Ultimate Ads Manager


Visit the official Ultimate Ads Manager homepage for the documentation and premium extension!

Create, manage, automate and display advertisements as a widget or shortcode anywhere on your page.

The main features of Ultimate Ads Manager are:

  • Easy to use
  • Awesome statistics
  • Support Google Analytics
  • Count views and clicks
  • Consider view’s/click’s uniqueness
  • Consider view/click duplicates
  • Query statistics of last hour, day, week and year
  • All time statistics
  • Shortcodes for each ad
  • Insert ad in any (custom) post
  • Grouping of ads
  • Automate displaying ads
  • Define restrictions for for ads such as time, clicks, views, weekdays
  • Randomly select ad
  • Fool AdBlocker plugins
  • Efficient data processing
  • Categorize your ads to help UAM to make smarter decisions
  • Premium extension for even more efficiency (necessary for sites with a lot traffic)


  • View you statistics on google analytics.
  • View you statistics on google analytics.
  • Statistics right in your admin area!
  • Statistics right in your admin area!
  • Simply create image adverts.
  • Simply create image adverts.
  • Simply inject google ads.
  • Simply inject google ads.
  • Manage your ads the WordPress way!
  • Manage your ads the WordPress way!


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Click on Plugins/Add New
  2. Search for Ultimate Ads Manager, click on ‘install’
  3. Activa el plugin desde el menú ‘Plugins’ de WordPress

Preguntas frecuentes

How to display an advertisement in the sidebar?

Go to Appearance/Widgets and drag the Ultimate Ads Manager widget into a Widget Area (e.g. Sidebar).

How to display an advertisement in a post?

Include the ad’s shordcode in your post. You can find the shortcodes in the ads overview table.


Great Featured Ads Manager

it is really great and easy to use plugin for ads managing on wordpress
I installed this on my site, just found something missing there; a public report for advertisers whom want to see their ads stat live which had to make the page myself.
But hope this feature to be included in next update.

Love It!!

Exactly what I’m looking for. Control your own ads in your site. Especially with ad-groups.. you can rotate ads in the same widget. Awesome.

Facing Issue after activate the plugin

The plugin generated 220 characters of unexpected output during activation. If you notice “headers already sent” messages, problems with syndication feeds or other issues, try deactivating or removing this plugin.

Brilliant and simple plugin

I’ve been looking for something like this for some time – simple to use and powerfully effective. But the best thing has been the response when i’ve had an issue – prompt and fixed a bug problem ASAP.

Lots more complexity can be added in, I think and look forward to seeing where this plugin goes as the possibilities seem endless!

Easier than I thought

I installed this on a site for a small business client a few months ago. Thought there would be a learning curve to get this to work but it was quite simple, a lot quicker than expected. Upload a photo, add a link, and place it in a widget. This is a relief, I didn’t want to use Revive or something external to manage just a few ads for him.

The only thing I’d like is if I had control of how it opens instead of only opening a new window/tab. Most of the banners I’ll be placing are for other pages on the site so I don’t need the visitor opening multiple windows.

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Registro de cambios


  • Load original JS files in admin frontend and notify user if adblocker causes conflicts.


  • Hybrid redirecting approach for to run on apache and other servers (which support symlinks).


  • Fixes


  • Added API call to trigger click events in custom-code adverts


  • GDPR compliance setting


  • New feature: database optimization


  • Do not load remote stripe js
  • ‘nofollow’ option


  • Fixed DB update


  • Fixed DB update


  • Introducing places
  • Introducing restrictions
  • Introducing categories
  • Bug fixes


  • hot fix for empty ad groups bug


  • fix ad location bug
  • fix symlink bug
  • load overview statistics asynchronously


  • minor hotfixes


  • Hot fix: last 12 months December bug


  • Hot fix for older PHP version


  • Support for doubleclick digital marketing (DCM)
  • Support for custom javascript code
  • Hotfixes


  • Script enqueue hotfix


  • Make symlinks more robust
  • Caching expensive database queries [premium-feature]
  • Adjust advert position
  • Control tab-opening behaviour


  • Hotfix


  • Click-through rate (CTR) [premium feature]
  • Premium tab


  • Fix shortcode display when wrapped in HTML
  • Fix old adverts


  • Google Analytics Support


  • Bug fixes for IE and Safari


  • Bug fixes


  • Google Ads feature
  • Bug fixes
  • Better statistics
  • Support tab
  • Help tab


  • Performance improved drastically


  • Fixed symlink error


  • Bug fixes


  • First release