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El chat en vivo de Tidio es un servicio de chat en vivo que te permite comunicarte con tus clientes fácilmente, también con la ayuda de bots de chat. Está diseñado específicamente para la comunidad de WordPress. Una vez hayas instalado el plugin, estarás listo para aprovechar por completo todas las ventajas que proporciona nuestro servicio. ¡Hay disponible un plan gratuito!

Best WordPress Live Chat Plugin

Tidio Live Chat allows you to chat with and convert your customers easily, also with the help of chatbots and email marketing. It is designed specifically for the WordPress community. Once you install the WordPress live chat plugin, you will be ready to take full advantage of the benefits our service provides. A free plan is available!


Tidio is by far, the best experience with any live chat software that I have ever had, period. Its super simple to use. I would recommend Tidio 10/10!!!


  • Instalación extremadamente sencilla; cuando instales el plugin, ya estarás listo.
  • 4 integrated channels for complete customer communication: live chat, chatbots, email marketing, and Messenger
  • Bots de chat Tidio que resolverán los problemas de tus clientes 24/7 y generarán más posibles clientes.
  • Haz un seguimiento de quién visita tu sitio web.
  • Contacta con cualquier cliente que esté visitando tu sitio actualmente.
  • Ajusta el esquema de color a tus necesidades.
  • Free and easy-to-use mobile and desktop apps (iOS, Android, Windows, OS X, Chrome)
  • Usa una app dedicada para dispositivos móviles y de escritorio (iOS, Android, Windows, OS X, Chrome).
  • El widget integrado admite 183 idiomas con 21 paquetes de idiomas pretraducidos disponibles.
  • Un diseño de widget moderno que se ajusta a cualquier web.
  • An offline form for your visitors, so that you get email notifications about messages when you’re not online
  • Contact your visitors via email when they leave your website and send email marketing campaigns with built-in Tidio Email Marketing tool
  • Integration with Zapier, Zendesk, Google Analytics, MailChimp, and many more
  • Use live chat, chatbots, email marketing and Messenger in a single panel
  • Gran servicio técnico 24/7.
  • Disponible un plan gratuito.


Your potential customers are visiting your WordPress website right now, but there’s a lower chance they’ll buy from you if they’re not engaged. After 1-minute installation, a Tidio Live Chat widget appears on your website and lets your customers get real-time personal help by answering questions and resolving their doubts. This directly results in more sales, higher customer satisfaction and bigger contacts’ list.

What if you’re not online or you’d like to engage your customers automatically for even more sales and generated leads? With ready-to-use chatbots you can send messages, collect emails and answer frequently asked questions – fully automatically. After that, you easily reach out to all your contacts with one of the ready-to-use email marketing templates available with built-in Tidio Email Marketing solution.

How do I use Tidio Live Chat in WordPress?

Justo después de instalarlo, abre la pestaña «Tidio Chat» ¡y ya estás listo! Habrá visible un widget del chat en tu web para que tus visitantes puedan contactar contigo en tiempo real. Cuando accedas al panel de control de Tidio, podrás contestar a cualquier chat entrante, configurar bots del chat y gestionar otros ajustes.

Idiomas admitidos

  • Inglés
  • Español
  • Portugués
  • Árabe
  • Chino
  • Danés
  • Holandés
  • Francés
  • Alemán
  • Hebreo
  • Hindi
  • Italiano
  • Japonés
  • Coreano
  • Persa
  • Polaco
  • Rumano
  • Ruso
  • Sueco

Si no hay compatibilidad con tu idioma, por favor, contacta con nosotros en contact[at]tidio.net o visita nuestra web www.tidio.com.

Por favor, ten en cuenta que Tidio es gratis. Tras activar el plugin, comenzará tu periodo de prueba de 7 días. Cuando termine el periodo de prueba, puedes bajar tu cuenta a Gratis o continuar para usar la cuenta PRO. Más información aquí.


  • Live Chat - instantly reply to people who visit your website.
  • Intuitive Chat Panel - manage and monitor all conversations and visitors in one place.
  • Chatbots - set up automated messages triggered by predefined actions.
  • Dedicated app for mobile and desktop devices (iOS, Android, Chrome, Windows, OS X).
  • Live Visitors List - Real-time overview of all the visitors on your website/store. See what your visitors are interested in and initiate a personalized conversation.
  • Email Marketing - Use ready-made templates to send beautiful and timely emails to only real recipients.


