Ajax add to cart for WooCommerce


El botón por defecto para añadir al carrito de WooCommerce vuelve a cargar todo el sitio cada vez que se añade un producto al carrito. Cuantos más pasos tenga y más tiempo tarde en cargar tu comercio electrónico, más se reducirán tus posibilidades de vender.

Ajax add to cart for WooCommerce permite a los usuarios incluir productos simples o productos variables en el carrito sin necesidad de recargar la página cada vez.


  1. Usa menos ancho de banda
  2. Reduce la carga del servidor
  3. Impulsa la experiencia del usuario
  4. ¡Aumenta tus ventas!


12 de agosto de 2021
After installation, does not seem to work and to be functional. No adjustments possible and visible. In addition, no documentation, no details on how the extension works.in addition, a commercial link to another product of Quad layers is generated. Too bad because it looks promising.
16 de marzo de 2021
This plugin is clean and works great. One thing I would suggest in the code. there should be a check for whether the product is external otherwise it tries to add it to cart but nothing ever happens. In the add_product_js function add this code to accomplish: global $post; if (function_exists('wc_get_product')): $product = wc_get_product($post->ID); if (function_exists('is_product') && is_product() && !$product->is_type('external')) { wp_enqueue_script('woo-ajax-add-to-cart'); } endif; good luck and thanks.
8 de febrero de 2021
has had a problem with variables for years that they don't bother to fix. If you have a variable marked as "any" it will not read it and it will not add anything to the cart.
19 de enero de 2021
Excellent stuff. Works well for both simple and variable products. Can also hook into the actions via the js events.
9 de octubre de 2020
My original review was: The plugin is lightweight, practical, has no additional settings and works as it should. But there is a lack of functionality that is essential for what he proposes: giving feedback to the user while he puts the product in the cart. Depending on the performance of the site, it may take a fraction of a second between clicking the purchase button and the product appearing in the cart. During that time, there is no feedback. There could be an animation or a warning, but this lack of response can cause the user to click the button several times without success. I was initially very happy with the plugin, but I was forced to look for an alternative. But as I didn't find alternatives so light and effective, I started to study if there was any way to insert the animation manually. And the good news is that the plugin adds loading and added classes to the button. This was enough for me to get around the problem and include a custom animation. I expected not to have to deal with custom codes, but at least the plugin was useful for that. Good job!
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