Divi Supreme Modules


Divi Supreme Modules plugin enhances the experience and features found on Divi and extend with custom creative modules to help you build amazing websites.

Divi Supreme contains 16 Divi custom modules and more to come soon.

  • Supreme Divi Gradient Text – By using Divi’s built-in background gradient tool, this module allow you to have gradient text without coding.
  • Supreme Divi Flipbox – With 4 types of Flipbox effect to choose from (Flip Left, Flip Right, Flip Up and Flip Down), you can create stunning interactive content that converts.
  • Supreme Divi Text Divider – This allow you to create an organized and beautiful to read headlines with many border styles to choose from with the text in-between the Dividers.
  • Supreme Divi Image – This allow you to transform the image using 3D transformation. Rotate it like the way you always wanted without coding.
  • Supreme Divi Typing – An Animated Typing Effect.
  • Botón Supreme Divi: Te permite tener dos botones con un texto separador en medio. ¡10 tipos de animación al pasar el cursor a elegir y también tiene efecto caja de luz de imágenes y admite vídeos: YouTube, Vimeo y Dailymotion!
  • Supreme Divi Facebook Feed – Create Facebook Page Feed easily without having to embed them again.
  • Supreme Divi Facebook Comments – Create Facebook Page Comments easily without having to embed them again.
  • Supreme Divi Embed Twitter Timeline – Create Twitter Timeline Feed easily without any coding.
  • Supreme Divi Contact Form 7 – Big fan of Contact Form 7 plugin? Now with Supreme Contact Form 7, you can select your contact form from the dropdown list without having to go back and forth switching between Visual Builder and Contact Form 7 setting page copying the shortcode and adding it to the Divi Code Module. Style your Input Fields, Button, Labels, Validation, Error Messages and more!
  • Supreme Divi Caldera Forms – Now with Divi Supreme Caldera Forms module, you can select your contact form from the dropdown list without having to go back and forth switching between Visual Builder and Caldera Forms setting page copying the shortcode and adding it to the Divi Code Module. Style your Input Fields, Button, Labels, Error, Success Messages, Upload file and more!
  • Supreme Divi Embed Google Map – Embed Google Map right into your Divi’s site easily without having to worry about anything else.
  • Supreme Divi Text Badges – This will show a badge before or after the text. A great way to show highlighted/important text badge.
  • Supreme Divi Menu – Display your WordPress menu and design it in whatever way you want. Use it for Footer or Sidebar.
  • Lista de precios Divi Supreme: Crea una lista de precios atractiva e impresionante para tu negocio con opciones sencillas. Perfecto para menús, catálogos, listas de productos y cualquier otra lista de elementos destacados.
  • Supreme Divi Business Hours – This will allow customers to know your service availability time.

Extensiones Divi Supreme

  • Scheduled Content Visibility – This will extend the Visibility option in the the Section/Row’s custom setting to allow you to show or hide the section or row with a specify date/time.
  • Divi Templates – Designing Divi’s footer or 404 page is one of the most challenging thing ever. Without programming background knowledgde, you have to deal with time and the learning process. But with Divi Templates, now you can design your custom footer, 404 and Search No Result page using Visual Builder and assign them. As easy as that, No coding required. Don’t spend time finding those layout global module ID because you don’t have to. Just 2 easy steps: Create a Template using Visual Builder, then assign them to footer/404. That’s it! Save time = Smarter.
  • Divi Shortcodes – This will add a shortcode column in the Divi Library. Use that Divi shortcode to display your layout in any Divi module or even your PHP file by using [divi_shortcode id=»»].

Muchos más módulos y extensiones para Divi próximamente …

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About Divi Supreme Modules

Divi is a great tool for building website, but without proper addons it might take more time and money. Divi’s mission is to help users design websites in the easiest, fastest and most streamlined way.

We support Divi’s mission through the development of Divi custom modules that focus on beauty, subtle animations and visitor engagement. Whether you are a developer or a designer. Our goal is to give you the perfect tool that is build for Divi professionals.

Documentation and Support

  • Para obtener más información, consulta la documentación en Divi Supreme .



Minimum Requirements

  • WordPress 4.5 or greater
  • PHP version 5.6 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater

We recommend your host supports:

  • PHP version 7.0 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.6 or greater
  • WP Memory limit of 64 MB or greater (128 MB or higher is preferred)


  1. Install using the WordPress built-in Plugin installer, or Extract the zip file and drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to Pages > Add New
  4. Click on «Use The Divi Builder» and Click on «Use Visual Builder».
  5. Now type in Supreme on the search box and it will Divi Supreme Module will appear.

