XL Woocommerce User Email Verification


El plugin Woocommerce Email Verification se utiliza para verificar la dirección de correo electrónico del usuario enviando un enlace de verificación a su correo electrónico cuando se registra.

Once the user verifies his identity he can login into his account.

Woocommerce User Email Verification asegura que:

  • Order you are getting is not a fraud or fake order.
  • El administrador puede enviar manualmente un correo electrónico de verificación para verificar la identidad del comprador.
  • Se envía un correo electrónico completamente personalizable.

¿Por qué utilizar este plugin?

  • Para verificar la identidad del comprador
  • Lucha contra el spam
  • Have additional details in case of Chargebacks

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  • Native WooCommerce email template
  • Customisable email template
  • Compatibilidad con WPML
  • Merge tags to customise email

Note: Over the last two weeks, we have gone through a lot of pending support tickets, improved codebase and created a list of new features.

XLPlugins has taken over the development of this plugin. We are improving this plugin and will be pushing out new features soon.
We thank Sandeep Soni for developing this plugin and allowing us to continue its development.


  • User notice when access is not allowed.
  • User Email to verify Email (Custom)
  • User Email to verify Email (WC Native)
  • User Notice when account created using Checkout
  • Admin Settings: Email Content
  • Admin Settings: Test/Preview Email
  • Admin Settings: Customize all user notices
  • Admin Settings: Bulk Verification
  • Admin Settings: Misc Settings


Esta sección describe cómo instalar y hacer funcionar el plugin


  1. Subir woo-confirmation-email.zip desde añadir nuevo plugin del escritorio de WordPress
  2. Activar el plugin desde el menú ‘Plugins’ de WordPress
  3. Configurar la plantilla y dirección de correo electrónico en el menú de ajustes de WC Email


Broke site and started redirecting the traffic

BEWARE to install this plugin - it BROKE my site. I installed the plugin and as soon as I verified an email address the whole site started to redirect traffic to Spent many hours to fix it. My backups were also deleted so I could not restore them. I am not sure, if it injected a malware in my site. I deleted the plugin but that did not fix the issue. Then I deactivated every single plugin on the site and re-activated all of them to fix the issue.

Conflict with Appmaker.xyz

Hi, Your plugin works great. But too bad it conflicts with appmaker.xyz which I am using right now. Would you look into this ? Thanks. HENDRICK

Excellent plugin

This plugin seems very well designed, can be closely integrated with WooCommerce email and my-account page, and is highly customizable. You can integrate the verification stuff with the WooCommerce welcome email, or send it separately. I chose integrated because I prefer sites that don't send you several independent emails when you sign up. It worked perfectly on the first try. If you're testing on a staging site, the verification link will take you to the non-staging site, but that's not a big deal.

Usefull plugin

If yo use wordpress for member system, this plugin avoid spam registration and keep make woocommerce more effective.

Great plugin, development and support

Validate users is a must-have function to WooCommerce, this plugin solves that and @xlplugins gives a great support and active development. May the plugin would be better into a submenu of WooCommerce or Settings, without the "XL" branded menu, but is a detail not so important. Thanks!
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Registro de cambios

= 3.2.0
* Security update: Prohibited direct access.
* Added: htaccess file to block access in supportive xl folders inside uploads.
* Added: New filter option has been added for filtering the verified and unverified users from users listing screen.
* Changed: Default email subject and email heading, added display_name to them to avoid mail going into spam.
* Fixed: Changed notice ‘Resend Confirmation Email’ to ‘Your email is already verified’ if a user is verified in other window and clicks on ‘Resend Confirmation Eamil’ link again.
* Added: Provided new merge tag {{xlwuev_display_name}} to add in email subject to avoid spam mail.

= 3.1.15
* Fixed: Session issue.
* Added: Verification link text merge tag added for showing the verification link text.

= 3.1.14
* Fixed: Auth cookie issue has been resolved after order when user has not verified its email.
* Fixed: Verification notice issue has been resolved.

