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Viral Sharing Buttons by Upshare


Viral Share Buttons

Get more shares on your content and increase your site’s viral growth by installing the UP Viral Sharing Buttons plugin! Unlike your normal, everyday Sharing Buttons, Upshare’s responsive, cloud-based sharing buttons have been specifically designed to help boost viral growth without slowing down load time.

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With Upshare Viral Sharing Buttons, as users start Sharing your content on their favorite Social Networks, you can track their sharing behavior and get viral growth data, and (coming soon) users can get points they can cash in for cool stuff in the Upshare Store. Users sign up for UP once by expanding the UP icon, then each time they’re Sharing your content across Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn, they get points – and you get powerful cross-network Social data on how your users are Sharing your content on their social networks.

You can also turn OFF the UP icon if you simply want simple, cloud-based, responsive sharing buttons that work on the web and mobile WITHOUT sharing incentives.

However, if you keep the up icon ON, users don’t even need to share using your Social Sharing Buttons for you to get incredibly detailed viral data – they can just copy and paste the link or share in any other way, and we’ll be able to track what they share automatically.

Upshare’s customizable platform and Viral Sharing Buttons help you optimize your content, blog posts and pages for more social sharing engagement, and a wider viral reach.

What’s more – by signing up as an UP Partner for free after installing Upshare Viral Sharing Buttons, you can control the placement of your Sharing Buttons on your UP Partner Dashboard, you get access to Sharing demographic data and Sharing behavior to help you get to know your most viral users, and turn your visitors into evangelists.

You don’t just want people Sharing your content – you want them to start CONVERSATIONS around your content that their networks engage in and start Sharing. You also want your site to be PROMOTED to other users who are sharing similar sites on their social networks and social media accounts. Viral Sharing buttons are a great first step, but unlike other Sharing Button widgets, UP doesn’t stop there.

Stop begging users to start Sharing your content and giving them nothing in return. Use Viral Sharing Buttons by UP, track viral growth, run tests, measure improvement, and give people a reason to share!

100% responsive, works on all browsers and devices, cloud-based, lightening-fast, will never slow your site down. It’s our job to help you grow your viral reach through incentivized social media sharing!

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Custom Sharing Buttons Placement

  • Responsive and customizable
  • Vertical and horizontal social media icons
  • Mobile and tablet friendly
  • Easily controlled from your UP dashboard
  • One-click install, or easy-to-implement shortcode
  • Never impedes your content

Lightening Fast

  • < 150 ms load time
  • 150 kb in size
  • Perfect Google Pagespeed score
  • Value-add for both site owners AND users (no other sharing widget provides this)

Automatically Optimized

  • Clean, crisp, fully-customizable design
  • The Upshare team optimizes widget features based on in-house testing
  • We work behind the scenes to make your site more viral
  • We give you the data on most viral sharing widget states
  • Install social sharing buttons on any CMS or shopping cart
  • Compatible with all browsers and devices
  • Safe and secure using industry best practices

Unique Viral Features

  • Market-leading social sharing widget performance
  • Points-based incentives to give users a reason to share on social networks
  • The more interactions a user’s share gets, the more points they’re awarded
  • This ensures they share what their network responds to – so you aren’t seen as spam
  • No other social sharing widget gives users a reason to voluntarily link their networks
  • You get never-before-seen cross-network viral sharing data to see how, why and when users are sharing your pages and posts
  • WE PROMOTE YOUR SITE – we show your site to other users who share similar content with their networks.
  • You get data and insights even if users just copy/paste links or re-share on their networks (they link their sharing history to Upshare)

100% Free to use, Upgrade to Remove Branding and Switch On Mobile Sharing

  • Just install the Upshare widget free and sign up as a partner in 30 seconds or less
  • Users see the UP icon and automatically know they get points for sharing
  • Industry-leading partner support (we actually listen to your feedback)
  • Incredibly-detailed documentation and tutorials



Got installation questions? If the steps below don’t help – let us know.

Automatic installation through WordPress:

  1. Go to the “Add New Plugins” screen in your WordPress admin area
  2. Search for “Upshare Sharing Buttons”
  3. Click Install Now
  4. Activar el plugin
  5. Browse to your site’s homepage
  6. Click on the green UP Arrow in the top right and follow the instructions

Manual installation via FTP:

  1. Upload the upshare folder to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
  2. Follow steps 4-6 above.

To upload the plugin through WordPress, instead of FTP:

  1. Upload the downloaded zip file on the Add New plugins screen (see the Upload tab) in your WordPress admin area.
  2. Follow steps 4-6 above.

Skip the plugin and install the JavaScript snippet directly into your HTML:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Grab your JavaScript snippet from the following page
  3. Navigate to the Editor screen in your WordPress admin panel
  4. Pull up the Header file from the list on the right
  5. Paste your JavaScript snippet right before the closing tag in your Header file
  6. Save the file
  7. Tweak your settings from your Upshare Dashboard
  8. ¡Disfrútalo!


8 de febrero de 2017
Sharing buttons are really nice with great customization options and they are fast
8 de febrero de 2017
Really love the concept behind this, reward users for sharing your quality content. Been running this on my site for a while now it seems to work well.
8 de febrero de 2017
Good design of plugin
8 de febrero de 2017
To be honest with you I was just looking for nice little share buttons. I didn't even think something like this existed - but I really like the concept. SUPER excited to see the next features. Definitely recommended!
8 de febrero de 2017
Works great! I was just looking for sharing buttons but this is waaaay better... Can't wait to see all the data!!
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  • First release


  • Minor bug fixed in plugin css


  • Added new placement options for sharing buttons. Can now be pinned to left, right and bottom left of screen. These options can be controlled from within Dashboard area on


  • Added new incontent sharing button display mode called UPBlog.
  • Added ability to display share counts on network icons
  • Added 10 new placement modes to UPShare widget.


  • Added responsive Mobile sharing mode
  • Added lots of new viral buttons customizations including size, animation, hover effects and more


  • Added new Shape and Style customizations options.


  • Added URL Exclude feature so UpSHare can be hidden on certain pages


  • Improved stability of plugin code.


  • Fixed fatal error on plugin settings page.


  • Added new Rewards widget. Webmasters can now offer incentives to encourage users to share their content.