Woocommerce Open Close – Best Business Schedules Manager


WooCommerce Open Close is an extension of WooCommerce Plugin which allows you to manage your business schedules easily and automatically. You just need to specify when you are open and when you don’t. This plugin will do the rest, like a real shop your web store will be opened and/or closed following the schedules you created from admin. Thus your customer will able to know your business schedules, Besides they will not able to place order at the time your store is closed.


Plugin Overview


  • Create unlimited business schedules
  • Create unlimited sub schedules in same day
  • Use shortcode to display schedule anywhere you want
  • Different styles for displaying schedules
  • Different styles for countdown timer on multiple places you want to show
  • Custom message on each schedule with replacer text like – «We are closed now! Shop will reopen within %countdown%»
  • Works on local timezone
  • Notice bar to display store closing message
  • Different popup effect, popup will come when customer try to order and store are closed
  • Transalation ready
  • And many more….

PRO Features

  • Customers will not able to place order when store is closed
  • Instantly control opening and closing of WooCommerce store
  • Empty cart when the shop become close automatically.
  • Allow add to cart even shop is closed
  • Allow / Disallow specific products to ignore business schedules and work as normal
  • Frontend schedules management

3rd party support – Pro Features

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Great plugin + Great support

everything very nice, no problems


The best plugins for the OPENING TIMES

The best support is always ready to help. The plugin is wonderful, works flawlessly and is very convenient and easy to use. vilen thank you ud wieter so.


Very good Plugin for a good price, BEST AND QUICK SUPPORT !

For the money you spend per year this plugin is exactly what you need, very good work guys and the updates are coming regulary. I had a problem to activate the Pro Version, the Support was answering my question asap (under 30 min) and was all the time very polite. In the end he solved the problem very easy and quick. I recommend this plugin and if you have any issues just contact the support they will help you out 🙂


🛠 Display single schedule anywhere you want

[schedule id="71"]

Here ‘id’ specify the schedule ID that you wanted to display using the shortcode.

In free version you can achive this shortcode

🛠 Display frontend schedule manager


Using this shortcode you can add frontend schedules manager in any page. Admin will able to Create | Delete | Update schedules.

This shortcode will be available on premium version only.

Privacy Policy

Woocommerce Open Close – Best Business Schedules Manager uses Appsero SDK to collect some telemetry data upon user’s confirmation. This helps us to troubleshoot problems faster & make product improvements.

Appsero SDK does not gather any data by default. The SDK only starts gathering basic telemetry data when a user allows it via the admin notice. We collect the data to ensure a great user experience for all our users.

Integrating Appsero SDK DOES NOT IMMEDIATELY start gathering data, without confirmation from users in any case.

Learn more about how Appsero collects and uses this data.


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  1. Upload Woocommerce Open Close to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  3. Now select from the Admin menu Woocommerce open close and edit your settings.
  4. If you want to get all the features then Click Buy in the bottom of the page.


Will this plugin works with my timezone?

Yes! This simple plugin will work with your local timezone. You just need to configure your WP Timezone and update it. You will find the settings –
Schedules > Settings > Options > General Settings > Timezone

Does it work with WordPress Multisite?

Yes! This plugin completely works with WordPress multisite.

Is it compatible with any kinds of Theme?

Yes! We have tested this plugin with all popular themes specially popular WooCommerce Themes and found it working perfectly.

If you have facing problem with your own theme, please let us know we will be right behind you Or email us directly.

Is this plugin available in my Language?

We are working on the translation to be available for your language too. This is translation ready so if you want you can controbute.

Translate in your Language


1 de septiembre de 2020
Plugin incompatible with another plugin, so when closed products still can be added to cart. First support request had a quick response, but after that i never heard back. Plugin is useless in our scenario, so money wasted.. Very bad support.
17 de agosto de 2020
Hey plugin author, I am using this open close plugin and liked it very much, but I wanted to have a feature like combined schedules, I found another plugin with that feature but that plugin has another issue with my store, so I am almost stuck. So if you can develop a feature like (Saturday - Monday), (Tuesday - Friday), that means group wise scheduling it will be very good for me to continue using this awesome plugin. If you wanted to take some time then I can wait for the update. Looking for your response, Thank you for a great plugin. Rupanno
15 de agosto de 2020
I am using this in a website over 70 plugins and most of them are related with WooCommerce. I was looking for something similar and found this but I was in confusion whether it will work or not, after contacting with the author I found the solution and they help me installing it in my website. I really appreciate their effort to me. Thank you Team
12 de agosto de 2020
The plugin author provide me super fast support on an urgent issue in this plugin, it was not compatible with my theme, some designs were broke. After reaching them on live chat everything sorted out. Really impressed and Thank you so much. kqef
8 de agosto de 2020
I am using this plugin from last few days, had some issues nothing major, but I was waiting a little bit more to hear back from their support. Finally issues solved tho but I think they should be fast with support handling. Good Luck
28 de julio de 2020
Some of the other business schedule manager plugins don’t have as much customization as this one. Also this plugin really close the shop and feels like a physical store. This is the one to use
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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

«Woocommerce Open Close – Best Business Schedules Manager» es un software de código abierto. Las siguientes personas han colaborado con este plugin.


Registro de cambios


* This is the First version of WOC Open Close Plugin.


* Changed a Lots in functionality and compatibility with WordPress.


* Fixed a BUG.


* Automation in PRO Feature.


* Changed to a Super Edition.


* Add New Feature: Add 2 Opening and Closing Hours.


* Solved the Problem arise in New Version.


* Added extra features to the Settings Panel.


* This is a Big Update. We change the structures and layout in a big format. Hope you will enjoy this.


* New feature - Order Number Restrictions


* License Management Added!!!


* Transalation Ready
* WooCommerce Open Close - Reports : A New addon ready for this Release.


* Video Help section added


* Allow or Block products no matter shop is Opened or Closed


* Added so many things, Came with New Look, interface and new Technologies.


* Bug Fixing


* New 2 features added to Pro version


* Bug Fixing


* New variations and styles


* Major Update


* Frontend schedules manager added with shortcode in Pro version


* Dokan plugin support in Pro version


* Instant closing feature added in pro version and minor bug fixes


* Enable option to disable notice bar and fix a bug


* Compatibility Test with Latest WordPress and WooCommerce Versions


* Admin UI Update