Este plugin no se ha probado con las últimas 3 versiones mayores de WordPress. Puede que ya no tenga soporte ni lo mantenga nadie, o puede que tenga problemas de compatibilidad cuando se usa con las versiones más recientes de WordPress.

Strictly Tweetbot


PAID FOR VERSION ONLY! Any re-distribution of this plugin without the authorisation of the author will be considered as theft and
copyright infringment. You always want your site running 24 hours, 7 days a week, therefore it is best to keep to the terms and conditions.

Each version of this plugin is paid for as with any other product. Therefore version 1.1.7 will be another 40 unless its an upgrade to fix bugs only.

No returns accepted, only bugs fixed when possible.


You can buy the premium plugin from my website
It is also now available for sale on Tweetbot is designed to allow site owners to post automatic twitter messages to one or more accounts whenever an article is added to a site.

This plugin is ideal for people who regularly import content into their sites and want to make sure that one or more twitter accounts have their statuses updated with details of newly posted articles. The variety of configuration options available help you create unique tweets for each post as well as deciding whether or not to post by analysing the articles content.


  • Post to multiple accounts OR post multiple messages to the same account with different formats.
  • Easy to authenticate using the new OAuth method. No need to register your plugin as a consumer application.
  • Format your messages with easy to use placeholders e.g %title% %url% %hashtags%
  • Add tracking codes (e.g Google Analytics) to the article URL BEFORE it is shortened to track inbound traffic from tweets.
  • Use your categories or post tags as the source for your hash tags or use default hash tags.
  • Dashboard report keeps you informed of status updates or failures.
  • Automatic hookup to my Strictly AutoTags plugin so that any post tags generated by it can be used as #hashtags in tweets.
  • Help prevent a Twitter Rush by fetching your new article BEFORE tweets are sent out (see
  • Use content analysis to decide whether or not to post a tweet to a certain account or not. Options include All Words, Any Word, No Words and Always Post.
  • Set up an ignore list of words that prevent a tweet being sent out.
  • Use either the popular Tweet Shrink API to shorten tweets before posting or my own Text Shrink (text speak) function OR both.


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Download the plugin.
  2. Unzip the strictly-tweetbot compressed file.
  3. Upload the directory strictly-tweetbot to the /wp-content/plugins directory on your WordPress blog.
  4. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  5. Use the newly created Admin option within WordPress titled Strictly Tweetbot to set the configuration for the plugin.
  6. Add each Twitter account you want to post to and complete the options for formatting the status.
  7. Verify your accounts by clicking the link that is provided. Once you have authenticated the Twitter account you will be given a PIN which
    you must enter into the appropriate input box. On saving the account will check the PIN and verify the account.
  8. If you have an error messages installing the plugin then please try the following to rule out conflicts with other plugins
    -disable all other plugins and then try to re-activate the Strictly TweetBot plugin – some caching plugins cause issues and other Twitter plugins
    may also cause problems if they are using the same objects.
    -if that worked, re-enable the plugins one by one to find the plugin causing the problem. Decide which plugin you want to use.
    -if that didn’t work check you have the latest version of the plugin software (from WordPress) and the latest version of WordPress installed
    -Check you have Javascript and Cookies enabled.
    -If you can code turn on the DEBUG constant and debug the code to find the problem otherwise contact me and offer me some money to fix the issue 🙂
    -Please remember that you get what you pay for so you cannot expect 24 hour support for a free product. Please bear that in mind if you decide to email me. A donation button
    is on my site and in the plugin admin page.
    -If you must email me and haven’t chosen to donate even the smallest amount of money please read this >>


  1. Use the «Test Configuration» button at the bottom to check that all your configuration options are working correctly.
  2. Check the messages at the top for any errors to do with invalid API keys or other issues.
  3. Check that Twitter is not returning error messages such as «Duplicate Tweets» or other errors.
  4. Ensure JavaScript is enabled.
  5. Ensure your server has allowed you access to make remote HTTP calls through the use of CURL/FSockOpen/file_get_contents etc.
  6. Check other plugins are not causing problems by de-activating ALL of them apart from Strictly TweetBot
  7. Check the message forums on WordPress >
  8. If your question/problem is not there add one.
  9. If you must email me please provide all relevant information about the version of WordPress, the plugin, browser, server, twitter accounts and provide screenshots as well.