= 3.1.13
* Fixed: Huge gap issue in the verification email has been resolved for the Woocommerce native Email Header option
* Added: A link to un-verify a user

= 3.1.12
* Added: Compatibility for the verification check on forcefully login the user by setting the auth cookie is added.
* Added: wp_mail() is replaced by WooCommerce Mailer for sending verification emails.
* Added: New option for showing error messages on custom page is added in plugin settings screen.

= 3.1.11
* Fixed: Issue for adding values for the columns added in the user listing screen by other plugins has been resolved.

= 3.1.10
* Fixed: Headers already sent issue on bulk verification tab.

= 3.1.9
* Added: Textarea added for verification link text in plugin settings screen.

= 3.1.8
* Fixed: Notice on Preview Email settings tabs under WooCommerce settings has been fixed.
* Fixed: Email Deliverability has been improved.
* Added: Support for custom WooCommerce forms.

= 3.1.7
* Fixed: Resend Confirmation Email issue has been fixed.

= 3.1.6
* Fixed: Notice issue has been fixed when unverified user tries to login.
* Added: New option added to allow user to automatically logged into the My-Account after successful email verification.

= 3.1.5
* Fixed: Old shortcode of email verification link can now be used in native WooCommerce native email template.
* Added: ‘xlwuev_modify_before_email’ filter added for modifying the email content before sending the verification email when custom header footer option is selected.
* Added: ‘xlwuev_trigger_after_email’ action added after the verification email is sent.
* Added: ‘xlwuev_on_email_verification’ action added after the customer verifies the email.

= 3.1.4
* Fixed: Apostrophe saving issue in email subject has been fixed.
* Fixed: My-Account Redirect issue from WooCommerce order pay page has been fixed.

= 3.1.3
* Fixed: Verification link has been corrected when user has saved the native WooCommerce Welcome Email option from plugin setting screen.
* Added: Doctype & HTML body added in email to reduce the email delivery time.
* Added: Compatible with WooCommerce 3.2.4

= 3.1.2
* Fixed: Test Email plugin setting is now fixed.

= 3.1.1
* Fixed: PHP 7 compatibility issue while saving the plugin settings.

= 3.1.0
* Added: WordPress compatibility upto version 4.9
* Modified: Changed the plugin settings into tabular UI.
* Added: Provided the option for Custom email body or WooCommerce email header, footer and styling.
* Added: Provided the option for restricting the user to login if email is not verified.
* Added: Provided the option for verification success page.
* Added: Provided the option for styling the email body with WYSIWYG editor.
* Added: Provided merge tags as {{xlwuev_user_login}} {{xlwuev_user_email}} {{xlwuev_user_verification_link}} {{xlwuev_resend_link}} {{xlwuev_site_login_link}} {{sitename}} {{sitename_with_link}}
* Added: Provided the options for showing custom messages to customers.
* Added: The plugin now supports WPML Compatibility.

= 3.0.2
* Fixed: Session issues in the notification messages (issue found against WC Vendor plugin)
* Added: In WordPress dashboard, a notification is displayed after manual user verification.
* Added: Email verification feature added on the Checkout page. A notification displayed in checkout page after verification email sent.
* Removed: In WordPress dashboard, plugin menu is removed and shifted under xlplugin menu.


  • Fixed: XlPlugins’s take over notice was not getting dismissed, link was going to wrong path.


  • Added: New metabox added for the Message to show when a user has verified the email account ( Success Message ) and Message to show when a user has not verified email account ( Error Message ).
  • Added: New metabox added to test sending emails.
  • Added: New user listing column added to send a verification email to users.


Añadida la verificación en lote desde el panel de administración


Añadir la verificación manual de usuarios desde el panel de administración


  • Eliminado problema de estilos
  • Eliminado fallo de reenvío


  • La primera versión del plugin


  • Lista de versiones desde las más recientes en la parte superior hasta las más antiguas en la inferior.