Widget Detector for Elementor


The plugin analyzes your pages and posts to find all Elementor Widgets that are used, not used or missing on certain pages and posts.

Designed as part of service and in some cases using API from https://elementdetector.com/, for example where you don’t have plugin installed to detect name based on widget key found in elementor content structure.

Also can detect elements even on third parity external websites.

This will help you to remove unused Elementor Widgets and optimize the speed of your website related to Elementor.

Or to Detect Missing Widget from accidentally deleted plugins on posts or pages.

Plugin also showing Elementor Elements/Widgets Position on specific page at same time to quickly find where exactly widget is used.

Also including functionality to show Which Elementor Addons / Widgets are used inside Elementor Editor On Element Hover.

In latest version will also detect Images Used in Elementor Structure Per Page, like stranfe filenames, filesize, image resolutions etc.

👑 Pro version also supports:

Deativate / activate specific unused Elementor Widgets
CSV Exports
Advanced Search and Filtering features
Plugins Usage


  • Elementor Widgets Used Per Page
  • Elementor Widgets Positions on Page
  • Elementor Widgets Name Inside Editor on Hover
  • Detect Images Used in Elementor Structure Per Page


Very easy, you can install it directly from wp.org repository or from admin dashboard.

Or manually:

  1. upload ‘widget-detector-elementor.php’ to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Activate the plugin from the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.


Will this work without Elementor plugin?

No, there is no reason to use it without Elementor plugin

How we can speed up website?

You can detect unused widgets and remove this plugins/widgets related.

Also you can detect missing plugins for widgets used on page so you can remove this elements completely.

Where to detect Elementor plugin compatibility list?

There is website where yo ucan found compatible plugin version for your wp / PHP version: https://wpcompatible.com


16 de junio de 2024 2 respuestas
Unfortunately, the nice plugin stopped working after updating Elementor to 3.22. Just two hours later the issue was fixed. Great!
4 de mayo de 2024 1 respuesta
Best tool to get information which template(s) are used on the page.
5 de marzo de 2024 1 respuesta
Merci pour cet addon pratique qui répond à notre demande. nous souhaitions réduire la quantité de widgets elementor qui traine sur nos sites et votre widget permet de la faire rapidement, sans surprise. Bravo !
25 de enero de 2024 1 respuesta
This is an essential tool if you use Elementor and any Elementor add-ons. It provides functionality that I wish Elementor had by default, but this plugin is the best plugin for Elementor that I’ve come across in ages.
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Registro de cambios


  • Elementor 3.22 compatibility fix


  • deativate/activate specific unused widgets in paid version
  • more info detection on live preview, fonts, textsizes etc


  • compatibility improvements with PHP 8.2


  • compatibility improvements with wp and plugins
  • stability improvements
  • More paid features


  • global widgets improved support, now showing also global widget name
  • image message changes/improvements
  • plugin usage detection
  • few more monetization options because of maintance costs


  • ask for plugin review configuration
  • tgm-pa configured to recommend elementinvader plugin


  • img detection improvement


  • Vendor libs update


  • Paid addon compatibility fix


  • Filter by post type
  • Export features paid addon support added


  • Updated vendor libraries
  • Minor changes in layout and readme file


  • Plugin name aded in widgets used and widgets not in use tables
  • Detect templates used inside Elementor Pages with shortcode [elementor-template…


  • Warning issue on user images page fix in elementor json structure parsing


  • Sync Elementor widget db and show plugin name if plugin not installed


  • Detect Images Used in Elementor Structure Per Page
  • Button to directly edit page in Elementor added for better user experiance


  • Fix in widgets used page, in case when widget is not installed but used on pages


  • Fixes related to php errors on null object
  • Support link added in dash menu
  • Widget detection on layout improvements
  • Widget detection on hover also inside Elementor Editor
  • Elements/Widgets Position on specific page, now showing widget name if possible instead of widget key
  • Settings page created


  • Order by widget name in tables


  • Show Elementor Elements/Widgets Position on specific page
  • German langauge added


  • Init version