Preguntas frecuentes

Do I need Divi Theme for this to work?

You must have Divi theme, Extra Theme or the Divi Builder installed in order for this plugin to work. Divi by ElegantThemes (affiliate link).

Does it work with the Divi Visual Builder?

¡SÍ! Al menos Divi 3.1 en adelante, donde introdujeron la API para desarrolladores de Divi.

Tema Divi = >versión 3.1
Tema Extra = >versión 2.1
Divi Builder = >versión 2.1
Versión de PHP = >5.6

Is this plugin free?

Yes! Divi Supreme is absolutely free. There is no hidden charge. However if you would like to support our developement, we do have a pro version of Divi Supreme that has even more Divi features, modules and extensions.

What if I update to Pro version?

Your existing modules/content will work with pro version. So you won’t lose any content/work.


15 de septiembre de 2019
Ideal pour ajouter des fonctionnalités au builder divi. Attention certains modules sont gratuits et d'autres sont accessibles avec le version premium uniquement.
20 de junio de 2019
This is SO GREAT! And much needed! Thanks for this amazing work!
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Registro de cambios

1.7.4 – 02.09.2019

  • Fixed: Caldera Forms undefined props.

1.7.3 – 02.09.2019

  • Fixed: Caldera Forms select background color not rendering.
  • Enhanced: Divi template output.

1.7.2 – 22.08.2019

  • Fixed: Facebook Comments Module not rendering in Visual Builder due empty URL.

1.7.1 – 17.08.2019

  • Added: “Remove All Data on Uninstall” (Related to Divi Supreme Settings) Option in the Divi Supreme Settings page.
  • Added: Search No Result template to Divi Templates.
  • Fixed: Footer not showing up on 404 page when using Show on 404 Page Option.
  • Fixed: Unnecessary empty HTML p and br Tag on Footer.
  • Fixed: Footer not showing up on search no result page.
  • Enhanced: Echo method for Divi Template Posts.
  • Enhanced: 404 template.
  • Enhanced: Divi Supreme Settings Page.

1.7 – 13.08.2019

  • Fixed: template_include wrong output causes site to break.

1.6.9 – 13.08.2019

  • Fixed: Blank pages when using version 1.6.8.

1.6.8 – 13.08.2019

  • Fixed: WordPress default login url slug when using 404 – Using template_include for custom 404 template.

1.6.7 – 13.08.2019

  • Fixed: Divi footer template for 404 page.
  • Enhanced: 404 redirect template.
  • Added: Divi Templates – Show or Hide Custom Footer for 404 page.

1.6.6 – 04.08.2019

  • Fixed: Divi templates assigned to footer when using post/page blank template.
  • Added: Show or Hide Custom Footer on Blank Template option in Divi Templates.

1.6.5 – 24.07.2019

  • Fixed: var_dump output when using Caldera Forms module.
  • Fixed: Divi Supreme Flipbox item text alignment on Visual Builder – Default should be left.
  • Enhanced: Divi Supreme Flipbox conditional rules for icon and image on Visual Builder.

1.6.4 – 16.07.2019

  • Fixed: Remove et_pb_post css class on divi templates that causes white space on the bottom.
  • Changed: Activation plugin name to Divi Supreme.

1.6.3 – 19.06.2019

  • Added: Divi Business Hours Module.
  • Fixed: Price List module echoing out class name on the frontend.

1.6.2 – 13.06.2019

  • Removed: www typo on php file.

1.6.1 – 13.06.2019

  • Fixed: Caldera Forms Module not rendering the correct fields on Visual Builder.

1.6 – 04.06.2019

  • Fixed: Fatal error – Cannot redeclare function when using multiple Caldera Forms Module.

1.5.9 – 03.06.2019

  • Added: Another Lightbox Image URL Option to Supreme Image Module when using Lightbox.

1.5.8 – 02.06.2019

  • Enhanced: Supreme Menu Module with Sub Menu.
  • Added: More responsive options for spacing and bottom gap and sub menu left spacing.
  • Added: List Style Color.
  • Added: Menu Layout Vertical – Prepare for future update (Horizontal).

1.5.7 – 30.05.2019

  • Fixed: Caldera Forms Rendering issue on the frontend when using shortcode and when user is not using Caldera Forms Module.

1.5.6 – 25.05.2019

  • Improved: Divi Supreme Embed Google Map Module now will automatically change the map language based on your WordPress language.
  • Improved: Divi Facebook Feed and Facebook Comments SDK version.

1.5.5 – 23.05.2019

  • Improved: Divi Flipbox not animating due to recent Divi CSS conflict when using hover animation.
  • Fixed: Divi Flipbox Button Alignment default to left.
  • Fixed: Divi Flipbox Title Tag on Visual Builder. It should be H4 instead of H2.

