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Simple & Visually appealing site always attracts the attention of viewer. Creating stunning websites is just minutes away now, all you need to do is choose the right tools.

Merge WidgetKit with Elementor and take the experience of ultimate page building. WIth Widgetkit build any layouts in shortest time, it doesn’t matter whether the layout is simple or complex. If you can think it, you can build it with Widgetkit.

Elementor is a great tool for building website, but without proper addons it might take more time and money. Even sometimes you do not get your preferred layouts and sections in spite of using premium addons.

We aim to enhance your experience, it does not matter whether you are a developer or a designer. Our goal is to give you the perfect tool that is build for WordPress professionals.

You can only decide to use Widgetkit after viewing by yourself. See it by yourself from here-

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WidgetKit for Elementor is useful for :

  • Create any kind of complicated design without coding.
  • Fully responsive layout for all devices
  • Huge customization and easy to use.
  • Well decoration settings options.
  • Multiple feature on every block.
  • Compatible with any kind of theme.
  • User friendly structure.
  • And much more…


  • Slider with animation.
  • Countdown.
  • 4 style team block
  • Portfolio 4 style with filter
  • Custom blog 5 items
  • Testimonial 3 styles
  • 4 Differents pricing with tab
  • Social share with animation
  • Custom carousel with post
  • Button with 10 hover animation
  • Modal with shortcode and video
  • Feature hover effect with image and icon
  • Title Animation
  • Hover Image
  • Call to action

This plugin offers following Elementor extensions or addons.

  • Slider Box allows you to create slider with collapse animation.
  • Slider Parallax is a regular slider element with navbar and beautiful effects.
  • Slider Animation allows you to create professional slider with huge animation effect and other customizations.
  • Feature Image/Icon Box allows you to create both icon and image based featured content with different animations.
  • Filterable Portfolio allows you to create stunning portfolio entries in a lucrative responsive grid.
  • Team Animation displays team information in a different animation with click.
  • Team Overlay shows the information of all team members in a section.
  • Team Vertical Icon shows the information of team members with different style.
  • Team Circle allows you to display information of team members with unique animation and style.
  • Team Gardient displays team information in a deafult way color gardient.
  • Pricing Single displays pricing table in order to generate more sales.
  • Pricing Icon is similar to Pricing 1 but with different customization and options.
  • Pricing Tab comes with regular pricing options with tabbed style.
  • Testimonial shows you good things that your customers says about you.
  • Single Testimonialis a fully responsive slider that shows testimonials.
  • Button lets you create stunning buttons with 10 hover animation.
  • Modal with 5 animations. You can use video, shortcode or any animation, that totally depends upon you.
  • Post Carousel lets you make 3 types of Post Carousels – Custom, Standard, & Sticky.
  • Blog Sidebar lets you make 3 types of Post Carousels – Custom, Standard, & Sticky.
  • Blog Carousel displays blog posts with carousel.
  • Blog Revert displays blog with regular settings and exclusive customization of thumbnail.
  • Blog Image allows you to aligment thumbnail image left to right.
  • Blog Hover Animation allows you to show blogs with transparent background and other effects.
  • Social Share Animation allows you to show social profile of yours with lucrative animations.
  • Title Animation 4 different of animation styles.
  • Countdown helps to makes multi variation countdown.
  • Image with Hover Get 5 differents hover effect with overlay color.


  • Recent Posts
  • Slider
  • Team Elements
  • Pricing Table
  • Featured Image and Icon box


  1. Upload widgetkit-for-lementor.zip folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Preguntas frecuentes

Is Widgetkit compatible with any wordpress themes?

Yes of course! Widgetkit will work with any WordPress themes.

Is Widgetkit fully free?

Yes! Widgetkit is absolutely free and provided to you by Themesgrove. There is no hidden charge, if you wish you can give small donation.

As a theme developer, how can Widgetkit help me?

Widgetkit turns your theme functions to widgets and replaces code with a visual builder to reduce development time.

What is the requirements to use Widgetkit?

Minimum Requirements
WordPress version 4.0 or greater.
Elementor version 1.5 or greater.
PHP version 5.4 or greater.

Recommended Requirements

Latest version of WordPress.
Latest version of Elementor.
PHP 5.4 or greater.


febrero 3, 2019
Hi WidjetKit I have a problem with you! I test and use WidjetKit in "Neve" theme and it works completely. but when I have activated this plugin to "Dazzling" theme, understand that "Submenus" in the top menu, doesn't open! so I go to Plugins and deactivate WidjetKit. then submenus could open! is there any solution for me?
enero 20, 2019
To me, if I activate it Elementor does not work anymore. Plugin conflict.
enero 13, 2019
I added this to elementor (what it was advertised for) just for the pricing icons, 2 weeks and countless hours later I can't do anything to fix the issues with lining the columns up with eachother, its treated as an entire element in itself so I can't add a spacer, its locked to adding custom css to push it down and trying to push the button at the bottom of the icon down using margins and padding in elementor just moves the entire pricing box instead of the button, any other elements I've tried to use from widgetkit have been just as pointless and frustrating despite looking nice and enticing before you try and get any customisation or actual usability out of them. Others in the elementor community have also wasted time on their own sites and trying to help me get mine up. don't waste your time on this
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  • Imporved – Slider Elements
  • New Option – Slider Data Pause True/False
  • Imporved – Portfolio Elements
  • Imporved – Team Elements
  • Fixed – Bug


  • Fixed – Bug


  • Imporved – Portfolio Elements
  • Imporved – Team Elements
  • Imporved – Slider Elements
  • Imporved – Feature Box Elements
  • Imporved – Hover Image Elements


  • Imporved – Team Elements
  • Improved – Pricing Element
  • Improved – Blog Elements
  • Improved – Testimonial Elements
  • Fixed – Bug


  • Imporved – Slider Element
  • Improved – Pricing Element
  • Improved – Feature and Icon box Element
  • Imporved – Countdown Element
  • Improved – Animation Effect for Blog Section
  • Improved – Blog Hover Animation Element
  • Fixed – Bug


  • Imporved – Countdown Element
  • Improved – Animation Effect for Blog Section
  • Improved – Blog Hover Animation Element


  • New Option – Element Enable/Disable Option from Dashboard
  • Update – Button Hover Effect Option
  • Fixed – Bug


  • Fixed – Bug


  • New Element – Image Box with Hover Effect
  • Fixed – Bug


  • New Element – Title Animantion
  • New Element – Countdown
  • Fixed – Bug


  • Fixed – Bug


  • Fixed – Responsive issue


  • Public Release