Developer Tools Blocker


This plugin blocks non-admin users from using inspect element, while still allowing access thoes with manage_options permission.
The plugin also blocks some of the common keys(f12, ect.) and optionally can block right-clicks for non-admin users.
Admins are unaffected by the plugin entirely. This plugin is also able to block users who open developer tools on another site, before visiting your site.

Note: this plugin recently seems to fail at blocking firefox from opening console


  • Blocking unauthorized users from Inspect Element


  1. Upload plugin to the /wp-content/plugins
  2. Activate the plugin through the «Plugins» menu in WordPress
  3. Go to this plugins Settings and Check «Plugin Enabled» To Enable the plugin
  4. Edit any other settings to your preference
  5. Click Save and Enjoy


does this block users if they already have developer tools open?

yes, developer tools is detected when the user first loads the page. If developer tools was opened on another site first, its detected by the plugin.
no matter when or where developer tools was opened, it should get blocked.

can admins still use Inspect Element?

yes, this plugin detects if a user is has «manage_options» permission, and only blocks those who do not have permission.

Does this plugin block the f12 key?

common keys including f12 get blocked.

Does this plugin block right click?

There is a setting you can toggle on or off to decide if you want to block right click.

can Inspect Element be used on wp-login?

the plugin attempts to block non-admin users from inspect element, including on wp-login.
If you would like to better protect wp-login, there is another plugin by SwiftNinjaPro that will only allow specific IP’s to assess wp-login

is there still a way around this pugins block?

unfortunately, there is always a way for someone to find a work-around to any code. Opening the console is done client side, so it can only be detected client side. This plugin does make it much harder for non-admins to inspect element though.


29 de septiembre de 2020
hi , After using and installing this plugin, I realized that it does not work in Firefox and you can easily view the source code and elements with a simple right click. Do you have a solution?
20 de julio de 2020
Simple solution that works well.
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Added option to randomize the plugins javascript variable and function names


Added option to allow Search Engines for Sitemaps


Improved accuracy of devtools open detection


Improved how 404 page looks


Fixed detection for Microsoft Edge


changed display name


improved detection of opened console


added setting to allow or deny right clicks


Small change to how the plugin keeps people out of the direct url of it’s own files
includes attempt to send them to 404 page
tries to make direct access look like a 404 error to trick hackers


Bug Fix
fixed false positive that blocked Google bots
now the plugin does not send bots, like Google PageSpeed Insights, to the 404 page


Bug Fix
fixed console opening detection


Improved detection of wp-login
404 screen now displays «404 error Page Not Found»


First Version