Vendi Abandoned Plugin Check


This plugin will query the servers in a background task to determine the number of days since the last SVN update.

This plugin has no interface. It only runs a background task daily and then modifies the main plugin table by adding the number of days since the plugin was last updated.

This plugin has not been tested with multi-site yet.

Feel free to contribute to this plugin on GitHub!


  • Ejemplo de listado de plugins con algunas edades mostradas.
  • Example showing old plugins when searching.


  1. Upload plugin-name.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activa el plugin desde el menú ‘Plugins’ de WordPress


Does this work with multisite?

Esto aún no se ha probado.

Why does this check all plugins instead of just activated plugins?

El código antiguo es el código antiguo.

Not all of my plugins are showing a last updated date

Este plugin consulta la base de datos de a través de la API oficial. Si tu plugin no aparece en esta base de datos, no mostraremos su fecha.

Además, este plugin (a partir de la versión 3.0.0) se ejecuta por lotes, ejecutando 10 plugins a la vez. Intenta recargar por sí mismo, pero dependiendo de su configuración esto puede o no funcionar.

I’ve activated this plugin, now what?

Dependiendo de la cantidad de plugins que tengas instalados, puede llevar un par de minutos encontrar la última fecha de actualización de cada plugin instalado. Ve a la página de plugins y actualiza cada par de segundos. Si no ves las notas después de 5 minutos, puede haber un problema real. Si tu servidor no es capaz de hacer llamadas remotas, este plugin no funcionará. Además, si has desactivado el sistema de programación de WordPress este plugin no funcionará.


11 de abril de 2024
Yes, I am feeling saver when this fine plugin shows the updated plugins in its green letters in the plugin list… :)….speaking of «saver» I hope and wish it would be updated itself and will not be abandoned 😉 – compatibility with the newest WP (now 6.5.2) is pending… 😀 Thanks!
14 de febrero de 2024
Sorry, but this plugin did not work. I activated it on our site, and also waited for several minutes, but nothing showed up in the plugins section.
8 de febrero de 2021
The main problem with security with WP is that it does not show if the plugin you use is still maintained. With Veni, you can see if you need to search for an alternative to your favorite plugin very easily. I like the way it shows outdated plugins when you search for a plugin to install.
3 de diciembre de 2020
I’m running this on a Multisite instance on my dev server and it appears to work just fine. The caveat that the criterion of how recently a plugin has been updated is not by itself an assurance of the health and security of that plugin is quite correct, however, when you’re running a large WP site with many plugins, it’s far too easy for an abandoned plugin to fall through the cracks of awareness and attention. To the degree that it does what it says it does, this plugin is a useful tool.
29 de octubre de 2019
Won’t install. Another Woocommerce junk add-on!!
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  • Require PHP 7 or greater
  • WP 6.4 tested


  • WP 6.3 tested


  • Switching to GitHub for development, using actions for deploy to SVN


  • WP 5.9 tested


  • Probado en WP 5.7


  • Probado en WP 5.2


  • Se ha silenciado un error que podía producirse si el servidor no podía resolver el DNS a sí mismo
  • Corregidos los saltos de línea en el léame
  • Probado en WP 4.9.5


  • Changed API check to use SVN slug instead of Plugin slug. Thanks Scott Neader and Bob Lindner!
  • Added an option to log actions for debugging at the code-level (beta)
  • WP 4.5 tested


  • Probado en WP 4.4


  • On this plugin update, force reset of stored timestamps


  • Probado en WP 4.3


  • Upon activation clean up any remaining previous installs just in case the plugin wasn’t property deactivated


  • Removed mu support for now so that we can use the register_activation_hook


  • Cron jobs are now executed in batches to avoid timing out with lots of plugins
  • Fixed some styling for highlighting abandoned plugins on the plugin search screen in WP 3.9 and less
  • Renamed cron hooks and transients for clarity


  • Added support for highlighting abandoned plugins on the plugin search screen


  • Version bump for internal folder re-org


  • Added icons


  • Versión inicial