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TI Stat


This plugin posts different charts from Yandex.Metrika on page.

There is a widget, showing the most popular pages in last days.

Go to Example Page to see how this plugin works.

This plugin uses amCharts v.2 Java-Script version.


To use this plugin you have to register on Yandex and add Metrika tracking code to your site

  1. Upload ‘/ti-stat/’ to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to ‘Settings->Ti Stat’ and enter your account name and password
  4. Choose site, which statistic you want to share
  5. Add to any page or post [ystat] shortcode
  6. Add widget to sidebar


Q: Plugin shows text(countries, gender etc) in Russian, can I switch it to English?

A: This plugin shows information in form that Yandex.Metrika does. There is no way to change language for now.

Q: How can I edit charts settings&

A: Edit .xml files in wp-content/plugins/ti-stat/settings. You can use amcharts online editor to generate proper xml code.


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Registro de cambios


  • NEW: Tabs for settings
  • NEW: Some visualisation settings for Traffic and Hourly charts can be changed in admin menu
  • FIX: Added timestamp in files links to override caching


  • FIX: disabled ti_stat_options autoload.


  • FIX: Error in admin menu, when widget is not used.


  • FIX: Added missing xml files with graph settings.


  • FIX: Error in widget when Yandex.Metrika service is not avaliable. Shows cached data.
  • FIX: Dropdown list for selecting schedule time.
  • FIX: Better work with cache.


  • NEW: Rebuilding cache on schedule (WP-Cron)
  • NEW: Option in admin menu to force cache rebuild


  • FIX: Correct work with charts attribute


  • NEW: Line charts use XML cache


  • FIX: Fixed some errors


  • NEW: pieReport class
  • NEW: Report settings
  • NEW: Pie reports cache stored on disk
  • NEW: Report source


  • NEW: Widget settings
  • FIX: bug with multiple sites


  • NEW: Uninstall process


  • NEW: Widget to show most visited post/pages


  • NEW: Shortcode attribute ‘charts’. Coma-separeted charts names, posible: «traffic,hourly,countries,age,gender»


  • FIX: Changed java-script dir


  • FIX: Some authentification errors


  • NEW: Shortcode [ystat]
  • NEW: Oauth authorisation
  • NEW: Visitors by date, gender pie chart, age pie chart, countries pie chart, visitors by hour