Waiting: One-click countdowns


Cuentas atrás en un clic.

Cuenta atrás a una fecha específica o con una duración determinada (ej. 60 segundos desde la carga de página).


  • Unlimited no. of countdowns.
  • Easy visual builder with live preview that generates shortcode that looks like [waiting name="downtown"].
  • Colores infinitos.
  • Establece el ancho, el alto y el tamaño de la fuente.
  • 600+ fonts.
  • Rounded corners.
  • Timezone: WordPress or GMT
  • Opciones al finalizar la cuenta: Nada, Ocultar cuenta atrás, redirigir, activar eventos DOM (hacer clic, pasar el ratón por encima, etc.).
  • Widget.
  • Smooooth transitions.
  • Quick translation form for time units.
  • Oh, and 3D cubical styles too.

  • Loads files only if shortcode or widget is present.

  • Feature suggestions are implemented quickly.


Soporte: Responderemos a tu problema dentro de 3 a 18 horas.

Escríbenos a support [at] plugin.builders



Sube la carpeta de Waiting a tu directorio «wp-content/plugins/».
Activa el plugin a través del menú «Plugins» en WordPress.
Ve a la página de Waiting desde el menú principal.
Crea una cuenta atrás.
Coloca el shortcode generado en cualquier parte de tus entradas o selecciona el nombre de la cuenta atrás desde el widget (también es compatible con campos personalizados).


22 de abril de 2022
This plugin looked ideal, so I tried the free version. The user instructions are minimal and at first it did not display. That is because I had incorrectly set the start and finish dates and times. Now it displays.
28 de febrero de 2021
This is my first WP plugin review. I felt compelled to come and write one for this perfect product. I tried multiple others before finding this one and the superiority of it is striking. I recommend it to anyone wanting a customisable and easy to use countdown plugin.
29 de enero de 2021
I LOVE this plugin! It's so simple and intuitive to setup and implement. I needed a way to expire a page and have it redirect, and this plugin does just that! It's very easy to set it up, and I didn't have to read any documentation. It just works the way it should. Love the countdown timer and that I can customize the colors on the page. thanks!
11 de diciembre de 2019
Estupendo!! Por fin algo sencillo y ajustable a las necesidades. GRACIAS!!! Great!! Finally something simple and adjustable to the needs. THANKS!!!
7 de octubre de 2018
User's Timezone is like the most critical thing and makes this a pointless plugin unless i choose only days and weeks.. and the Pro yearly fee is a bit high for this. I 'd pay for a lifetime usage not the yearly fee or something more reasonable.
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Registro de cambios


  • Fixed Duplicate button issue.


  • Fixed an issue with Cloudflare’s Rocketloader.


  • Fixed datepicker format issues.
  • Fixed countdown start datepicker issues.


  • Fixed a bug that generated errors when jQuery was not already available.


  • Very important, please update now.
  • Fixed a timezone bug that was offseting time by wrong amount while editing.
  • Fixed an On Finish bug. Test code was left in the previous version.


  • Set countdown start time.
  • Start / Restart countdown on element clicks.
  • Play audio on countdown end. A default beep sound is available.


Fixed errors caused by Waiting 0.4 in Widgets and Theme Customiser page.


  • Send emails on countdown finish.
  • Option to make labels lowercase or not.
  • Option to shorten labels to 3 characters or not.


Initial version.