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A plugin that posts a short blurb on your Twitter page linking to a post you’ve recently published.

The message can be customized, and you can chose to notify twitter of all new posts (and exclude them on a post-by-post basis) or notify twitter manually on a post-by-post basis.

Note: This is designed to work with WordPress MU as well as a regular WordPress blog. (Hopefully)


5/05/09, 0.0.5 – Added tinyURL API to shrink blog URLs\
6/05/09, 0.0.6 – Hopefully added a fix for the 417 error\
7/05/09, 0.0.7 – Fixed up the messed up numbering\
8/05/09, 0.0.8 – Added language support


I tend to be forgetful about checking this page, so if you’d like support or there’s a bug or you’ve got a comment, I do have a project page for this with information, as well as a link to a small forum. You can also email me at


  1. Upload folder twitbar to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Navigate to Tools->Twitpost
  4. Enter your username & password for twitter and save them.
  5. Edit the settings to customize how twitbar works


What’s the different between Automatic method and Manual method?

The methods are how the plugin goes about deciding whether or not to contact Twitter about your update.

With Automatic ever post published will be added to twitter, unless a custom field called twitpost_action with a value of skip is added to the post. This means users can exclude certain posts from being published, or publish them later.

Manual means nothing is sent to twitter unless you specifically add a custom field called twitpost_action to the post with a value of post.

With both situations, once a post has been published the twitpost_action will be updated (or added if it doesn’t exist) with the value added. This is so in the future if you update the post it will not be added to twitter. However, if you change the value to post and then update the post, it will be sent to twitter.

You can come back at any time and change the value of twitpost_action to post which will cause the post to be added to twitter again.

How do I write my message?

The keywords USER, TITLE and URL inside the message will be replaced with their actual values. Eg: USER has written a post called TITLE -> URL. Due to twitter being short, you should keep the message short.

Why don’t you shorten the URLs?

Set the shrink url option to a service. If the URL doesn’t shrink in your tweet, it may be because you don’t have CURL installed.

Will there be more tags for the message field?

Yes, more are planned to be added so the message can be customized further. Suggestions are welcome.

Why do you only use TinyURL as a url shrink service?

If you’d like more to be added just suggestion one.


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