1.5.4 – 22.05.2019

  • Improved: Overwrite the plugin and is based on the WordPress Plugin API, Coding Standards, and Documentation Standards.
  • Improved: Overall better coding.
  • Improved: Compatible with Divi Supreme Pro version even Divi Supreme Free is installed.

1.5.3 – 15.05.2019

  • Added: Custom Radio and Checkbox style to Divi Supreme Caldera Forms Module.
  • Improved: Automatically disable Alert Style, Form Styles and Grid Structure on the frontend when using Divi Supreme Caldera Forms Module.

1.5.2 – 08.05.2019

  • Fixed: Contact Form 7 Button not having et_pb_button css class.

1.5.1 – 08.05.2019

  • Added: Label Asterisk color to Divi Supreme Caldera Forms Module.
  • Improved: Inline Checkbox and Radio for Divi Supreme Caldera Forms Module.
  • Improved: 4 columns layout for Divi Supreme Caldera Forms Module.
  • Enhanced: Divi Supreme plugin page UI and hook.

1.5 – 07.05.2019

  • Added: Divi Supreme Caldera Forms Module – Select your Caldera forms and style your Caldera Form using Visual Builder.

1.4.9 – 31.03.2019

  • Renamed: Divi Shortcodes to Divi Library Shortcodes.
  • Added: Width option to the Facebook Feed module.
  • Improved: Hide unused option of the Divi Template custom meta box based on the selected assigned template.
  • Fixed: SVG image not rendering on Visual Builder for Flipbox and Supreme Image Module.
  • Enhanced: Supreme Image and follow the same Divi’s Transform order css output.

1.4.8 – 01.03.2019

  • Added: Divi Shortcodes Extension.

1.4.7 – 27.02.2019

  • Removed: CSS Class on 404 template.
  • Improved: Footer Template output.

1.4.6 – 27.02.2019

  • Removed: Embed Footer On Visual Builder option on Divi Templates. This will be added back when ElegantThemes introduce a new method to embed into Visual Builder in the near future.

1.4.5 – 23.02.2019

  • Fixed: Footer not showing up on 404 page when using Divi Templates.

1.4.4 – 20.02.2019

  • Added: 404 option in Divi Templates.
  • Renamed: Footer Template to Divi Templates.

1.4.3 – 19.02.2019

  • Fixed: Contact Form 7 Module placeholder not styling Textarea on both Frontend and the Visual Builder.
  • Removed: Console log when using Contact Form 7 Module.

1.4.2 – 15.02.2019

  • Fixed: Text Color(Light/Dark) frontend css classes not added on Supreme Text Divider Module.

1.4.1 – 04.02.2019

  • Added: Quick links(Settings, Documentation and Get Support) to plugin page.

1.4.0 – 31.01.2019

  • Fixed: Button #2 icon not showing up on frontend for Supreme Module.
  • Fixed: Title font-size and header tag not rendering on Visual Builder for Menu module.

1.3.9 – 14.01.2019

  • Fixed: Flipbox module responsive image width not rendering on Visual Builder.
  • Enhanced: Remove extra div on Flipbox module. – 02.01.2019

  • Removed: Header level tags on Price List module.

1.3.8 – 02.01.2019

  • Fixed: et_divi_divider_style_choices() error on older Divi version.

1.3.7 – 30.12.2018

  • Added: Divi Supreme Price List Module.

1.3.6 – 16.12.2018

  • Fixed: Supreme BUtton Module Image and Video Lightbox not matched when turning on or off on the same button in Visual Builder.

1.3.5 – 15.12.2018

  • Fixed: Supreme Image Module not showing up on frontend when using together with animation.

1.3.4 – 7.12.2018

  • Changed: Readme and tested up to the latest Divi and WordPress 5.0

1.3.3 – 6.12.2018

  • Fixed: Margin and Padding for Supreme Button Module.

1.3.2 – 6.12.2018

  • Added: Image Lightbox for Supreme Button Module.
  • Renamed: Popup to Lightbox for Supreme Button Module.

1.3.1 – 1.12.2018

  • Added: Hover options for Supreme Image Module – Transform & Rotation!
  • Removed: Module link options for Supreme Image Module.

1.3 – 12.11.2018

  • Fixed: Footer Template CSS Classes Option

1.2.9 – 12.11.2018

  • Replaced: Supreme Button Module css classes on frontend.
  • Fixed: Supreme Facebook Feed and Supreme Facebook Comments alignment on Visual Builder and will use a temporary APP ID on first render.

