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3 de septiembre de 2016
good plugin to bring in our MLS listings and display in different formats, Grid View, List View and on a map. Did have an issue with the grid view not correctly wrapping on one of our pages but we've resolved that.
3 de septiembre de 2016
I was sold a wonderful solution and WolfNet even showed me pictures of what my site would look like if I just paid first. To my sorrow I did initially trust this was a decent company. Boy - I never been more wrong. This company besides numerous issues in their amateurish software and their dishonest employees trying to make you believe that what you was sold has to be paid for as extra - and they will fight to the end to keep every penny despite you can clearly show that what you are sold by the Sales Manager has nothing to do with what you receive. And they couldn't care less about you as a customer as long as you are entangled into their subscription that you can only get out of spending tons of time arguing with them. I think a "former" user wrote RUN. I would say RUN RUN RUN - AS FAST AS YOU CAN. This company do business in the most unethical way you can imagine. This from one who was taken to the dry-cleaner by WolfNet - the company who only have professional people in the accounts department to argue and lie to the Banks who receive the chargeback requests.
3 de septiembre de 2016
-Plugin not free -Requires Wolfnet to install for a LARGE fee -Uses a sub-domain for ALL searches and displays -You are required to set up and link to their servers with your subdomain Basically everything you read here is a misrepresentation. Plus, it took three weeks to get this information; as each bit of communication revealed yet another limitation trickled out in the order above. Run fast and far away...
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