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TweetPress is the WordPress Plug-In that gives you total control and ownership of the photos you post to Twitter, sending traffic back to your own blog, instead of a third party site.

Currently, when posting photos to Twitter, you must first post them to a 3rd party service (such as Twitpic) and then post that URL to Twitter. Not only do you lose control over YOUR image gallery, but you are also sending Twitpic a significant amount of traffic that could be sent to your own website.

Just install the plugin, and start posting photos with your favorite Twitter client (that supports TweetPress).

The current Twitter clients that support Tweetpress are Twittelator Pro and Twitter for iPhone


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Download the TweetPress plugin for wordpress
  2. Upload it to your wp-content/plugins folder
  3. Activate it in your plugin admin page
  4. Make sure the directory wp-content/uploads is writable (TweetPress will warn you if it is not)


How does TweetPress work?

TweetPress can be used with popular Twitter clients such as Twittelator Pro and Twitter for iPhone to allow you to post photos to Twitter and host them on your WordPress blog. It features a full API for developers, so any Twitter client can easily integrate with TweetPress.

You can also post photos directly from your gallery page.

Why Should I Use TweetPress?
  1. Full control over the images you post to Twitter
  2. Drive more traffic to your own website rather than some 3rd party site
  3. Customizable image gallery
  4. Maintain the rights to YOUR photos
Does TweetPress have an API? Where can I find information about interfacing my application with it?

Yes, TweetPress has a full API so any Twitter client can interface with it. Please read the API documentation found on TweetPress’ info page


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Registro de cambios


  • Added a sidebar widget to display recent Tweetpress images


  • Fixed issue that prevented the use of Twitter login


  • Revert back to WordPress login by default
  • Custom CSS
  • Updated so that the thumbs don’t get a size of 0px when used with SEO images plugin
  • Bug fixes


  • Updates for WP 3.0


  • Fixes for users wanting to use their own credentials


  • Pulls info from twitter about the post including tweet, twitter username, twitter link, twitter photo
  • magic


  • Added ability to delete images for logged in users
  • Added ability to configure the number of thumbnails to be displayed
  • Fixed the CSS a bit so it doesn’t break on various layouts


  • Added custom url shorteners, TinyURL,,, Linkyy, as well as your own custom
  • Fixed bug when uploading from the gallery page
  • various bug fixes and coolness




  • Added support for Tweetie 2
  • Added API support: set show_image=1 in the url to link directly to the image
  • small bug fixes


  • Fixed to work with users who have WordPress installed in a subdirectory


  • Small bug fix


  • Added Twitter class


  • Now allows you to post photos directly from your gallery page


  • Plugin now correctly crops images for thumbnails


  • Fixes bug that occurs when loading up the gallery page
  • Fix the backslash being added to tweets with quotes


  • Small bug fixes


  • Initial Version