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Create a stunning price list (price table/pricing table) with ease and make it your virtual high-quality brochure. It was developed for small businesses, spas, salons, restaurants, retail and more.
This plugin helps convert visitors into customers by giving them the information they’re looking for and will prevent them from leaving your site confused.

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Live Demo of the 5 Styles )

Pricing Table Features

You can now drag and drop the different services, products and categories for better organization.

This plugin was designed to work with most languages for the front-end and backend.

With over 6+ styles to choose from, you can easily customize the output look of your price list in seconds. Some styles compliment spas and salons, while other compliment restaurants.

You get to choose the font style, colour and type of the heading, category titles and service titles. A fully customizable price table.

The Stylish Price List is responsive and mobile-friendly. SPL will look beautiful on mobile, tablet and laptop devices!

Some WordPress plugins make it hard for you to add their product to your page. We made it super simple with short-codes!

Stylish Price List will not slow down your website and was developed using strict security standards.

Designed For

  • Spas & Salons ( live demo )
  • Restaurants
  • Graphic & Website Designers
  • Retail Businesses
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Massage studios
  • Photographers
  • Wedding DJs
  • Much more

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Docs & Support

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Recommended Plugins

No plugins are necessary for this plugin to work.

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Video: How to use Stylish Price List


  • The admin panel
  • A live preview of a customer using Style #1 of Stylish Price List
  • A preview at Style #1
  • A preview of Style #3
  • A tablet preview of Style #5
  • A mobile preview of Style #1


  1. Upload the entire stylish-price-list folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the \’Plugins\’ menu in WordPress.
  3. You will find the \’Stylish Price List\’ menu in your WordPress admin panel.


For the entire list of the newest FAQ’s, please visit.

What’s the difference between pro and free?

Free is only for testing purposes and only allows users to input a few products and services.
The PRO version is the rest of the features listed above.

How do I build a price list for Elementor?

Our pricing list works for Elementor. Build your price list in Stylish Price List’s dashboard and copy the shortcode to the code widget in Elementor or Elementor Pro.

How do I build a price list for WP Bakery?

Our pricing list works for WP Bakery. Build your pricing table in Stylish Price List’s dashboard and copy the shortcode to the shortcode widget in WP Bakery or WP Bakery Premium.

How do I build a price list for the WordPress Gutenberg?

To build a price list in WordPress, use the the Stylish Price List plugn by entering the dashboard, building your price list, then copy the shortcode to the shortcode widget in Gutenberg.

Can I show a discount by displaying an original price and a new price?

As of January 2021, we’re working on this feature. By the time you are reading this, it may already be developed. For now, you can add the original price in the description area of the service.

How do I create a price list in WordPress?

To create a price list in WordPress, we recommend using the Stylish Price List WordPress plugin. It’s easy to use, fast, secure and stylish.

How to add a price list in WordPress?

To add a price list in WordPress, you would download and install the Stylish Price List plugin, then build your list and copy the shortcode onto your web page.

Does Stylish Price List have a buy now button I can for users to buy my services?

Yes, we have this feature. You will see it as you’re adding your services.

What is the difference between a price list and a pricing table?

A pricing table is used to compare different levels of a product or service. For example, you are a web developer, and you sell bronze, silver and gold package. At the same time, a price list is more suitable for a salon, spa, restaurant or any business that sells different products and services that are not related to each other—for example, buying an iPhone 6, iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, etc.

My color or fonts not working properly on my pricing table

  1. Try temporarily changing your theme in the theme settings under the Appearance tab. Change your theme to the basic stock theme that WordPress comes standard with and see if this fixes the issue. Do not worry; changing your theme wont lose any customizations or changes you’ve made.
  2. Try investigating if your themes core color settings are interfering or overriding the plugin by seeing it the font and color that is appearing is set somewhere in your theme settings.
  3. Are you using Visual Composer, Beaver or any other Page Builders? Make sure the short-code [pricelist id=»1494263699″] is placed in the Raw HTML, Site Origin Text Editor, or any other widget that does not alter the CSS of your input.
  4. Still having issues?
    Please visit Please include the direct link to the page that contains your price list, as well as a temporary admin login for us to login to your WordPress site and check it out in detail.

What exactly is the title and categories in reference to (pricing table)?

I’m having an issue with special characters in another language or currency signs showing up weird after saving ( pricing table )?

If you’re having an issue with special characters and languages showing up weird after saving, please refer to this article that explains how to fix the issue.»


17 de marzo de 2021
Easy to add to any site providing a well presented price list. Choice of styles all of which look good. Found a bug in one of the styles and from the point of raising it with the developer to updating the plugin was less than an hour. Support doesn't get any better than that.
15 de marzo de 2021
I wanted something nice, easy but with all the necessary options. This worked out very well so far at a decent price but a no renewal system (FINALLY). Good looks and fast setup are a highlight of this plugin. Two thumbs up.
12 de enero de 2021
I'm glad I discovered this plugin in time to use it for a project. It's very easy to use. I needed to build a large list so I purchased the PRO version. Totally worth it!
3 de diciembre de 2020
Great plug-in. Love the features, happy with my purchase. Great customer support as well!
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