1.2.8 – 03.11.2018

  • Fixed: Supreme Button Module wrong css classes on frontend.
  • Added: Button separator text mobile option(Hide or show as fullwidth).

1.2.7 – 02.11.2018

  • Fixed: Replace Flipbox module with et_core_sanitized_previously().
  • Fixed: Text Divider module where $default variable is not define.
  • Fixed: Text Badges using wrong type for color option.

1.2.6 – 02.11.2018

  • Enhanced: Flush method using register_activation_hook to add_option and delete_option method instead of running in init hook to prevent this from loading on every page load.

1.2.5 – 01.11.2018

  • Added: PHP version check because some users are still using very old PHP version for some reason.
  • Fixed: Flipbox Module wrong css classes.

1.2.4 – 26.10.2018

  • Fixed: Scheduled Content Visibility hide feature not working.

1.2.3 – 22.10.2018

  • Removed: Unused CSS Classname on the output rendering for Supreme Gradient Text Module.

1.2.2 – 21.10.2018

  • Added: Video Popup on Supreme Button that supports: YouTube, Vimeo and DailyMotion!
  • Removed: Links Option on Supreme Button module.
  • Enhanced: Visual Builder for Supreme Button module and responsive setting.
  • Enhanced: Flush method for first time user when using Footer Template Extension.

1.2.1 – 15.10.2018

  • Fixed: Typing Effect Module looping option not working on Visual Builder.

1.2.0 – 15.10.2018

  • Enhanced: Footer template embed on Visual Builder option will not show up when designing footer with Visual Builder.
  • Changed: Notify first time user to re-save their WordPress permalinks before using Footer template.
  • Renamed: text-domain for Supreme Menu Module.

1.1.9 – 15.10.2018

  • Added: Supreme Menu Module.

1.1.8 – 11.10.2018

  • Enhanced: Contact Form 7 Module where dropdown list is not rendering on first time use. Inserted ‘– Select Contact Form 7 –‘ on the first select list to prevent this.

1.1.7 – 11.10.2018

  • Added: Supreme Text Badges Module.
  • Added: Embed Footer on Visual Builder in Footer Template.

1.1.6 – 09.10.2018

  • Added: Footer Template Extension.

1.1.5 – 09.10.2018

  • Fixed: Flipbox PHP error.

1.1.4 – 08.10.2018

  • Removed: Header and Footer Template Extension – Until further notice.

1.1.3 – 08.10.2018

  • Added: Header and Footer Template Extension – Only Footer template is working currently.
  • Fixed: ContactForm 7 Module php error.
  • Enhanced: Fatal error when not using Divi.

1.1.2 – 07.10.2018

  • Added: Scheduled Content Visibility for Section and Row.
  • Added: Divi Supreme Option Page to the admin menu for enabling/disabling features.
  • Enhanced: Typing Effect will execute only when visitor scroll into view.

1.1.1 – 05.10.2018

  • Added: Supreme Embed Twitter Timeline Module.
  • Fixed: Supreme Facebook Feed height not rendering on frontend.

1.1 – 04.10.2018

  • Added: Supreme Embed Google Map Module.
  • Enhanced: Supreme Contact Form 7 Module now support all input field styling for tel, number, url, date and etc.

1.0.9 – 03.10.2018

  • Added: Supreme Contact Form 7 Module.
  • Changed: Button Animation to Button Hover Animation.

1.0.8 – 27.09.2018

  • Added: Supreme Facebook Comments Module.
  • Enhanced: WordPress enqueued method for user using any JS minify plugin.

1.0.7 – 26.09.2018

  • Added: Visual Builder Icon for Supreme Facebook and Supreme Typing Module.

1.0.6 – 26.09.2018

  • Removed: JS file.
  • Fixed: Supreme Button Module URL links not showing up in Backend Builder.
  • Added: Supreme Facebook Feed Module.

1.0.5 – 26.09.2018

  • Changed: Flipbox PHP variable.
  • Added: Supreme Button Module.

1.0.4 – 25.09.2018

  • Fixed: Double duplicate wrapper output on Supreme Gradient Text Module frontend.
  • Fixed: Double duplicate wrapper output on Supreme Text Divider Module frontend.

1.0.3 – 25.09.2018

  • Fixed: Double duplicate wrapper output on Supreme Typing Module frontend.

1.0.2 – 25.09.2018

  • Fixed: Double duplicate wrapper output on Supreme Image Module frontend.

1.0.1 – 24.09.2018

  • Fixed: Transform & Rotation Options not showing up for Supreme Image Module on Backend Builder.
  • Fixed: Supreme Text Divider Gap

1.0.0 – 24.09.2018

  • Official Public Release