  1. Go to WordPress Control Panel
  2. Haz clic en «Plugins» y después en «Añadir nuevo».
  3. Escribe «Tidio Live Chat» y haz clic en «Buscar plugins»
  4. Descarga e instala el plugin.
  5. Haz clic en el enlace de «Activar plugin».
  6. Pasa a la sección «Chat en vivo» en el menú.
  7. ¡Hecho! Ahora puedes empezar a hablar con tus usuarios.


Is Tidio free? How much does it cost?

Upon registering, a 7-day trial of an unlimited version of the app is assigned to your account. After the trial expires, you will be asked if you’d like to subscribe to a paid package (they start from $18 a month) or downgrade to the basic version. That way you are still able to use the chat for free, for an unlimited time 🙂

Can I customize the chat widget?

You can customize the chat widget by adjusting its color, its position on your website (the bottom-right or bottom-left corner, or as a sidebar), all of the texts that appear in it, as well as some other options!

Can my chat answer clients automatically?

Yes, your chat can engage in simple conversations automatically; you can use the chatbots feature to create autoresponders and FAQ bots, and many others 🙂

Is it possible to automatically send a message to a new/returning customer?

Chatbots will allow you to interact with both new and returning customers on your website.

Can I send email campaigns to all my customers at once?

Of course! With Tidio Email Marketing (a built-in email marketing solution) you can easily choose a ready-to-use email template, send it to your customers in minutes and increase your sales.

Is the history of conversations saved?

Yes, the history of all conversations is saved in your panel, and you can access it at any time. You’re able to remove the history for an entire conversation if you choose to.

Can I disable/hide the chat widget?

Yes, it’s possible to hide the chat widget on all the subpages of your website, or only of the pages of your choice, both for desktop and mobile devices.

Can I use Tidio on multiple websites?

Yes, there are two options to use Tidio on multiple websites. You can use the same chat on every website or add a new project for every website, which allows you to manage them all separately.

Is there a mobile application?

Sí, puedes descargar nuestra aplicación para móviles desde la App Store (https://goo.gl/mqth2P) o desde Google Play (https://goo.gl/ayibFD).


14 de enero de 2021
One of the best Chat plugin seen. I have used it for only one week. Premium and free options are both great. First paid option is not too expensive even for a small company. So far so good, really good.
10 de enero de 2021
I just started my new venture. It's a Digital Agency called dbuggers. To maintain my customer's message I need a chat plugin that comes with a free version. Then I found Tidio. I can now manage my FB messages with this plugin. I highly recommended this plugin
25 de diciembre de 2020
Great plugin with smooth interface, thank you for your work.
21 de diciembre de 2020
I like their services and how easy it is. It's compatible with my theme and works perfectly in my shop.
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  • Fix missing nonce variable


  • Update menu icon
  • Use email from plugin form as default email for a Tidio account
  • Improve error handling
  • Use nonce system


  • Simplify login flow for users with only one project
  • Set widget as installed immediately after user connected project


  • Fix saving project data after creating new project


  • New integration flow
  • Refresh styles to match Tidio design


  • Change domain to tidio.com in URL
  • Change path in login URL
  • Added ability to integrate with Tidio affiliate program


  • Add asynchronous loading of chat widget option
  • Code cleanup


  • Cambio de la ubicación del script del widget en los temas de WordPress para mejorar la carga de la página.
  • Usa el correo electrónico de administrador como correo electrónico predeterminado para una cuenta de Tidio.


  • Cambio de la ubicación del script del widget en los temas de WordPress para mejorar la carga de la página.
  • Usa el correo electrónico de administrador como correo electrónico predeterminado para una cuenta de Tidio.


  • Los textos actualizados en el plugin son más intuitivos.


  • Se ha añadido un nuevo botón para reconfigurar los datos de la cuenta.
  • Los datos de la cuenta no se eliminan automáticamente al desactivar o desinstalar el plugin.


  • Elimina los archivos antiguos, pasa a solicitudes api https.


  • Añade un solo número de versión en el plugin.


  • Limpieza con cambios después de las últimas modificaciones.


  • (added) curl support


  • (added) new design
  • (added) integration with tidio chat account


  • (added) compatibility with other tidio plugins


  • (added) compatibility with tidio one api


  • (added) compatibility with tidio one


  • (added) support to sites with disabled allow_url_fopen flag


  • (added) new icon


  • Compatibility with tidiochat.com


  • Added compatibility with other Tidio plugins


  • (fixed) error with location files using DIR


  • (added) translate mode
  • (added) feedback form
  • (fixed) auth problem


  • (fixed) curl followlocation error


  • (added) appearance editor
  • (added) compatibility with wordpress 3.9
  • (fixed) compatibility with others tidio plugins


  • (added) chat settings


  • Versión inicial.