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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

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Registro de cambios


  • Added option to Delete all existing accounts in one go.
  • Fixed Javascript remove account option that was leaving the wrapper DIV in the DOM.
  • Added option to Test Configuration and check account status.
  • Modified the Delete account functions so that Twitter messages are not purged.


  • Added URL option so that you can now choose to show or URLs.
  • Added installation date.
  • Updated the configuration check process to test for correct URL shortening and response from
  • Added links to help users show their support for Strictly Software.


  • Added the ability to add Google tracking codes and other parameters to the post URL before being shortened.
  • Added the ability to ignore certain categories or tags when using them for hash tags.


  • Added the ability to use the TweetShrink API to shrink a tweet message.
  • Added an option to use my own Strictly Text Shrink function to shrink a tweet message using text speak.


  • Added some more words to the TweetShrink API function.
  • Added a new section for certain endings to be shortened to the TweetShrink API function.
  • Added length check to the Test Accounts function.
  • Added extra tests to the Test Accounts function.
  • Replaced duplicate code by addeng a new FormatHashTag function which formats a hash tag. Also removed apostrophes from HashTags.


  • Changed the name of OAuth and Twitter classes to stop name conflicts with other plugins.
  • Change all calls to those objects to new naming conventions.


  • Re-updated as problems with WordPress SVN not taking changed filenames into consideration.


  • Removed the sponsorship message as per the issue outlined in


  • Added the option to ignore content if any words are contained within it.


  • Fixed bug with some words in TweetShrink function.
  • Added new short versions of words for the TweetShrink function.
  • Improved performance of tweet loop by only getting permalink once.
  • Added option to make an HTTP request to the new post before tweeting so that if caching plugins are installed and options are enabled correctly the page will get cached .before any Twitter rush from BOTS.
  • Added option to use a different user-agent when making this cache post HTTP request.
  • Added new configuration test to test the HTTP Cache test.


  • Changed the Twitter host from to to work with new API as they have turned off the old API.


  • Added config to work with Strictly AutoTags so the tagging is finished before tweeting starts ensuring post tags are used in tweets as #hashtags.
  • Added QuickShrink function to just remove some characters if Tweet Shrink API doesn’t shorten it.
  • Changed code to handle errors from Twitter as they have changed their JSON format so now errors are reported correctly in the admin dashboard.
  • Added constant IGNOREAUTOTAG to override AutoTag hook so that you will always post tweets on publish whether or not AutoTags is installed.
  • Added constant TWEETMAXLEN to set the max length of a tweet to force it to always be a max length – both are configured at top of class.
  • Added «Always Post» option to each Twitter Account so that despite any wording in the content analysis box a tweet will always be fired off.


  • Latest Free Version
  • Removed the $wpdb->prepare statement round a piece of SQL that the WP 3.9.1 guys have helpfully turned into an error when they didn’t need to by checking for the instance of % inside the SQL string!
  • Added code to prevent duplicate hashtags being used and sent out.
  • Extended the ShowTweetBotDebug debug function so that it handles objects, arrays, strings and numbers.
  • Changed the RegisterAdmimPage method to use the new textual parameters instead of an integer.
  • Updated Readme.txt file with more information.


  • Latest Paid Version
  • Removed the $wpdb->prepare statement round a piece of SQL that the WP 3.9.1 guys have helpfully turned into an error when they didn’t need to by checking for the instance of % inside the SQL string!
  • Added new words to be shortened to my functions
  • Removed the IGNOREAUTOTAG and TWEETMAXLEN constants and changed them to configurable options from the admin panel
  • Added delay option between posting to a URL to aid caching to help prevent Twitter Rushes
  • Added an option to add a querystring to the new post when it is cached to help with caching plugins that use special keys or querystrings to force a page to be cached.
  • Added option to add a delay between each tweet is sent in one batch to aid the prevention of Twitter Rushes
  • Changed the caching option to blocking to aid the prevention of Twitter Rushes as the code will wait for the HTTP response before tweeting
  • What is a Twitter Rush? Read this article to see how it could cause server performance issues >