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Woocommerce Delete Product Images


This plugin will automatically remove linked image when you delete woocommerce product from the backend.


Install and activate.


Question: Any affect on other images?
Answer: This will do only for product link image in woocommerce.


24 de marzo de 2023
Would recommend this. We tested it a lot, works great. Great to keep server storage space under control if you have clients with lots of product being added and removed a lot.
12 de diciembre de 2022
Right fast story. My webshop is going international and it required everything to be in English. I was gonna change everything so the website would run smoothly but there i was editing products when i thought A great idea to change the Attribute without any safety backup. As you can guess i deleted something i shouldn't then had to remove all the attributes due to the sync to the website after the attributes were done it was time for the products. So there i was thinking 357 products prob got 900 pictures but was i wrong total amount of pictures were 6600+/- and I've been up since 5:00 to work on my webshop with only 3 hours of sleep I've never felt more alive. So i wanted a solution for the problem i searched with 0 hopes for a better solution had my doubts but IT ACTUALLY WORKED?! The 357 Products got deleted the 5500+/- were deleted and i had the remaining pictures to sort out and fix which took almost No time! This short story is why I'm giving 5 stars IT WORKED i saved A LOT of time when the dam thing can only delete 100 pictures a time after the deletion of products and everything 6600 would had taken a couple of days...
7 de diciembre de 2022
It deletes the images associated with a product (simple and variable) when you delete the products from the trash. Ie it is not designed to delete the media until you delete (permanently remove) the product from the trash. Which makes perfect sense in case you decide to undelete a product from the trash.
28 de octubre de 2022
This plugin consists of 44 lines of code - it's simple, lightweight and works. It doesn't deserve the low reviews it has received.
20 de abril de 2022
Don't know what the low star reviews are talking about - the plugin works perfectly and removes both images and thumbnails (cropped images) completely. Be sure to empty your trashed products in order to actually delete the images.
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