
  • FEATURE: Allowing Pro Template Kit to be loaded when using Pro version


  • Fixed admin error on some plugin activations
  • Fallback to BuddyPress default template if Elementor template exists but is empty


  • Enhanced theme compatibility logic


  • Wider plugins compatibility with plugins like rtMedia and others
  • Fix pagination links padding
  • Sitewide activity item — Style update
  • Profile member — Message filter style update


  • Added responsive columns for listings
  • Rewrite style & settings for members & groups grid listings.
  • Member profile — Profile edit settings update.
  • Member profile — Settings – Export data form style update.
  • Groups & Members directory — Settings update.
  • Sitewide activity — Search style update.
  • Mobile view optimisations.


  • Template import fixes
  • Profile groups — Manage photo style update.
  • Members directory — Style update.
  • Forms style update.


  • Extra check when checking templates used.
  • Group Item — Cover style update.
  • Site wide — Meta style update.
  • Sitewide activity filters update.
  • Load more button style update.


  • Fix profile navigation alignment
  • Group profile – Buttons settings update.
  • Profile group – Invite filters style update.
  • Member profile — Message filters style update.
  • Manage group members — Filter style update.
  • Group profile — Manage members style update.


  • Member & Group Directory style updates.


  • Initial release

Be a contributor

If you want to contribute, go to our GitHub Repository.

You can also add a new language via translate.wordpress.org.