Woocommerce Delete Product Images


This plugin will automatically remove linked image when you delete woocommerce product from the backend.


Install and activate.


Question: Any affect on other images?
Answer: This will do only for product link image in woocommerce.


20 de abril de 2022
Don't know what the low star reviews are talking about - the plugin works perfectly and removes both images and thumbnails (cropped images) completely. Be sure to empty your trashed products in order to actually delete the images.
20 de septiembre de 2021
Until I used this plugin, I had to manually remove product images from the media library after deleting products from Woocommerce - which takes up space on the server, and took lots of time as there were so many. Not anymore. This plugin works perfectly! Thank you author! Keep up the good work and thanks for helping people like me, Woocommerce users and dropshippers. Works with Wordpress 5.8.1 too without problem, no side effects so far.
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