Unify is a plugin to connect Konnektive CRM or LimeLight CRM to your WooCommerce (WordPress) store. In addition to allowing you to process payments through a CRM, it supports many features including a customer membership portal, a support ticket system, and support chat. A full list of the features can be found below. Read more >

Supported connections

  • LimeLight
  • Konnektive



  • Process payments through a supported CRM (LimeLight CRM and Konnektive CRM)
  • Map products between your storefront and your CRM
  • Batch import products

Pro (Contact Us)

  • Features in the Free tier
  • Subscription order support
  • Void and Refund orders through Unify
  • Basic support ticket system
  • Lightweight customer support chat
  • Customer membership portal where customers can manage and track their orders
  • Control Panel
  • Various built in plugins, including coupon management, address validation, fraud detection, and more


  • Add New Connection
  • Product Mapping Manually
  • Product Mapping by Inline Editor
  • Product Mapping by Bulk Import
  • Configuration


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.


  • Upload files: Upload the entire unify folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • Activation: Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.


  • Add Connection: Open your Admin Panel and go to Unify > Add New Connection. Please have a look at the below screenshot.
  • Product Mapping: Now, you need to map your product(s) with connection’s product(s). You can do mapping in 3 ways.

    • One By One: Go to Products > Add/Edit Product > Linked Products and add your Connection’s Product ID.
    • Inline Editor: Go to Unify > Tools > Product Mapping and click on a row.
    • Bulk Import: Go to Unify > Tools > Import/Export and import CSV file. Before upload you can export products as a CSV file & update that file with your connection’s product ID.
  • Configuration: Now you are in the last step. Go to Unify > Settings and scroll to the bottom. You can see Unify Payment Method. Add a title, select your connection, credit card types, etc.


22 de enero de 2020
We're heavily invested in Limelight. We've recently started selling our products on a variety of WordPress/WooCommerce sites. The Unify plugin has made it possible to integrate our selling/billing/fulfillment processes with Limelight.
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Registro de cambios


  • Enhancement – Enhanced the shipping ID feature for each product with Sticky.io (Formally Limelight).


  • Feature – Now order note is available in Unify plugin with Sticky.io (Formally Limelight) Legacy CRM for same product multiple variation.
  • Enhancement – Made shipping profile optional for Konnektive CRM.


  • Feature – Unify plugin now supports Konnektive CRM product variation.
  • Enhancement – Payment page escaping special character.


  • Fix – Connection typo, which was causing issue for Limelight legecy version.


  • Feature – Unify plugin now supports Response CRM.
  • Dev – Updated Author Name and Email ID in library file.
  • Fix – validation.required error message on validation failure.
  • Enhancement – Optimized the Limelight CRM library.


  • Enhancement – Showing error messages from CRM.
  • Localization – Changed few labels.


  • Fix – The issue for console error in checkout page.
  • Tweak – Changed the validate jquery library path.


  • Fix – The issue with WooCommerce Logger.


  • Template – Added Email templates.


  • Template – Plugin New Admin UI.
  • Feature – Added debugging option to log API request and response.
  • Fix – Upsell ID issue for empty Shipment Price Settings.


  • Feature – Custom note for Konnektive CRM


  • Feature – Added support for custom shipping price changed for Konnktive CRM
  • Fix – Undefined Index title in Product Mapping
  • Fix – The issue with special character in API password
  • Fix – Added ipAddress key in order creation for Konnektive CRM
  • Fix – Updated CVV validation so that number starting with zero do not throw any integer error in Konnektive CRM
  • Fix – ‘Invalid UPSELL product id of 0 found’ for Limelight Billing Model


  • Fix – Decryption issue.


  • Fix – Setting of default card type for Test card.


  • Fix – American Express CVV checking error.
  • Fix – Credit Card 2 digit month checking.
  • Fix – Undefined index type in MetaBox
  • Fix – Undefined index required in Input
  • Feature – Added Product Variant Support for Limelight CRM
  • Feature – Added Limelight CRM Offer and Billing Model Support


  • Fix – Notice for undefined index.
  • Performance – Prevented calling of un-necessary Class.


  • Feature – A new feature has been added for various shipping method for a product.
  • Fix – Notice of calling id incorrectly of Order properties.
  • Enhancement – Enhanced the validation for card expiry date in checkout page.


  • Made it comfortable for PHP 7.2


  • First public release


  • Made it comfortable for PHP 5.6